23 septembre 2017

University staff welcome commitments to stop sexual violence

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) says that responsibility for responding to the findings of the national survey on sexual harassment and sexual assault at Australian universities lies with university managements.
“For too long students and staff at Australian universities have been ignored, criticised and often silenced for speaking out on sexual violence on our campuses,” said Jeannie Rea, NTEU National President. More...

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22 septembre 2017

Sexual harassment: an unspoken issue on campus

Sexual harassment is widely recognised as a violation of basic human rights. Complaints about sexual harassment or assault have been increasing in recent decades on university campuses around the world. Despite the grave nature of this offense and its prevalence, it is almost only discussed behind closed doors. More...

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Jobs, harassment push up PhD dropouts

Nearly 40% of researchers in some of the country's top institutions may be dropping out because of personal problems, job opportunities and alleged harassment by guides or supervisors, according to data on admissions versus granting of PhDs, writes Basant Kumar Mohanty for The Telegraph India. More...

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20 septembre 2017

How to tackle campus sexual assault and harassment

By Michael Flood. Universities in Australia have a serious problem with sexual assault and sexual harassment. The Australian Human Rights Commission’s survey, released on 1 August, documents that large numbers of students have experienced sexual assault and harassment. More...

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Postgraduates endure university staff sexual abuse

By Geoff Maslen. Australian postgraduates suffer from widespread sexual harassment and assault by staff they work with, according to the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations. More...

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Sexual harassment rife on university campuses

By Geoff Maslen. More than half of Australian university students say they were sexually harassed on at least one occasion last year, and one in 14 were sexually assaulted at least once in 2015 or 2016, a survey of students at 39 universities has found. More...

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03 août 2017

Cairo University Fights Sexual Harassment

Three years ago, when a mob of law school students assaulted a young woman on the campus of Cairo University, American studies professor Maha El Said wondered why the school didn’t have a policy against sexual harassment. More...

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02 août 2017

Campus sexual-assault victims deserve better from Office of Civil Rights

University Business LogoRecent comments by the U.S. Education Department official in charge of the Office of Civil Rights have already tainted that new approach, worrying college administrators who say they’ve been happy to see more attention paid to this problem. More...

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I'm a college president. DeVos should help me deal with sexual assault.

University Business LogoWe were more than halfway through the semester when a law student stopped by my office. I invited her in. "I don't know how to say this," she hesitated. "This class has brought up so much for me — stuff I never dealt with when it happened, and don't want to think about now." Tears fell down her cheeks. More...

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Campus rape policies get a new look as the accused get DeVos’s ear

University Business LogoThe letters have come in to her office by the hundreds, heartfelt missives from college students, mostly men, who had been accused of rape or sexual assault. Some had lost scholarships. Some had been expelled. More...

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