19 novembre 2018

Women’s NGO fights sexual harassment at universities

By Tonderayi Mukeredzi. The Feminist on Campus programme was established at the Catholic University of Zimbabwe last week, in the wake of a demonstration by women students at the university against sexual harassment by lecturers, among other gender-based issues. More...

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NTEU survey on sexual harassment (Advocate 25 03)

To assist with our submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces, NTEU launched a survey of members nationally, asking about sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace. The survey was open for 3 weeks, from 12 October to 2 November, and received around 2,500 responses from members. More...

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06 novembre 2018

Utah Valley U. paid $45,000 to settle former Title IX director’s whistleblower lawsuit

University Business Magazine logoUtah Valley University paid $45,000 to its former Title IX director who filed a lawsuit against the school earlier this year. More...

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Baylor fined $2M after investigation of scandal

University Business Magazine logoThe Big 12 board announced Tuesday that it was fining Baylor University $2 million for "reputational damage to the conference and its members" stemming from a sexual assault scandal two years ago. More...

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05 novembre 2018

UI adjusting sanctioned law professor's contact with students

University Business Magazine logo The University of Illinois is making accommodations for students enrolled in two classes taught by a law professor who was recently sanctioned following a sexual-harassment investigation. More...

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At Mount Holyoke College, students rally for #MeToo

University Business Magazine logoAlthough Margaret Golden attended Mount Holyoke College decades ago, she says she still carries emotional scars from a sexual assault at the hands of one of her professors. More...

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04 novembre 2018

Cornish College of the Arts students protest college’s handling of sexual assault

University Business Magazine logoSome students at Cornish College of the Arts walked out of class Monday, saying their school has allowed perpetrators of sexual assault to stay on campus. More...

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Betsy DeVos-backed sexual assault plan for colleges likely to spark heated debate

University Business Magazine logoThe proposal, known as rules for Title IX -- the civil rights law that prohibits gender discrimination in a person's education -- is widely expected to limit the scope of inquiries by colleges and universities and make it easier for students accused of misconduct to push back. More...

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There were 110 reported sexual assaults at Utah’s colleges last year. Experts say that’s a good thing.

University Business Magazine logoLast year, nine of Utah’s 10 largest colleges saw an increase in the number of students reporting sexual assaults — with the total number of reports statewide crossing 100 for the first time since universities have been required to compile the annual statistics. More...

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Many public universities in Ala. require consent training

University Business Magazine logoMost public university students around the state undergo some form of consent and or sexual assault awareness training. These programs vary nationally from in-person sessions with trained staff to online courses on consent and healthy relationships. More...

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