30 septembre 2019

Pourquoi les étudiants d’écoles de commerce partent faire de l’humanitaire

De plus en plus d’écoles de commerce françaises poussent leurs étudiants à s’engager dans des projets sociaux ou humanitaires, aux quatre coins du monde. Des projets qui plaisent aux étudiants, soucieux de s’engager. Plus...

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15 juin 2016

What do we know about how social protection systems can respond to needs during a crisis?

By Gabrielle Smith. In his report to the UN World Humanitarian Summit taking place this week in Istanbul, UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon writes that during crises: “social protection mechanisms and infrastructure may be unavailable or overwhelmed by the volume of demand. More...

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06 juin 2016

HE should be a priority in humanitarian crises

By Jorge Sampaio, former President of Portugal. How do people manage to survive and build resilience to wars and conflicts that go on for years? How do refugees and forcibly displaced people endure hardship and roll with the punches when they spend 18 years on average in camps. Read more...

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The human costs of student tumult – An untold story

By Karen MacGregor. The “incredible human costs” of student protests in South Africa in the past two years has been missed amid the turmoil, for students and staff and especially for university leaders, says Professor Jonathan Jansen, whose resignation as vice-chancellor of the University of the Free State was announced last week – and as campuses countrywide continued burning. Read more...

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Why higher education should not be neglected in humanitarian crises

By Brendan O’Malley – Managing Editor. In a Special Report on the World Humanitarian Summit, which is being held this coming week in Turkey, the former president of Portugal Jorge Sampaio calls for the summit to recognise the need to prioritise higher education responses in ongoing crises of population displacement caused by conflict.
In the second week of our global series of Special Reports on student movements and related issues, aimed at deepening understanding and debate on what is transpiring across the student world, there are articles on student activism in Hong Kong, Turkey, Myanmar, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Liz Jackson considers how the Hong Kong student movement has left an indelible mark on society, and Sithu Aung Myint looks into the future plans of students in Myanmar who have recently been freed from prison after the instatement of a new democratic government. On the theme of student rights, Bruce Macfarlane asks why student rights as learners are being undermined in contemporary higher education where students are now being treated as customers.
In our series on Transformative Leadership in which University World News is partnering with The MasterCard Foundation, Paul Rigg writes about Sindy Patricia Ramos Pocón, a scholar from a poor Guatemalan family who is studying on a scholarship at a university in Costa Rica and is leading a project to help poor families change their lives.
In Commentary, Farzan Al-Khalil thanks international organisations for their support for Syrian academics and appeals to them to help the academics in exile in countries neighbouring Syria. And Richard Holmes says British universities should not take fright after their apparent slide down the Times Higher Education world reputation rankings as changes in ranking methodology are the most likely cause.
In our World Blog this week, Tom P Abeles says universities will soon have to confront the need for change as the evolution of the Internet and artificial intelligence impacts on them, bringing changes in functions at all levels. Read more...

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19 décembre 2015

Teach children about Humanism – but not as a key part of religious studies GCSE

The ConversationBy . Three parents are suing the government for failing in its “duty of neutrality and impartiality” in relation to religions and beliefs. The case, heard by the High Court on November 10, cites the European Convention on Human Rights, and the judgement is expected in the next few weeks. More...

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24 janvier 2015

46000ème article sur le blog / Professionalization of the Humanitarian Sector

Mardi 20 janvier 2015, 17h-18h, Site Schuman, Salle des professeurs
Conférence de Vincenzo Bolletino « Professionalization of the Humanitarian Sector »

Voir le séminaire sur Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2f5zot_professionalization-of-the-humanitarian-sector_school.

Vincenzo Bolletino est à Harvard le Directeur du programme « Humanitarian Initiative » qu’il dirige depuis huit ans. Il nous propose de réfléchir sur les nouveaux cursus académiques des « Humanitarian Initiatives » dans les universités anglo-saxonnes et sur la professionnalisation des métiers de l’humanitaire comme « enjeu universitaire » majeur.

Vincenzo Bolletino Executive Director of The Humanitarian Initiative from Harvard University presentation in Aix-Marseille-University - Master en Négociation Internationale and IREMAM seminar "Images and Imaginaires", 20th January 2015.

Responsables : Fabienne Le Houérou, Philippe Cassuto, Guy Scoffoni.

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07 décembre 2014

Making Higher Education Part of the Humanitarian Response to Refugees

Al FanarBy  - Al-Fanar. In a white prefabricated trailer in the desert east of Amman, a Syrian refugee, Mahmoud, calmly followed with clear interest his teacher’s explanation about the vapor compression cycle, part of basic refrigeration technology. More...

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