01 octobre 2018


The future of personalization is in approaches like this site, which adapts to your choices and presents you news you are interested in. Brought to you by the same people who brought you Memigo (which I linked to yesterday). More...

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24 septembre 2018

Why Personalization Hasn't Worked

Why Personalization Hasn't Worked
More proof that if you're looking for fish, you won't find them on your front lawn. According to the author, personalization hasn't worked - and the bulk of the column is devoted to explaining why. More...

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18 septembre 2018

Arofe - Individualisation de la formation

Aquitaine Cap MétiersEn Poitou-Charentes, la mise en oeuvre du Service Public Régional de Formation (SPRF) engage les organismes à développer l'individualisation des formations :  concevoir un dispositif modulaire, diversifier les outils, modifier le rôle des formateurs. Plus...

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16 septembre 2018

Arofe - Développer l'individualisation

Aquitaine Cap MétiersSelon la "Conférence de consensus" sur la formation individualisée dirigée par Anne-Françoise Trollat en 2008, la définition d'une formation individualisée tient en 3 points :

  • Une formation qui reconnaît et prend en compte la singularité du sujet : ses besoins, son parcours, son expérience, ses acquis, etc.
  • Une formation qui prend en compte la dimension sociale des apprentissages dans une perspective autonomisante et de construction identitaire; 
  • Une formation co-construite, négociée entre les parties prenantes qui concrétise la rencontre entre un projet de formation institué et des projets de formation individuels. Cette formation co-construite a un impact sur le rôle des acteurs et sur l'organisation. Elle induit notamment un accompagnement personnalisé.

Cette individualisation implique souvent la modularisation de la formation, qui devient ainsi accessible par éléments. Plus...

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27 mai 2018

AI and the holy grail of education

University Business Magazine logoPersonalized learning has long been a “holy grail” in education. Ideally, we would love to be able to work with each student to achieve a more personalized level of learning that taps into individual interests, skills and desires. More...

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01 avril 2018

Q: How can I personalise learning for 40 students? A: YOU can’t… but THEY can !

Adventures in LearningSur le blog Educpros de Daniel Evans. Time to remind everyone of the difference between individualisation and personalisation.
  • Individualised learning is basically designed by the teacher/learning professional around the needs of the learner. The instructor customizes the learning experience for the learner, defining an individualised learning path.
  • Personalised learning starts with the learner needs. The learner then plays a key roles in the choice of what is learned and how it is to be learned. The learner is a co-designer.
The distinction goes much further, and the article by Bray and McClaskey is a reference. More...

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05 mars 2018

Personalized Learning Meets AI With Watson Classroom

Personalized Learning Meets AI With Watson Classroom
Erin Gohl, Getting Smart, 2018/02/22
"Generally speaking," says Erin Gohl, in personalized learning, "reducing people to a set of numbers overlooks so many factors that are integral to understanding a student, but explainable only as narrative comments." Rather, you need something that can brige the gap between words and numbers, for example, IBM Watson. More...

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An Alternative to the Engineering Model of Personalized Learning

An Alternative to the Engineering Model of Personalized Learning
e-Literate, online learning, 2018/02/14
Larry Berger "is exactly right that there is a fundamental problem with the assumptions behind what he calls the engineering model of personalized learning," writes Phil Hill. More...

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Personalized Learning Vs Personalization of Learning

Personalized Learning Vs Personalization of Learning
George Couros, The Principal of Change, 2018/02/13
This is, I think, another effort to grapple with the distinction between 'personalized learning' and what I have been calling 'personal learning' and is called 'personalization of learning' in this article. More...

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28 février 2018

Researchers can predict when a student’s mind is wandering

University Business Magazine logoFor some education experts, “personalized” learning isn’t only about figuring out how to customize the content of a lesson for each student, but also about how a student is taught. More...

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