17 septembre 2018

Issues and challenges for Non Formal Education

Issues and challenges for Non Formal Education
Interesting snapshop of non-formal education in India, and in particular Jammu & Kashmir (located in the northern part of India, bordering Pakistan, Afganistan and China). Provided for free, the classes, offered through correspondance and radio, have been increasing in popularity. More...

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31 août 2018

Recognizing Prior (Informal) Learning

Recognizing Prior (Informal) Learning
George Siemens observes that "The lines between work and learning are blurred to the point where they are no longer separate activities, but activities with vital connections that feed into and direct each other." This is a point I have repeatedly tried to make to educators (most recently at CADE this week) in an effort to argue that the design of online learning must change accordingly. More...

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26 juin 2018

Informal Learning - The Other 80%

Informal Learning - The Other 80%
I don't know how to emphasize more that this - rather than classroom-based learning - is where we should be focussing our efforts. More...

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20 mai 2018

World of active learning in higher ed

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Formal and informal learning spaces transforming campuses internationally.  Active learning spaces are cropping up at campuses on nearly every continent as schools transform lecture halls, classrooms and informal study areas into collaborative technology hubs. More...

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11 mai 2018

Apprendre sur le tas

logoDans certaines situations on n'a pas le luxe de s'attarder bien longtemps à apprendre quelque chose de nouveau : on a besoin de vous rapidement. On vous propose un «crash course» de l'essentiel, un portrait à la fois global et détaillé en un coup d'oeil, un apprentissage accéléré et vous voilà sur la ligne de départ. Plus...

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12 mars 2018

Austria: increasing the visibility of non-formally and informally acquired competences

HomeAustria traditionally places great emphasis on qualifications acquired in formal education: in school-based and dual programmes as well as at tertiary level. However, learning increasingly takes place outside the formal system, such as in the non-formal adult education context, at the work place, and in voluntary work. More...

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Malta: VINFL takes off

HomeValidation of informal and non-formal learning (VINFL) is a major asset in promoting lifelong learning and supporting access to learning for those with no qualifications from formal education. VINFL in Malta is regulated by Subsidiary Legislation 327.432, Validation of Non-Formal and Informal Learning regulations of September 2012. More...

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31 décembre 2017

Special issue of IRE features case studies of non-formal and community learning for sustainable development

This special issue on non-formal and community learning for sustainable development presents and analyses a wide range of non-formal Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) practices from different parts of the world (Western Europe, East Asia, Latin America, and Southern Africa). It should be noted that the distinction between formal and non-formal learning is at times artificial and can be critiqued from a sustainability perspective which tends to call for boundary-crossing and making connections rather than distinctions. More...

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12 novembre 2017

ESU advocating for recognition of competences/skills gained in non-formal and informal learning (NFIL)

ESU OnlineESU representatives facilitated discussions and advocated on how students’ learning experience can be enriched with validation of competences/skills gained in non-formal and informal learning (NFIL). Representatives also highlighted the importance of all stakeholders’ commitment to work on recognition of NFIL. More...

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25 septembre 2017

ILMA - Notions clés - Non formel (~ apprentissage)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "conseil de l'europe"Certains types d’apprentissage non formel se déroulent dans des structures de plus en plus formalisées à mesure que l’apprenant progresse ; c’est notamment le cas dans les domaines de la musique et des autres arts de la scène, où les apprenants sont soumis à des examens notés. L’apprentissage non formel concerne les migrants adultes qui participent à des activités organisées associant l’apprentissage et l’utilisation de leur langue cible, d’une part, et l’acquisition d’une compétence ou d’un ensemble de connaissances particulières, d’autre part. Plus...

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