12 novembre 2018

Les dispositifs innovants dans les maladies neuro-dégénératives

Logo ANFHLe Colloque RESEDA en partenariat avec la Délégation Régionale aura lieu le 13 novembre 2018 à Dole. Plus...

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08 novembre 2018

“Innovative” Funding Mechanisms

By Alex Usher. If you spend any time talking higher education policy in developing countries, the talk turns pretty quickly to the subject of “innovative methods of financing”. It’s easy to see why: money is always short, quality higher education costs a lot, and so these systems are always terribly squeezed.  Anyone holding out hope for “innovations” always gets a ready audience. More...

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06 novembre 2018

Innovators worth watching: 2017 Review

eCampus NewsIn June of 2017, we began profiling innovative players in the higher education space and analyzing their business models through the lens of Disruption Theory. Using our six questions for identifying disruption, we made predictions about the disruptive potential of these companies. More...

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So you want to improve teaching & learning in your classrooms through innovation?

eCampus NewsWell, it may be harder than you think, but there is a way, part 1. More...

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Innovators worth watching: Lambda School

eCampus NewsHere are six ways Lambda School is disrupting the traditional computer science bachelor’s degree. More...

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Blackboard delivers continued innovation for flagship LMS

University Business Magazine logoBlackboard Inc. today announced new features and enhancements for Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience. The company’s feature-rich, cloud-based learning management system is seeing strong momentum, as institutions experience the personalized, proactive, and intuitive user interface that Learn Ultra offers for learners and educators. More...

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UI set to raze aged tech innovation center

University Business Magazine logoAs the University of Iowa sharpens its focus on start-ups — unveiling in August plans to resurrect the flood-ravaged art building as an innovation center by 2021 — it recently closed and plans to raze the aged building housing a Technology Innovation Center and its remaining tenants. More...

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03 novembre 2018

True ‘innovation’ generates ideas, not wealth

The ConversationAncient innovators were poets, thinkers, artisans and scientists, not business owners. The classical Greek philosopher Socrates did not become famous for the massive dividends that he provided to his shareholders in the hemlock industry. More...

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30 octobre 2018

Finding What Works in Educational Innovation

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. Teachers are more likely to utilize new teaching practices that are more manageable based on their circumstances, according a new report from the Christensen Institute that focuses on the behavior of teachers and the situations in which they are willing to use new educational tools. More...

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27 octobre 2018

Innovation publique : France Stratégie lance son projet Lab’

66b94efa-f77d-49f2-9030-193b6047b0b1Né d’une volonté de créativité et de transversalité, le Lab’ de France Stratégie se définit comme « un cadre de dialogue pour examiner les problèmes publics autrement, avec des méthodes renouvelées, dans un espace de convivialité ». Plus...

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