19 mai 2019

Unboxing artificial intelligence: 10 steps to protect human rights

Conseil de l'EuropeThis Recommendation – entitled “Unboxing artificial intelligence: 10 steps to protect human rights” – provides a number of steps which national authorities can take to maximise the potential of artificial intelligence systems and prevent or mitigate the negative impact they may have on people’s lives and rights. More...

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4 key ways AI is impacting higher ed

eCampus NewsWhat is the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education? A new report from The Learning House, Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Current Uses and Future Applications, outlines some of the ways AI is impacting higher ed and also examines implementation challenges. More...

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18 mai 2019

Drowning in Research Reading? AI Could Help

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. Artificial intelligence that reads journal articles and highlights key findings could help researchers stay on top of the latest research. But the technology isn’t ready for prime time. More...

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Why AI Will Never Replace Teachers

Techno-News BlogAI will never replace our amazing teachers – and I’m saying that as the CEO of the online learning platform edX and in the business of developing education technology. More...

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Melinda Gates: With so few women in AI, we are baking bias into the system

Techno-News BlogWhile Silicon Valley has made some strides in creating opportunities and more inclusive workplaces for women, Melinda Gates believes there’s still work to be done. More...

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Word’s new AI editor will improve your writing

Techno-News BlogIf you write in Microsoft Word Online, you’ll soon have an AI-powered editor at your side. As the company announced today, Word will soon get a new feature called “Ideas” that will offer writers all kinds of help with their documents. More...

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AI Is Everywhere. Now It Wants to Teach You Chinese.

Techno-News BlogLanguage learning is something of a sweet spot for AI, thanks to the capabilities of two core types of AI tech: machine learning and natural language processing. Machine learning algorithms support adaptive, personalized and spaced learning, while natural language processing technologies help with the extremely complex challenges associated with understanding and translating human language. More...

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How To Reskill Your Workforce For AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Techno-News BlogAI is considered the most disruptive technology, according to Gartner’s 2019 CIO Survey (it includes over 3,000 CIOs from 89 countries). So yes, this is big reason why there has been a major increase in adoption and implementation. More...

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17 mai 2019

Développement durable. L'IA au service de l'efficacité énergétique

L'intelligence artificielle (IA) et le big data se mettent au service de la réduction de la consommation en énergie des bureaux, des usines et des réseaux de gaz et d'électricité. Ce marché, encore en plein développement selon une étude 2018 du cabinet Precepta, est investi par les start-up
Source : http://www.gref-bretagne.com/Actualites/Revue-de-presse/Developpement-durable.-L-IA-au-service-de-l-efficacite-energetique

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16 mai 2019

Intelligence économique, risques financiers et stratégies des entreprises

Logo CESE - Conseil économique, social et environnementalL'intelligence économique est un concept qui, dans le présent avis, recouvre : l'anticipation des évolutions de marché, la protection du patrimoine et la créativité, l'exercice d'une influence. Le CES s'est particulièrement attaché à l'application de l'intelligence économique dans les PME, entreprises souvent innovantes mais vulnérables. Plus...

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