10 avril 2018

Intercultural Cities in Action : International Day Against Racial Discrimination

Fighting discrimination and upholding human rights is not only a legal obligation of Council of Europe members states but a moral, social, and economic necessity for inclusive and well-functioning European societies. Cities and local authorities are key in this regard. In a European context more and more dominated by identity politics, fears, xenophobia, populism and hatred, there are more and more cities that defend the idea of a positive management of diversity as a key factor for the development of cohesive and sustainable societies. More...

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14 mars 2018

Programme de formations dans le cadre des pratiques interculturelles et promotion de la diversité

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Le département Appui aux migrants de l’Université Ouverte propose deux formations continues,avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Ministère de l’Egalité des chances et en partenariat avec le Centre Régional d’Intégration de Charleroi. Plus...

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03 février 2018

Fostering Inter-cultural Dialogue in Ukraine: ECMI Event in Kyiv

http://www.infoecmi.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ecmiheader-20yrs.jpgThe event, organized by the ECMI, will host the representatives of the Administration of the President of Ukraine, Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Experts Council on Ethnopolitical Affairs at the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Regional Administrations and local umbrella organizations of national minorities. More...

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22 janvier 2018

Study finds that intercultural cities have higher well-being and citizen satisfaction

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "council of europe"Since 2008, the Council of Europe, through its flagship programme Intercultural Cities, has supported more than 120 local authorities in Europe and around the world, in designing and implementing inclusive policies and strategies for migrant and refugee integration according to the Intercultural approach. Based on the notion of “diversity advantage”, these strategies are founded on the assumption that diversity can be an asset for communities if managed in a positive and competent way; they mobilise leaders, policy officials, professionals, businesses and civil society towards re-shaping city policies and services to make them more effective and engage citizens in building an understanding of the societies’ diversity(ies) as a competitive advantage for all. More...

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21 décembre 2017

Google’s translation headphones: you can order a meal but they won’t help you understand the culture

The ConversationLanguage learning will be vital for the future of the UK economy in a post Brexit world. This is in part why employers are desperately looking for graduates with language skills – and, more importantly, intercultural awareness and empathy.
According to a CBI Pearson Education Survey 58% of employers are dissatisfied with school leavers’ language skills. The survey also found that 55% of employers would like to see improvements in students’ intercultural awareness. More...

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11 décembre 2017

10 Years (2007-2017) of Intercultural Cities: Making Diversity Work for Cities

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "council of europe"From Oslo (Norway) to Limassol (Cyprus), from Paris (France) to Rijeka (Croatia), from Ballarat (Australia) to Montreal (Canada), from Mexico City (Mexico) to Hamamatsu (Japan), passing by Tanger (Morocco) and Haifa (Israel): 10 Years (2007-2017) of Intercultural Cities project, a Council of Europe platform for a wide range of cities (121 in 5 continents) which are managing diversity as an asset, rather than as a threat. More...

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26 novembre 2017

Telling Chinese students to conform won’t fix cross-cultural issues

The ConversationIncidents of Chinese students being offended by Australian lecturers have become a heated topic in the media. Some reports blame lecturers for mentioning sensitive matters (such as the status of Taiwan), others express concerns about preserving the freedom of speech in Australian campuses, and some attribute the students’ reaction to deliberate influence from the Chinese government. More...

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12 novembre 2017

Conférence Internationale de l'AIU et Réunion Mondiale des Associations

La Conférence Internationale 2017 de l'AIU et la Réunion Mondiale des Associations (GMA) ont pris fin après une semaine de discussions productives sur les défis liés au financement de l’enseignement supérieur. 170 personnes venus de 45 pays ont pris part à ces deux événements organisés à l’Université du Ghana à Accra et en partenariat avec l’Association Africaine des Universités. Plus...

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2017 Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "council of europe"Migrants and refugees: challenges and opportunities - What role for religious and non- religious groups?” will be the main theme at the 2017 Council of Europe Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue. It will take place at the Palais de l’Europe (room 1, Webcast, on 6-7 November 2017. More...

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02 novembre 2017

L'intelligence collective pour réussir l'intégration multiculturelle au travail

Logo - Thot CursusEn contexte de mondialisation et d'intégration multiculturelle, possédons-nous tous les outils pour développer une synergie avec les autres? Faut-il prioriser certaines approches selon la communauté et la situation vécue? Est-ce à nous de le faire. Plus...

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