20 mai 2019

“Are we there yet?” Signposts on the road to success

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HEIs throughout Europe have been working over the last several decades to internationalise their institutions in response to global trends in higher education. How to internationalise successfully has become an increasingly complex question. The recently published EAIE Barometer (second edition) – Signposts of success posed the key question of what successful internationalisation looks like in European higher education, and each institution should find pause to ask, “are we there yet?”. More...

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The UK’s new internationalisation strategy

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Back in March 2019, whilst in the midst of Brexit parliamentary discussions that resulted in the UK missing its original 31st March deadline to leave the EU, the UK government published its international education strategy. So, what does it mean for those of us working in internationalisation in Europe. More...

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7 aspects of internationalised academic departments

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Creating globally competent graduates is hard to do without buy-in from the various academic departments on campus. But what does it really mean to customise internationalisation to the academic disciplines, and how can international education professionals support this process. More...

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18 mai 2019

Internationalization of Higher Education in the New Political Climate

While funding remains the major obstacle to progress, funding increased for all internationalization activities during the last three years at a majority of institutions worldwide. More...

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28 avril 2019

EAIE Winter Forum: The internationalisation research agenda

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Here’s a fun exercise: put the word “research” through Google’s search engine function and prepare to have your mind slightly blown. In 0.37 seconds, some 4.72 billion results are identified! Clearly, there’s a lot out there on ‘research’ – with some resources attempting to define exactly what research is and others presenting the results of investigative exercises that provide examples of how research can be conducted and the wide array of findings that can be generated. In the age of the knowledge economy/society, data is vital and research generates crucial insights. More...

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09 avril 2019

Integrating internationalised learning outcomes

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The European Parliament has been calling for “better defined internationalised learning outcomes” since the publication of its study ‘Internationalisation of higher education’ in 2015. However, learning outcomes – or, more correctly, intended learning outcomes – do not enjoy great popularity with academics. More...

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Internationalisation Gap Between Europe and Western Asia

Universities around the world have become increasingly concerned with internationalisation over the last few years. This is in part a consequence of the growth of global and regional rankings, some of which include international students, international faculty, inbound and outbound exchange students, or international research collaboration among their indicators. More...

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03 mars 2019

Frugal Internationalization: The Indian Way

Prime Minister Modi is facing the challenge of re-election in May and has launched the Leadership for Academicians Program, which underlines the importance of international training for faculty in academic and administrative leadership. More...

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14 février 2019

10 mistakes to avoid in implementing a strategic internationalisation plan

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There is plenty of information available on drafting a good strategic internationalisation plan (SIP). We can easily find resources on how to write one, methodologies to follow, benchmarking and inspiration from other institutions, and even consultants to come in and assist your institution in this important endeavour. More...

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Advancing Internationalisation at Home: 5 key insights

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More than 150 participants from 24 countries gathered at The Hague University of Applied Sciences for the Spotlight Seminar on Internationalisation at Home (IaH), on 28–29 November 2018. The Seminar kicked off with an early visit from the Dutch Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas), that international bishop of all times, who visits families at home bearing gifts and treats. More...

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