12 novembre 2017

The interplay between national policies and internationalisation

In Europe, national level policies influence internationalisation efforts at the institutional level. Of course, the level of influence is different according to national context, but overall there is a relationship between European national policy frameworks and international higher education development. For example, immigration policies, funding instruments, regulatory frameworks and national strategic plans shape how internationalisation develops in an institution. More...

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How to make a compelling case for internationalisation

As nationalism continues to grow in Europe and higher education budgets decrease, there is no better time to think deeply about why internationalisation is not only important but essential for higher education institutions. During the 2017 EAIE Annual Conference in September, one session offered dedicated space and time for Senior International Officers (SIOs) to reflect on how they convince university leaders to invest in internationalisation. This blog highlights the discussion and some of the compelling arguments for internationalisation, shared by participants at the SIO session. More...

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11 novembre 2017

EAIE Barometer: Internationalisation in Europe

The EAIE is currently developing the second edition of the EAIE Barometer: Internationalisation in Europe. This study, conducted in partnership with IFF Research, a leading research agency, will examine the state of higher education internationalisation in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). More...

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EURIE 2018 – Eurasia Higher Education Summit creates a new platform for internationalization

EURIE, endorsed and supported by the largest and strongest higher education NGO of the region- EURAS – Eurasian Universities Union, focuses on improving the international collaborations and cooperative activities via unique networking and sharing the latest trends on innovation, globalization and quality assurance. More...

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01 novembre 2017

Brexit ou pas le King’s College s’internationalise toujours plus

Blog "HEDway" d'Olivier Rollot. L’information a conforté dans leur analyse tous ceux qui voient les universités britanniques s’implanter massivement en Europe pour contrecarrer les effets du Brexit : le King’s College de Londres va ouvrir un campus en Allemagne en partenariat avec la Technische Universität de Dresde révélait début juillet le Times Higher Education. Un projet auquel beaucoup d’autres universités britanniques songeraient et qui vient souligner la vitalité d’une des plus prestigieuses universités britanniques qui vient également d’inaugurer sa business school. Si des programmes de business existaient depuis 30 ans ils étaient en effet, jusqu’au 1er août dernier, abrités par une simple faculté devenue la King’s business school. Plus...

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24 octobre 2017

The push for Asian HE internationalisation indicators

The push for Asian HE internationalisation indicators
Yojana Sharma, University News, 2016/12/01
As this story notes, "UNESCO has begun work on drawing up a series of indicators on higher education internationalisation in Asia to help universities and education policy-makers in the region to develop an international outlook and promote international higher education links against a set of solid, accepted, quality benchmarks." More...

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18 octobre 2017

Troubling Times for Internationalization in Hungary

It is important to investigate the threat to Hungarian higher education and find ways to support the students and faculty working to preserve academic freedom. More...

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The Call for Patriotic Internationalism

If we are guardians of the internationalization of higher education, we are also guardians of the society in which our institutions of higher education exist. More...

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10 octobre 2017

Internationalisation should start at school

By Robert Coelen. The ideal of learning that crosses sectoral boundaries and extends from primary to tertiary education may seem a long way off. But internationalisation is part of core 21st century skills that need to be embedded from an early age, linking schools and universities. More...

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26 septembre 2017

Rich lessons from implementing internationalisation

By Shaheen Motala Timol and Kevin Kinser. In an effort to align itself with global trends in higher education, Mauritius has since the late 1990s identified internationalisation as a key strategy to achieve knowledge hub status and become a regional centre of excellence. In 2000, the government brought forward this vision in its New Economic Agenda. More...

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