24 juin 2019

One man's Net

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Jay Cross[Edit][Delete]: One man's Net, Internet Time [Edit][Delete] May 29, 2006
Small world. Jay Cross links to a 2002 essay by Wes Cooper, Information Technology and Internet Culture, which, drawing on Turkle, depicts the internet as an instrument for the creation of identities and of cultures. That's why the first paragraph is particularly appropriate for this paper, describing as it does the many ways of naming God the internet. More...

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22 juin 2019

European Dialogue on Internet Governance in The Hague

Conseil de l'EuropeOrganised under the theme “Co-operating in the digital age”, the event will bring together representatives of governments, international organisations, business, civil society, academia and the technical community to exchange views about the Internet and how it is governed. More...

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21 juin 2019

Fear and Loathing on the Internet

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Tim Stahmer: Fear and Loathing on the Internet, Assorted Stuff  May 4, 2006
"User-generated content is very difficult to manage and control." This assessment comes in the midst of a user rebellion at YouTube against increased censorship and control. Tim Stahmer argues, "These fears revolve around the uncertainty that arises when high powered communications tools become available to almost anyone. Institutions and companies accustomed to manipulating their audiences are finding that control slipping away." Control of the message appears to be everything, and even benign and well-intentioned criticisms are being stifled. As Wes Fryer observes, "Schools are technocratic, top-down, static institutions which generally do not value change, innovation, or creativity". More...

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08 juin 2019

"L'affichage d'une charte sociale sur le site Internet ne peut suffire"

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FranceLe Conseil économique, social et environnemental s'est penché il y a un an et demi sur les enjeux du développement des travailleurs de plates-formes dans un avis sur les nouvelles formes de travail indépendant. Plus...

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05 juin 2019

The Strength of Internet Ties

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Jeffrey Boase, et.al.[Edit][Delete]: The Strength of Internet Ties, Pew [Edit][Delete] January 25, 2006

A Pew study is released which casts doubt on the idea that online communication weakens local and family ties. Instead, the internet has assumed a role in supplementing those ties (the report even notes that people with more local ties also use the internet more frequently) while at the same time providing people with access to multiple communities worldwide from which they can draw help and support. More...

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Bpifrance Création - L’achat d’espaces publicitaires sur internet

Bpifrance CréationIl existe plusieurs formats d'espaces publicitaires qui peuvent être achetés sur Internet : bannières, pavés, vidéos… Tous fonctionnent cependant selon le même principe : ils sont diffusés sur des sites fréquentés par des internautes et servent à leur diffuser un message commercial en plus des contenus du site visité. Plus...

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02 juin 2019

Bpifrance Création - Idées de création d’entreprise repérées sur Internet et dans la presse

Bpifrance CréationDe nombreuses entreprises se créent sur la base de concepts innovants, de nouvelles tendances. La liste, ci-dessous, récapitule des idées et tendances repérées chaque mois sur les sites Internet et dans la presse papier, qui sont d'excellentes sources d'information pour tous les créateurs en manque d'inspiration ! Ces idées sont également signalées dans la lettre hebdomadaire de ce site. Pour vous y abonner, il suffit d'ouvrir un compte. Plus...

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24 mai 2019

Internet 2.0: the economic, social and cultural consequences of the new Internet

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Grant McCracke[Edit][Delete]: Internet 2.0: the economic, social and cultural consequences of the new Internet, This Blog Sits At The Intersection of Anthropology and Economics [Edit][Delete] December 26, 2005

[link: 0 Hits] Observing that "our enthusiasm for the internet is returning," Grant McCracken offers a three (or four) part model describing the impact of the internet. "The Internet is a reformation machine. It will create new fundamentals of and for our world. It change the units of analysis and the relationships between them. More...

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23 mai 2019

The Use of the Internet to Activate Latent Ties in Scholarly Communities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Paul Genoni, Helen Merrick and Michele Willson: The Use of the Internet to Activate Latent Ties in Scholarly Communities, First Monday December 14, 2005

Latent contacts are those people you would contact, but for some reason, have not contacted. A natural example is the connection of podcast researchers in education; as people developed expertise in the subject the would reach out to other people in the same field, if they knew they existed. Eventually these latent contacts do make a connection, usually via blog or email. More...

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The Internet, Friend or Foe of Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Gustavo Gonzalez: The Internet, Friend or Foe of Learning, TerraViva November 21, 2005

Interesting look at some of the issues raised by using computers in schools in Latin America (and in particular, Chile and Peru). This seems to be a key point: "Teachers who are not familiar with the use of information and communication technologies are at a clear disadvantage in relation to their students". More...

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