28 décembre 2019

Internet des objets : « On est sortis de l’ère de la débrouille »

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FranceVille intelligente, industrie du futur, cybersécurité, intelligence artificielle… Le CITC (Centre d’innovation des technologies sans contact) organisait en région une semaine dédiée à l’Internet des objets et à l’innovation. Plus...

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08 décembre 2019

New public policies for the Internet – 2019 IGF in Berlin

Conseil de l'EuropeWhat are the risks of discrimination created by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What access to data across borders do law enforcement need in order to fight cybercrime? How can privacy be protected in digital platforms? How do we rise to the challenge of tackling illegal content online and safeguarding digital rights at the same time? These are among the important questions that the Council of Europe will address during the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), organised by the UN in Berlin from 25 to 29 November. More...

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24 novembre 2019

Russia Is About to Disconnect From the Internet: What That Means

Techno-News BlogOn Nov. 1, Russia is poised to disconnect from the internet—in theory. That is when a long-planned internet bill will go into effect and lay the foundation for a national network whereby internet service providers are controlled by Roskomnadzor, Russia’s telecom agency. More...

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Broadband adoption is on the rise, but states can do much more

Techno-News BlogBroadband, which enables high-speed internet access, is essential infrastructure in our digital age. However, with 19 million disconnected households across the country, it is impossible to capitalize on broadband’s full economic and social impacts. More...

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22 novembre 2019

L'accès à Internet dans les ménages en Europe en 2018

Accueil - Vie PubliqueEn Europe, en 2018, le nombre de ménages ayant accès à Internet varie de 69 à 99%. Plus...

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En quoi Internet influence-t-il la scène internationale ?

Accueil - Vie PubliqueInternet constitue aujourd’hui un réseau de communication et d’information incontournable pour les divers acteurs légaux ou illégaux des relations internationales. Les réseaux sociaux (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Periscope…) y tiennent une place très importante. Plus...

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14 novembre 2019

Online Public Consultation On the OECD Ministerial Meeting On the Future of the Internet Economy

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Online Public Consultation On the OECD Ministerial Meeting On the Future of the Internet Economy
According to the email I received, the last time this thing was held it "set out domestic priorities in this area and has guided such policies over the last ten years" (so much for the idea that these policies are set democratically). Anyhow, there's a new one coming up and this time they are asking for input through an online consultation process. I had a quick look at the questionnaire - the questions are open-ended, which means a proper response will take time. Will it be read and respected? Who knows? Money and power tend to have their way with such processes - but if the process is kept open and accountable, then we can at least see these mechanisms at work, and respond appropriately. More...

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10 novembre 2019

L'état de l'internet en France - Edition 2018

Accueil - Vie PubliquePour la seconde année, l'ARCEP publie son rapport sur « l'état d'internet en France ». Remis au Parlement, ce rapport s'intéresse aux différentes composantes des réseaux internet, fixe et mobile : qualité de service, interconnexion, progression de l'IPv6, neutralité du net et ouverture des terminaux. Plus...

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30 octobre 2019

Reddit Is More Influential in Higher Ed Than You Think

Are you paying attention to Reddit yet? I’ve been beating the Reddit drum for most of 2019, ever since I discovered a post by an enrolled college student asking strangers on the internet for advice regarding on-campus mental health resources. More...

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Why the Right Is Better at the Internet

By Barbara Fister. Eight years ago, when Occupy Wall Street protests and the Arab Spring used social media to organize and publicize protests against economic inequality and state oppression, it seemed the internet was on the side of youthful progressivism and liberal change. More...

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