29 avril 2017

How colleges, companies can develop future construction leaders

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. The construction industry is in the midst of a severe skilled-labor shortage, both in the field and in management positions. While contractors are recruiting from the available pool of existing workers, many are also looking to college and university construction programs to help fill the gap. More...

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21 avril 2017

How Higher Education Leaders Are Making Great Teaching A Priority On Their Campuses

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. How Higher Education Leaders Are Making Great Teaching A Priority On Their Campuses
Higher Education Today, 2017/03/16
This to me reads like those articles from the 90s and 00s about how newspapers were making quality writing and reporting their top priority. More...

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18 avril 2017

Two key universities suffer from lack of leadership

By Maina Waruru. Two of Kenya’s largest universities are suffering leadership crises after operating without permanent or substantive vice-chancellors for nearly a year – in contravention of the law. More...

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20 mars 2017

Les compétences clés pour exercer un leadership efficace

Focus RH - Gestion de carrière et évolution professionnellePar Pierre Maurin. Le monde économique est en pleine transformation. La révolution numérique a créé de nouveaux défis et des opportunités de nouveaux business. Chaque jour, de nouveaux acteurs font irruption sur le marché, avec de nouvelles idées qui se concrétisent et des business models qui bousculent des acteurs traditionnels. Voir l'article...

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19 mars 2017

Notes for the NDP Leadership Race

Résultat de recherche d'images pour By Alex Usher. As contestants start to jump into the federal NDP leadership race, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts promising free tuition to all across the land.  Now, I’m not going to rehash why free tuition is both regressive and undesirable (though if you really want to take a gander through the archives on free tuition, have a look here).  But I do think I can do some public service by talking about federalism and higher education, or rather: what the feds can and cannot do in this sphere. More...

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These 10 tips helped save an entire IT department

eCampus NewsBy Korey Pimental. CIO discusses ten ways teams can work on bettering their IT department, including boosting morale and improving leadership. More...

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In higher ed leadership, lower use of public email accounts

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. While many towns, counties and school boards across North Carolina provide their elected officials public email accounts, many trustees at the state’s universities and community colleges either don’t have them or don’t use them. More...

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18 mars 2017

Vote for higher education’s most inspiring leader 2017

The Guardian homeBy. It’s your chance to vote for higher education’s most inspiring leader – choose from the five shortlisted candidates, selected by our expert judging panel. More...

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27 février 2017

4ème session de LGEU programme de développement professionnel de l'AIU pour les chefs d'établissements d'enseignement supérieur!

La prochaine session sera accueillie par University of Botswana à Gaborone, Botswana du 21 au 26 mai 2017.
Ce programme unique de peer-learning prépare les membres des équipes dirigeantes d'universités du monde entier aux responsabilités complexes et multiples qu'ils devront assumer au sein de leurs établissements, dans un contexte local et global en constante transformation. A travers l'analyse de différents concepts, il offre des des outils concrets pour diriger une université engagée à l'échelle mondiale tout en tenant compte des opportunités et contraintes régionales de chaque participant. LGEU offre aussi aux participants l'opportunité d'évaluer les connaissances et les compétences nécessaires pour être un bon leader de manière générale et dans le contexte particulier de leur établissement. Voir l'article...

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4th session of Leading Globally Engaged Universities, IAU’s professional development programme for higher education leaders

This unique programme provides current and future senior university leaders from all over the globe with a peer-learning space that helps them prepare for the complex expectations and multiple responsibilities they will take on in their institution, in a challenging local and global context.
It provides concepts and tools for leading a globally engaged university while recognizing regional opportunities and constraints faced by each participant. LGEU also offers participants a space to analyze skills and knowledge needs related to leadership in general and in their individual context. More...

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