24 février 2017

School leadership for equity and learning: take it to the students

European Commission logoA week of education-related events under Maltese EU Presidency was kicked off with a Conference on School leadership and equity in St. Julian's, Malta, on 16-17 January 2017. Linked to the Presidency theme of equity and inclusiveness, the purpose of the event was to explore how leadership - by school heads, but also by teachers and other staff - can contribute to making schools more equitable and inclusive. More...

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19 février 2017

Finding a balance

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Leadership is a demanding career. As you know, a college president is the public face of the institution. More...

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18 février 2017

Interested in Leadership Roles?

HomeThen you should tell someone -- and here’s how, writes Judith White. Read more...

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15 février 2017

ACE Report Underscores Need for Comprehensive Leadership Development

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "acenet.edu logo"The report, “Looking Back and Looking Forward: A Review of the ACE Fellows Program,” shares select findings from a comprehensive review of the Council’s signature leadership development program to promote dialogue on a collective investment in the future of college and university leadership. The report also reinforces that contemporary institutions require leadership development offerings for diverse institutions and individuals, recognizing that a multi-sector approach to higher education leadership is incredibly powerful and necessary. More...

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14 février 2017

Top universities face looming leadership vacuum

As the universities grapple with the crisis of fee increases, some could soon have to search for new leaders to steer them into the future, as several prominent university vice-chancellors are set to step down from their posts next year, writes Roland Mpofu for The Sunday Independent. Read more...

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06 février 2017

Emerging Leaders and Managers Program

LH Martin InstituteThe Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (eLAMP) is designed for new and aspiring tertiary education managers to develop their skills, knowledge and capacities to lead and manage effectively in the rapidly changing tertiary education environment. More...

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18 janvier 2017

Usine du Futur : lancement d'une nouvelle communauté de leaders

http://eureka.lorraine.eu/jahia/jsp/jahia/templates/eureka/esri_templates/img/banniereDroite.jpgComposée d'une centaine de dirigeants de PME industrielles, agricoles ou artisanales, la 2e communauté des leaders "Usine du Futur" a été lancée en décembre par la Région Grand Est. Elle doit notamment contribuer à faciliter l'intégration de nouvelles technologies et process au sein des entreprises régionales. Voir l'article...

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08 janvier 2017

The Relay Race of Leadership

HomeRoger Martin advises new presidents that, while strong leaders surely make a difference, a college’s success can’t be attributed to any one person. Read more...

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03 janvier 2017

An aspirational model for leading universities

By John Aubrey Douglass. The concept of the public 'Flagship University' as a leading national or regional public university has its origins in the emergence of America’s network of public universities in the mid-1800s. It included a devotion to the English tradition of the residential college as well as the emerging Humboldtian model of independent research and graduate studies, in which academic research would, in turn, inform and shape teaching and build a stronger academic community. Read more...

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24 novembre 2016

College leaders identify the top IT challenges

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgHigher Ed Tech News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor. Security, data management and governance, and next-gen enterprise were among the top networking concerns for CIOs at Educause this year. More...

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