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06 novembre 2018

As humanities majors decline, colleges try to hype up their programs

University Business Magazine logoMany colleges have become cheerleaders for their own humanities programs, launching promotional campaigns to make them more appealing to students. More...

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03 novembre 2018

Don't underestimate the value of humanities

University Business Magazine logoThe students' conversation has stayed with me, in part because it fits into a larger, disconcerting narrative about the role of the humanities in higher education. In a time of dizzying technological achievement and of rapid scientific innovation, skeptics of the humanities may question the usefulness of studying Aristotle, the history of the Italian Renaissance or modern Chinese fiction. More...

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The few humanities majors who dominate in the business world

The ConversationWe analyzed data from S&P Global on 2,262 corporate leaders – vice presidents and C-suite executives – in the U.S. today. According to the data, only 1.5 percent graduated in a humanities or liberal arts field.
History and psychology graduates are the two groups of humanities graduates most common in the executive ranks of the business world, followed by philosophy and linguistics graduates. People with degrees in music, drama and fashion were the least common.
The data also show that only 23 percent of humanities and liberal arts executives pursued an MBA, lower than the 26 percent rate for the total population of executives. A higher proportion of humanities and liberal arts executives also had Ph.D.‘s or master’s degrees. More...

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How the humanities can equip students for the fourth industrial revolution

The ConversationThe term “fourth industrial revolution” is understood in various ways. Some people are excited about it. Others are cautious. Some assume it means that technology and robots will take over every human activity. And still others imagine that this “revolution” will lead only to joblessness and automation. More...

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02 novembre 2018

The 10K Per Year Liberal Arts Education as Thought Experiment

By Joshua Kim. How would you make this work. More...

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01 novembre 2018

Asking Essential Questions at Ursinus

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. College doubles down on its residential liberal arts mission with new core curriculum. More...

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Cuts to Humanities Majors at Lebanon Valley

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Lebanon Valley College has announced plans to end what it describes as "low-enrollment majors" in French, German, philosophy and religion. The college says tenured faculty members will not lose positions and some courses in these areas will continue to be taught. More...

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31 octobre 2018

The Practical Humanities

HomeThey prepare students for the challenges they will confront in their professional, political, social and cultural lives, argues Elizabeth H. Bradley. More...

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Saving the Humanities and Ben Franklin’s Ass

HomeOur democracy was founded on an expectation that its citizens have a moral and historical obligation to be discerning, neither ciphers receptive to any pronouncement nor cynics receptive to none. That’s why I find a fable that Benjamin Franklin tells in his “Apology to Printers” to be particularly relevant to the state of the humanities today. More...

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We Need More Men in the Humanities

HomeWouldn’t greater exposure to such fields, asks Christine Henseler, help men make better decisions and become stronger citizens, workers and leaders. More...

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