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23 janvier 2018

The case for more liberal arts and science degrees

By Simon Marginson. STEM-educated leaders of the tech sector have developed a new form of public space which has not just been contaminated by, it has been captured by a populist politics that radically undermines the values of higher education, jettisons validated and creative knowledge, and deepens the divide between universities and the public interest. More...

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13 janvier 2018

Field of Study (oh the humanities!)

By Alex Usher. So let’s look at the division of undergraduate enrolment for a second.  Figure 1 shows the split between fields of science.  The Big Six are Social Science & Law (20%), Business/Commerce/Administration (19%), Science – here meaning a combination of physical sciences, life sciences, math/computer sciences and agriculture (16%), Humanities (13%), Health (11%) and Engineering (10%).  Together these six fields make up almost 90% of total enrolment. More...

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06 janvier 2018

Judge allows F&M College to build visual arts center

University Business Magazine logoA judge will allow Franklin & Marshall College to break ground on a $29-million visual arts center after the college agreed to reduce construction-related disruptions to neighboring North Museum. More...

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As flow of foreign students wanes, U.S. universities feel the sting

University Business Magazine logoAt Wright State University in Ohio, the French horn and tuba professors are out. So is the accomplished swimming team. More...

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02 janvier 2018

Where the Grass Is Greener

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Study finds humanities and social science Ph.D.s working outside academe are happier than their tenure-track peers, even if "alt-ac" careers weren't their first choice.
With the dearth of available tenure-track faculty positions, professional organizations and others are working to change how Ph.D. programs prepare students for the careers they’re likely to have outside academe. In good news for those efforts, a new study of some 5,000 humanities and social sciences Ph.D.s finds that those working in nonprofits are more satisfied with their jobs than are their peers in tenure-track faculty positions. That’s true even for Ph.D.s who intended to work in academe but did not end up there. More...

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26 décembre 2017

HEPI 14th Annual Lecture: A perspective from Asia

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "http://www.hepi.ac.uk/"Teaching a liberal arts education

  • Massification of higher education in Asia has been accompanied by a desire to improve the quality of teaching. A notable trend, in this context, is that several leading universities have been strongly interested in, or have developed liberal arts education programmes. These typically emphasise broad-based curricula, interactive pedagogies like tutorials and small-group seminars, and extensive residential experience.
  • This approach contrasts with long-standing and entrenched traditions of early deep specialisation, and rote-learning based predominantly around lectures. The goals of these programmes vary but the common thread is to nurture graduates who have deep critical thinking abilities and creativity.
  • While the number of Asian universities that have launched liberal arts programmes is small, this is an indicator of a much wider interest in broader-based education and more interactive pedagogies that engage and activate student learning. The experience of the Yale-NUS College was briefly shared as an illustration. More...

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25 décembre 2017

Slideshow of wall of recognition displays

University Business Magazine logoLiberal arts degree programs in 2016 ranked No. 1 for most completions as well as for the biggest increase in completions, higher ed consulting firm Gray Associates found in a recent analysis of IPEDS preliminary data. More...

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Higher ed liberal arts degrees on the upswing

University Business Magazine logoDespite the big push for STEM majors and career-focused skills in recent years, the liberal arts seem to be making a resurgence. Liberal arts degree programs in 2016 ranked No. 1 for most completions as well as for the biggest increase in completions, higher ed consulting firm Gray Associates found in a recent analysis of IPEDS preliminary data. More...

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24 décembre 2017

Regents to consider academic department restructuring

University Business Magazine logoThe first proposal calls for dissolving the Department of Modern Languages, Anthropology and Geography, and merging a portion of it into the existing Department of History, to create a newly named Department of History and Anthropology. More...

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18 décembre 2017

For-Profit Music College Closes Suddenly

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The McNally Smith College of Music, a small for-profit institution in Minnesota, announced Thursday that it is shutting down all operations at the end of this semester, The Star Tribune reported. More...

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