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14 septembre 2019

Columbia's Core Curriculum Gets an Update

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Columbia University is adding a rotating contemporary core element to the literature humanities course in its larger undergraduate core curriculum. More...

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From the Mouths of Editors

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. New study from international publishing ethics group finds that arts, humanities and social science journal editors worry most about plagiarism and inclusion. More...

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Centering the Humanities

HomeHumanities centers and institutes are key to improving the image of the humanities among the public and policy makers, writes Aaron R. Hanlon. More...

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07 septembre 2019

Integrating the Applied and Practical Arts

By Steven Mintz. Traditionally, a liberal arts education was regarded as the inverse of professional, technical, or vocational training.  But the liberal arts can, of course, be practical, applied, and experiential. More...

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31 août 2019

The Ramsay Centre and ‘Western Civilisation’: An attempt at historical perspective (AUR 61 02)

Martin Davies’ paper seeks to vindicate the efforts of the Ramsay Centre to fund courses in ‘Western Civilisation’ at selected Australian universities. He begins by lamenting the rejection of vast amounts of philanthropic money for the humanities, and all too quickly dismisses the stated grounds for the Australian National University’s decision to decline a deal with the Ramsay Centre: ‘The issue of academic autonomy has been raised as a reason, but this is, at best, ostensible’, Davies writes. He then goes on to defend the concept of courses in Western civilisation more generally. More...

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Three cheers for the Ramsay Centre (AUR 61 02)

In 2018 Australia’s leading national university, the ANU, decided to break off consultation with the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation over a generous bequest to fund a course on Western civilisation. It is not every day that a university decides to turn down a $3 billion bequest to fund a humanities program. More...

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25 août 2019

Brésil : Bolsonaro en guerre contre l’enseignement des sciences humaines

The ConversationLe 25 avril 2019, Abraham Weintraub, ministre de l’Éducation de Bolsonaro, a déclaré que le gouvernement, à l’instar du Japon qui avait fermé 26 facs de sciences humaines et sociales en 2015, étude des moyens de retirer particulièrement des fonds publics des départements de philosophie et de sociologie. Objectif : tourner ces ressources vers des domaines qui génèrent plus de revenus aux contribuables, tels que les formations d’infirmiers, la médecine vétérinaire, l’ingénierie ou la médecine. Plus...

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24 août 2019

GCSE results: further decline in arts and technical subjects

The ConversationThe number of students achieving GCSEs in technical and creative subjects along with religious studies (RS) has declined yet again, according to provisional data. This is a trend that has been happening since education reforms in 2010 – which led to a narrowing of the curriculum. More...

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23 août 2019

Controversy Over Western Civilization Funding in Australia

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. University of Queensland says fixed-term gift will provide rare infusion of support for humanities, but professors and students have concerns about academic freedom and the donor's political agenda. More...

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22 août 2019

Reorganizing Away the Liberal Arts

HomeBy Nick Hazelrigg. Professors fear University of Tulsa abandoning its historic commitment to education beyond job training. More...

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