22 mai 2017

The $1.9 Trillion Global Higher Ed Market

By Joshua Kim. The number that caught my eye from the 2U / GetSmarter acquisition news. More...

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21 mai 2017

‘Volatile’ but Growing Online Ed Market

HomeBy Carl Straumsheim. Online enrollment continues to grow as the total number of students in college shrinks. The growth is particularly strong at private nonprofit colleges, report finds. More...

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01 mai 2017

Marché du travail. 1,94 million de déclarations d'embauche au 1er trimestre 2017

Selon les données provisoires de l'Acoss, 1,94 million de contrats de travail de plus d'un mois, hors intérim, ont été enregistrés au premier trimestre 2017. Un record depuis la création de cette statistique en 2000. Le chiffre est en hausse trimestrielle de 0,5 % et de 3,4 % sur 1 an.
Source : http://www.gref-bretagne.com/Actualites/Revue-de-presse/Marche-du-travail.-1-94-million-de-declarations-d-embauche-au-1er-trimestre-2017

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26 avril 2017

A Marketplace in Confusion

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. New York's private colleges and universities don't know what to expect under the state's free tuition program for students attending public colleges. Read more...

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Higher Ed Analytics Market Is Growing in Complexity

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgTechno-News Blog. The availability of analytics products for higher education is on the rise, and the applications tend to fall into two broad camps: learning analytics, designed to be used by instructional staff to examine data tied to student engagement and academic outcomes; and operational analytics, for use by administrators to explore operational and financial areas, such as admission, enrollment and retention. More...

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24 avril 2017

Recommended Reading: CBE platforms represent a truly niche market

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Recommended Reading: CBE platforms represent a truly niche market
Phil Hill, e-Literate, 2017/03/21
It's pretty hard to make that case when you're steeped in enterprise learning, but I think it's true: "CBE is indeed a niche market growing much more slowly that many had hoped or predicted." There are reasons for that. More...

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20 avril 2017

The LMS Market is Quickly Losing Ground

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The LMS Market is Quickly Losing Ground
Carol Leaman, Chief Learning Officer, 2017/02/24

About ten years too late, the LMS industry is in decline. More...

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21 février 2017

En direct du marché de l’éducation au BETT de Londres

http://blog.educpros.fr/fiorina/wp-content/themes/longbeach_jfiorina/longbeach/images/img01.jpgBlog Educpros de Jean-François Fiorina. De retour de ce salon londonien toujours enthousiasmant où l’énergie éducative circule à pleine vitesse ! Sa mission : « créer un meilleur futur par la transformation de l’éducation ». Elle se décline sur les stands où rivalisent les institutionnels (pavillons pays de plus en plus nombreux) – signe de l’importance du soft power éducatif -, les divisions éducatives des grandes marques de l’industrie (de Google à HP), les EdTechs et des ETI que je vois émerger au fil de mes passages. Voir l'article...

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20 février 2017

CVC grows study travel arm with Experimento buy

By Beckie Smith. Brazilian travel agency behemoth CVC has strengthened its presence in the study travel market with the purchase of Experimento, one of the country’s oldest education agencies. More...

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18 février 2017

Universities and the lessons of the market

The Guardian homeByUniversity leadership. This is all the more bizarre when all the hard evidence indicates that for both the state and the individual, a university education offers positive outcomes. Graduates have greater lifetime earnings, they pay more taxes, and, furthermore, they are essential. More...

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