02 octobre 2016

Building Relationships Beyond Your Campus

By Tim Jones. One of the things that fascinated Alexis de Tocqueville, observer and critic of democracy, was the extraordinary extent to which Americans “associate.” More...

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Why Market Segmentation in Higher Education Matters

By Tim Jones. One of the most frustrating answers to the question “who is your audience?” is all too common in higher ed — “everyone.” But that answer doesn’t help anyone. More...

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Governance for Marketing?

By Susan T. Evans. Governance is not just for website management. Deploying a successful and integrated marketing plan for a higher education institution relies on the work of internal stakeholders. Yes, we need governance for marketing. More...

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The Right Way to Build a Brand

By Jim Reische. You’re about to build your dream house. Big or small, ultra-modern or uber-traditional… you know what you want. And by some miracle, you’ve been graced with the resources to do it well. More...

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26 août 2016

Marketing’s Role in Recruiting

By Jim CroneJon Niebch and Todd A. Hitchcock. We all know that recruiting is a key part of the college admissions process. Colleges and universities develop and launch campaigns designed to attract the most promising soon-to-graduate high school students to their campuses. More...

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A Sustainable Brand

By Michael Stoner. How do you build a brand that can last? Many attributes characterize long-lasting brands, but one good indication that you have a sustainable brand is when it can transcend a change in CEO and/or CMO. More...

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17 juillet 2016

No Strategy: Work Smarter

By Tim Jones. It feels good to agree when someone asks for your help with a project or marketing initiative. When you say yes, you fill coworkers with joy, relief, and a sense that their request is valuable. At the same time, you get to be the agreeable, collaborative, easy-to-work with, always-willing to-help colleague who never causes conflict. Sometimes, that’s the perfect outcome. Everyone wins. More...

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Social Media Is Complicated for Business, Too

By Michael Stoner. A recent report -- The Eighth Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner -- reveals much about how business marketers use social media. More...

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All That (Marketing) Jazz

By Eric Sickler. I'm a musician. After hearing me play, some may argue that claim. But as someone who finds joy, satisfaction, artistic expression and occasional cash through music, I often find myself thinking about making great music as a metaphor for doing great marketing. More...

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16 juillet 2016

Technology key to university branding strategies

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgHigher Ed Tech News and Research ~ Ray Schroeder, editor. eCampus News lays out three strategies to promote a successful branding campaign; digital archives and delivery systems are key for schools that want to expanding quality branding in recruitment, retention and community outreach. More...

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