21 octobre 2019

Vous êtes journaliste ?

Screenshot-2018-5-5 Actualités ModernisationRetrouvez ici l'ensemble des contenus dont vous aurez besoin pour couvir la semaine. Plus...

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18 octobre 2019

Digital Media: What Went Wrong

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Digital Media: What Went Wrong
Edmund Lee, New York Times, Medium, 2019/02/19
The big news in digital media recently has been the waves of layoffs at such stalwarts as BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Vice. These were companies people thought had figured out the news business. It prompted MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes to ask “What if there is literally no profitable model for digital news?” We see the same story in education, but moving at a slower pace.  It's described as a "nightmarish vision" in today's Inside Higher Ed. In today's edition of the Chronicle's The Edge, Scott Carlson outlines the same case with respect to higher education. More...

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09 octobre 2019

VON Spiel: It'S Our TV

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. VON Spiel: It'S Our TV
I frequently disagree with Jeff Jarvis, as he comes from some place where advertising is good and online media is all about business. But he also picks up technology trends really well and sees through to the essence of the thing. As in, for example, this post. "We are taking over TV," he writes. "We are reinventing TV... And this means we have a great opportunity to reinvent TV from scratch..." How? Well, this is where we disagree: "Blogs didn't do it right. Not the economic side of the equation. We bloggers make it extremely difficult for advertisers to love us..." Seems to me, that's exactly what we did get right. Advertising (even if spread through the long tail) is a mass phenomeon - it is about privileged messages exerting unearned influence through the network. More...

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08 octobre 2019

CADE Media Festival

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. CADE Media Festival
I don't usually enter contests, but CADE is having a multimedia content this year and I'm proud of a video I did this year - it has more than 7,000 views, and it's 30 minutes long - so there you have it. Oh sure, maybe I shouldn't be proud of it, but I am. It's the first real video that I've done, and I did it in order to show that you could train yourself and do quality multimedia with basic tools and self-learning. But... what I get instead is an object lesson in how not to run a multimedia contest. First of all, there's no entry category for individuals, which is what mine would be. Second, the application form is a PDF, that you download and... what, I guess print and mail? Third, there's an entry fee. This covers, what, the $10 plaque the winner gets? And fourth, "Video programs, although mastered on various formats, must be submitted on VHS Videotape." I'm not sure what this means - I have a video, must I convert it to videotape? So - no entry. Here's a better idea: allow people to submit multimedia the way they do academic papers (why oh why do conferences always accept only 'papers'). Review the proposed submissions. They can present their multimedia, then discuss it. More...

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03 octobre 2019

Comment devenir journaliste: quelles études? quel salaire?

Dans un contexte de crise de confiance envers les journalistes, et surtout de crise que traversent les grands médias, ce métier continue de séduire les jeunes. Mais comment peut-on devenir journaliste? En quoi consiste le métier? Quel est le salaire des débutants? Quelles sont les meilleures écoles? Comment trouver son premier poste. Plus...

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23 juin 2019

Plateaux VoxMilo.tv : le point de vue des jeunes sur les Rencontres nationales des Missions Locales (la suite)

UNMLLes jeunes reporters de VoxMilo.tv ont organisé des plateaux tv pendant les Rencontres nationales des Missions Locales. Tout d'abord diffusés en direct, ils sont maintenant accessibles en ligne. Plus...

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12 juin 2019

The urgent need for media literacy in an age of annihilation

The ConversationFrom fictitious organizations posting polarizing messages on Facebook to robustly researched news stories being labelled “fake,” the pervasive power and importance of the media are clear. More...

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28 mai 2019

VR and AR: The Art of Immersive Storytelling and Journalism

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. VR and AR: The Art of Immersive Storytelling and Journalism
Emory Craig, Maya Georgieva, EDUCAUSE Review, 2019/01/24
The item was the top listing in the EDUCAUSE most-read and most-watched EDUCAUSE Review blogs and videos in 2018. The bulk of this article is a listing of several immersive storytelling initiatives, including: a Masters project, The Wait, at UC Berkeley; a new Immersive Storytelling & Emerging Technologies (ISET) concentration at Johns Hopkins; the Motion Capture Studio and the XReality Center at The New School in New York City; The Mobile Virtual Reality Lab at Florida International University; and a project called To Be with Hamlet at New York University. We are told that in the future immersive storytelling "will impact a wide range of disciplines". More...

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All media is propaganda and subject to bias

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. All media is propaganda and subject to bias
Leonox, Medium, 2019/01/07
"Almost everything is propaganda," says this article. I agree. And if you're with me on this, then most of what I've had to say about truth and media over the years follows from that. For example: finding a 'trusted' media source means essentially finding a source that confirms your existing world view. For example: the terms we use to describe people (for example, 'horde' or 'migrant') are deliberate and intentional. Understanding this is why we have to seek out diverse, and first-person, perspectives. More...

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The Media’s Post-Advertising Future Is Also Its Past

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Media’s Post-Advertising Future Is Also Its Past
Derek Thompson, The Atlantic, 2019/01/07
This article should serve as a waring for education companies building technology that depends on surveillance to produce revenue from advertisers. Advertising-based media is in general under attack as sales decline and people rebel against social media marketing. This article looks at the impact on the news industry and makes the point that as funding models change, so will news coverage. More...

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