10 décembre 2018

Vox Milo Festival Mode d’emploi : J - 1 avant le plateau TV

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "unml.info"Afin de permettre aux Missions Locales de poser toutes leurs questions sur le Vox Milo Festival 2019, un plateau TV est organisé en direct et retransmis sur Internet le 5 décembre 2018 de 15h00 à 15h30. Plus...

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09 décembre 2018

Good Morning la Formation, épisode 2

https://www.opcalia.com/content/uploads/logo-blue-2.pngDeuxième invité de la nouvelle émission d’Opcalia « Good Morning la formation », Thierry Teboul a joué le jeu et a répondu aux questions de Laurent Gérard sur la réforme de la formation professionnelle et sur l'avenir de l’OPCA Afdas. Plus...

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04 décembre 2018

New Media Journalism Ethics And The Marqui Blog Paid Assignment

New Media Journalism Ethics And The Marqui Blog Paid Assignment
I am first of all going to give credit to Robin Good for calling it like he sees it. He is being paid for talking about Marqui (and has a nice little logo attesting to the fact) and is defending his credibility in doing it. And he's even getting a link out of me for the paid spot! But it's going to be the last. Let me explain. It's not that I doubt his credibility or his honesty in reporting, even though he is paid. No, not that. More...

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27 novembre 2018

Reusable Media... Redux

Reusable Media... Redux
I've had some email from readers expressing concern - quite naturally - about the size of the MP3 version of my talk in Utah. After all, it's 64.5 mb, about 30 minutes to download (if you're lucky). What I would like are some suggestions. I have a Linux based web server, but no streaming media server and no money to buy one (not that I would want to anyway). More...

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19 novembre 2018

We the Media

We the Media
If you're looking for a good week-end read, you won't go wrong with Dan Gillmor's We the Media. This site is a blog supporting the book; the entire book is available online in the left-hand column. Gillmor's book documents the transition from media as produced by large, centralized news agencies to news as produced by the people who read or view the news. More...

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09 novembre 2018

Globe and Mail Registration

Globe and Mail Registration
I am a frequent reader of the Globe and Mail online and also a frequent purchaser of the printed version of the newspaper. I receive the daily email alerts, and as has so often been the case, clicked on a link from the Daily Tech Alert. More...

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06 novembre 2018

Josie and the Podcast

eCampus NewsOur first Podcast of the Week is Josie and the Podcast – Connecting Tech & Leadership in Higher Ed. More...

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03 novembre 2018

School safety commission should not worry about violence in entertainment media

The ConversationI’m a psychologist who has studied violent media for 15 years and published dozens of studies on the topic in peer-reviewed journals. More...

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02 novembre 2018

How to Pitch a Podcast

https://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/media/CTA-IHE-banner640-150.png?itok=VxlaUtWrBoth the landscape of the media and the media relations field keep on evolving. As communications professionals, we need to keep up with the latest types of media as they become popular and widely used to better expand the reach of our pitches. More...

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01 novembre 2018

‘Media U’

HomeBy Scott JaschikAuthors discuss their new book about viewing colleges and universities as media institutions focused on winning over audiences. More...

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