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25 avril 2017

Shiite militias prepare for education 'revolution'

Iraqi universities have recently become the scene of military and political manoeuvres by the Popular Mobilization Units, which are attempting to set up separate universities which some see as an attempt to reproduce the Iranian cultural revolution in Iraq, writes Hassan al-Shanoun for Al-Monitor. More...

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21 avril 2017

Arab Universities and MOOCs: Cautious Cooperation

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Arab Universities and MOOCs: Cautious Cooperation
Sabah Hamamou, Al Fanar Media, 2017/03/09

Dood article providing an overview of the two major Arabic-language MOOC platforms, Edraak and Rawaq. More...

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16 avril 2017

Archaeologists Plan Post-Islamic-State Future in Iraq

By Wagdy Sawahel. The military campaign in Iraq against Islamic State, better known as Da’esh, is still in progress, but in the parts of the country reclaimed by the national government, archaeologists have already begun work on assessing the damage the radical group caused to important ancient sites. More...

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Ambitious But Secretive Arab Education Provider: Iran

By Wagdy Sawahel. Iranian universities are rapidly expanding their branches in the Arab world, in a move to serve Iranian expatriates, connect with Arab students and expand the country’s “soft power.”
Iranian universities have established nine branch campuses in eight Arab countries including the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Comoros, Qatar and Kuwait. More...

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Omani Music Masks A Slave Trading Past

By Benjamin Plackett. It’s not long into an interview with an ethnomusicologist, Majid al-Harthy, before he makes what he sees as an important distinction. Omani traditional music doesn’t have an African “influence,” he explains with a friendly fervour, but rather it has an African “presence.” In that seemingly simple semantic difference, he says, lies a denial of Oman’s history in the slave trade. More...

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Yemeni Youth Speak: “We Are Stranded”

By Faisal Darem. Trapped, isolated, and often forgotten. That is the situation of many Yemeni youth, wherever they live, who are seeking education and, ultimately, employment. More...

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Yemen: Chaos, War and Higher Education

By Faisal Darem. When Ghassan started studying science at a private university in Yemen’s capital city three years ago, he planned to finish his bachelor’s degree quickly and go on to become a professor. Instead his studies have been slow and, much to his embarrassment, his mother had to sell her gold bracelets to pay his university fees. More...

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What Art Can Teach Us About the Arab World

By Ursula Lindsey. Art provides a different narrative about the Arab world— an alternative view to that of scholars and politicians, says Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi. Al-Qassemi is a United Arab Emirates-based collector of modern and contemporary Arab art who—through his art foundation, lectures, media appearances, and Twitter feed—shares this alternative view as widely as he can. More...

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14 avril 2017

Will tuition ruling impede American University of Cairo?

Egypt’s Administrative Court has ordered the administration of the American University in Cairo to accept tuition payment in Egyptian pounds rather than US dollars, raising fears of a decline in standards linked to reduced funding, writes Amr Eltohamy for Al-Monitor. More...

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13 avril 2017

Call for campus dress code triggers mixed response

By Ashraf Khaled. A call by Egyptian parliamentarians to enforce a dress code on university campuses has received mixed responses in the Middle Eastern country. Read more...

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