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14 février 2018

Government allocates funds for university reforms

More than MAD70 billion (US$7.6 billion) is reportedly being dedicated to improving material resources and educational conditions for Moroccan university students during the current academic year, said the head of government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, on 5 February while speaking before the House of Representatives in Rabat, writes Sana Elouazi for Morocco World NewsMore...

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13 février 2018

Government looking to encourage branch campuses

By Ruwayshid Alruwaili. Saudi Arabia has witnessed a number of rapid social and economic changes in the last couple of months. These transformations have come after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman unveiled Vision 2030, an ambitious programme of development for the Kingdom. More...

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Slow start for private higher education providers

By Laeed Zaghlami. Private education for higher schools and universities in Algeria is slowly getting off the ground following a gradual shift in policy from the country’s higher education authority. More...

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09 février 2018

Parliamentarians call for release of detained students

By Shafigeh Shirazi and Yojana Sharma. With Iranian authorities still refusing to release exact figures of the number of people detained during protests in a number of Iranian cities in December and early January, Iranian lawmakers as well as academics have written to President Hassan Rouhani and the country’s head of the judiciary Sadegh Larijani calling for the immediate release of student detainees. More...

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Despite increase, Arabs still underrepresented in HE

The number of Israeli Arabs pursuing bachelor degrees at Israeli universities and colleges jumped 60% over the last seven years to 47,000 in 2017, a survey by the government’s Council for Higher Education has found, writes Lior Dattel for HaaretzMore...

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Data suggests universities contribute to unemployment

Unemployment rates among university graduates hit 23% last year in Jordan, according to the latest official statistics. The unemployment is uneven across gender: nearly 27% of unemployed university graduates are male, while almost 68% are female. Why can Jordan graduates not get jobs? asks Ammar Faris for Al-Fanar MediaMore...

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At university I could not escape the shadow of war

By Mona Jebril. When I first decided to apply for postgraduate scholarships in the United Kingdom, I felt like I was fighting the moving sands that were preparing to swallow my ambition and restrict me to the kind of life that is common for many women in traditional societies such as Gaza. Opposition to women travelling for cultural and religious reasons combine with the political context in Gaza to make the idea of studying in the UK seem very remote and dream-like for Gazan women. More...

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Higher education challenges and solutions for 2018

By Wagdy Sawahel. The 16th meeting of the Arab Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research unveiled a new agenda for higher education which included a set of urgent challenges for 2018 and beyond. More...

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Universities take steps to curb academic dishonesty

By Laeed Zaghlami. The excitement that marks the beginning of the academic year in the Algerian higher education sector, made up of one and a half million students, belies a crisis of credibility in the wake of several recent incidents of cheating. More...

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University fails over 1,200 students after exam walkout

By Ashraf Khaled. Egypt’s state-run Mansoura University has announced the mass failure of over a thousand medical students after they staged a walkout from the examination hall in protest against what they said were overly-tough questions contained in a surgery paper. More...

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