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11 mai 2018

Universities to grant credits for reserve duty

University students who serve long stretches in the Israel Defense Forces’ reserves will be eligible to receive two academic credits, the Association of University Heads in Israel announced last week, writes Lidar Gravé-Lazi for The Jerusalem Post. More...

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Family fears for health of scholar sentenced to death

By Sofia Karlsson and Denis Aslan. Evin Prison in Tehran was built in 1972 under the reign of Shah Pahlavi. The facility includes an execution yard, a courtroom and separate departments for male and female prisoners. More...

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Lecturer probed over alleged defamation of top clerics

By Ashraf Khaled. An Egyptian state-run university last week suspended a lecturer before instituting an internal inquiry into comments he wrote in a book which allegedly insult prominent Muslim clerics. More...

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10 mai 2018

In Education, Gulf Women Don’t Focus on Jobs

Al Fanar

Women in Arab Gulf countries are enthusiastic about higher education, but seek it for the sake of personal fulfillment and not in the expectation of getting professional qualifications, according to a study presented at a conference here last month. More...

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Patterns of Disease Are Changing in the Arab World

Al Fanar

As the Arab world has become more prosperous in recent decades, the number of people dying from contagious diseases has fallen. But the death rate from non-infectious diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, has risen sharply. More...

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Syrian Higher Education Faces a Long Recovery

Al Fanar

Following is an edited version of an article that first appeared on the website Syria in Depth, a project that mentors and trains young Syrian journalists. Related articles by Al-Fanar Media’s reporting team include “Studying Medicine in Time of War” and “A School of Fine Arts Feels the Effects of War.”) More...

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In Somalia, Educational Quality Starts with Teachers

Al Fanar

Rahma Ali has a newfound sense of purpose. 
She recently completed a teacher training program with the Global Campaign for Education, an international coalition of education advocates and NGOs seeking to improve education in the developing world.

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07 mai 2018

Several hurt as army raid forces closure of university

Al-Quds University, the Palestinian university in Jerusalem, suspended classes at its Abu Dis campus outside of the city last Monday following a raid by Israeli forces, students told Middle East Eye. More...

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University expansion a signal of stability and growth

By Ramadhan Rajab. In a move widely welcomed as a signal of future growth, national unity and stability, the Somali National University (SNU) is setting up its first new campus outside the capital Mogadishu in a semi-autonomous region of the country. More...

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Assad gives nod to Iranian Islamic university branches

A senior advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader on international affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has issued a directive to open branches of the Iranian Islamic Azad University in Syria, reports Middle East Monitor. More...

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