11 mars 2019

Peut-on parler sereinement de l’immigration africaine ?

Screenshot-2018-4-15 Egypte – des élections présidentielles jouées d’avanceL’angélisme ? On le trouve d’abord chez ceux qui, révoltés non sans raison par l’attitude des Européens face au sort des migrants, affirment qu’il n’y a "pas de crise" car, "le solde migratoire européen est nul". Il est exact que le grand flux migratoire des années 2015-2017 est aujourd’hui presque tari. Plus...

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28 février 2019

College-Educated Immigrants in the U.S.

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A new analysis from the Pew Research Center offers data on college-educated immigrants in the United States. The analysis notes that the U.S. has more college-educated immigrants than any other country. More...

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14 février 2019

Reducing the immigrant gap in education: What Sweden can learn from other countries

Education & Skills TodayFor decades, Sweden has served as an exemplary model for integrating immigrants. The country’s well-developed integration system, together with its innovative and effective education sector, have helped immigrants and refugee students to feel more at home in their new country. More...

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13 février 2019

‘Dreamers’ pursue degrees in Toronto

By Kerrie Kennedy. A group of 10 ‘Dreamers’ living in Ontario, Canada with uncertain immigration status have been given the opportunity to study for a degree as part of a pilot program launched by York University and FCJ Refugee Centre. More...

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Canada: provinces adopt ‘Study & Stay’ program

By Kerrie Kennedy. A program aimed at attracting international students to Nova Scotia, Canada will be rolled out across the three remaining Atlantic provinces as the region looks to tackle its immigrant retention problem. More...

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Education is key to the inclusion of immigrant students – OECD

By Kerrie Kennedy. Immigrant students are struggling to integrate into schools in many EU member states due to lower socio-economic status and language barriers, a report by the OECD has revealed. The report also found that students with an immigrant background often lack a sense of belonging to their school community and are more likely to be affected by schoolwork-related anxiety. More...

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10 février 2019

Thematic Working Group 3: “Learning Providers and Migration: Empowerment and Integration through Learning”

HomeCedefop informs that the fourth meeting of the thematic working group 3:  “Learning Providers and Migration: Empowerment and Integration through Learning” will take place in Rome on Thursday, 4 and Friday, 5 April 2019. More...

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01 février 2019

ApplyBoard hosts Canada’s minister of Immigration

By Kerrie Kennedy. Part of ApplyBoard’s success is seen in gaining the support of the Canadian government, who can make real changes in the way the country facilitates the integration of newcomers and students who wish to establish their place in Canadian communities. More...

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UK extends post-study work period, eases hiring rules for employers

By Kerrie Kennedy. The UK government has published its long-awaited immigration White Paper, which outlines changes to student visa rules that would extend the length of time international bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students have to stay and find work in the country after graduating. More...

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28 janvier 2019

Students “shocked” by ACT migration changes

By Anton Crace. International students have gathered outside Canberra’s Legislative Assembly to protest the partial closure of the Australian Capital Territory’s skilled nomination visa scheme which they claim broke an “implied promise” of migration to the area. More...

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