19 février 2017

Trump's immigration ban could cost U.S. colleges $700M

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Masoumian was born in Tehran, Iran, and lived in Turkey for about one year while his family sought asylum in the U.S. Now a permanent resident, Masoumian hopes to transfer to California State Polytechnic University-Pomona and take up aerospace engineering. He dreams of landing a job at Boeing Co., the world’s largest plane maker. More...

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Immigrants heal us

University Business LogoSubmitted by Tim Goral. A Democratic president concludes his eight years in office. He is the author of several respected books and, as one might expect from an Ivy Leaguer, gives thoughtful speeches. More...

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18 février 2017

Trump Expected to Sign Orders Restricting Immigration From Middle East, Africa

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Reuters is reporting that President Trump is expected to sign executive orders this week temporarily banning the entry of most refugees and suspending visa processing for citizens of seven countries in the Middle East and Africa: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Read more...

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17 février 2017

Required to Detain

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. Texas legislation could force campus police departments to hold on to those they arrest until federal immigration authorities can consider their legal status. Read more...

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10 février 2017

Migrants: de l'ex-"Jungle" à l'université pour apprendre un métier

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lepoint.fr"Ils étaient avocat au Soudan, vétérinaire au Pakistan, footballeur en Iran ou mécanicien aéronautique en Erythrée... 80 réfugiés de l'ex-"Jungle" de Calais ont rejoint l'université de Lille, où, après des cours de français intensifs, ils vont apprendre ou réapprendre un métier. Voir l'article...

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80 migrants de Calais ont réussi leur rentrée à l'Université de Lille

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "huffington post logo"A Lille, des étudiants réfugiés bénéficient gratuitement de cours de français afin de pouvoir suivre un cursus universitaire. Voir l'article...

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30 janvier 2017

Human migration, environment and climate change

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "oecd-development-matters.org"Environmental migration is a fact. Most countries experience some form of migration associated with environmental and climate change, or forced immobility for those populations that end up trapped. More...

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12 janvier 2017

Migration: An overlooked tool for local development

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "oecd-development-matters.org"The global approach to migration and development is typically framed at the national level, whereby policies are conceived by national governments and mostly implemented with national fiscal resources and by national actors. More...

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Utiliser la radio pour mieux intégrer les migrants

Résultat de recherche d'images pour

Porté par Errobi Promotions Association, ce projet de partenariat de l'éducation des adultes utilise la radio pour mieux intégrer les migrants. Voir l'article...

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07 janvier 2017

Addressing the migration challenge together

FrenchThe necessary policy frameworks are adopted, such as the European Agenda on Migration, the Global Approach on Migration and Mobility, the Valletta Declaration and Action Plan. The delivery frameworks exist - the Rabat and Khartoum Processes, the EUROMED Migration, among others. The instruments are in place with the EU Emergency Trust Fund and the European External Investment Plan contributing to tackling the root causes of migration. It is imperative to overcome our current crisis mode and the dichotomy of more or less migration and think in terms of better migration. Voir l'article...

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