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19 octobre 2017

Online learning punishes minority students, but video chats can help

The ConversationOnline learning is expanding in Canada at a rate of about 8.75 per cent every year. This shift to online environments has redefined the format of education. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), for example, have become wildly popular, with more than 700 universities offering 6,850 courses to 58 million students in 2016. More...

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18 octobre 2017

Professors Have Taken Over the MOOCs

By Joshua Kim. The old story was that MOOCs are just another overhyped educational technology, one more example of interests outside of the academy (investors, technologists) seeking to “disrupt college” without any true understanding of how higher education actually works. More...

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16 octobre 2017

MOOCs Are "Dead." What's Next? Uh-oh. John Warner. One overhyped technology fades as another surges. More...

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11 octobre 2017

Des Mooc pour mieux s'orienter dans l'enseignement supérieur

Logo de l'Agence Régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie (ARFTLV Poitou-charentes)L'Onisep a repéré plusieurs MOOC d'aide à l'orientation dans le supérieur. Ces Moocs, mis à disposition sur la plate-forme FUN, permettent de se confronter à la réalité de disciplines qui ne sont pas enseignées au lycée et répondent aux questions "Quels sont les contenus de ces études ? Comment se déroulent les cursus ?". Ils ont pour objectif de déconstruire certaines idées reçues et de présenter les débouchés professionnels possibles. Plus...

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10 octobre 2017

As Koller Exits Coursera, Thinking About What’s Next with MOOCs in Context

As Koller Exits Coursera, Thinking About What’s Next with MOOCs in Context
Steve Krause,, 2016/08/24
Contemplating Daphne Koller's departure from Coursa: "It’s not useful (or smart) for anyone to look at the 'end' of MOOCs and to happily pronounce “well, I’m glad that’s over with and I’ll never have to worry about that again," writes Steve Krause. More...

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MOOCs and crowdsourcing: Massive courses and massive resources

MOOCs and crowdsourcing: Massive courses and massive resources
John Prpić, James Melton, Araz Taeihagh, Terry Anderson, First Monday, 2015/12/29
This paper draws an interesting parallel between two types of massive phenomena: MOOCs, and crowdsourcing. The former are online courses designed to enable access to learning to large numbers of people at once, while the latter takes advantage of the contributions of many people to support a single objective, such as the creation of an online encyclopedia. More...

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By The Numbers: MOOCS in 2015

By The Numbers: MOOCS in 2015
Dhawal Shah, Class Central, 2015/12/25
I think it might be a bit premature to say that the end of MOOCs has arrived. After all, according to this report, more people signed for MOOCs this year than ion the previous three years combined. More...

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08 octobre 2017

Now that MOOCs are mainstream, where does online learning go next? Blog. Another trend that will undoubtedly affect the sector is that as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies improve at an ever-faster pace it will enable much better provisions for personalized learning. More...

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Learning to learn: a class on rewiring your brain Blog. There are lessons to be learned from the engineering professor who “flunked” high school math and science — and created what is arguably the world’s most popular massively open online course, or MOOC. More...

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What are MOOCs? Blog. The digital age has redefined many different aspects of what it means to be human. One of those areas is education, with the advent of online classes and online degrees. A specific type of online class is the MOOC, and it is a really interesting concept. More...

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