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14 juillet 2018

Mooc : la prévention de la corruption

Retour à l'accueilL’Agence française anticorruption (AFA) et le CNFPT s’associent pour proposer un séminaire en ligne (Mooc) gratuit consacré à la prévention de la corruption dans la gestion publique locale. Dès le 24 septembre 2018, les agents territoriaux, élus, étudiants et tous les citoyens intéressés par la prévention et la lutte contre la corruption pourront suivre cette formation en ligne sur la plateforme FUN. Plus...

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HANDIMOOC : 1er MOOC de France dédié à la recherche d'emploi pour les personnes handicapées

Fruit de la collaboration de personnes handicapées et d’acteurs spécialistes du sujet du handicap, HandiMOOC est une formation gratuite en ligne.
HandiMOOC est une formation gratuite en ligne, qui vous accompagnera dans les étapes de votre recherche d’emploi, via des outils et des conseils.
Activités, quiz, vidéos, témoignages... suivez ce parcours ludique et innovant à votre rythme !
La formation se compose de 3 grands chapitres :
- Handicap et projet professionnel ;
- Organiser et outiller votre recherche d'emploi ;
- Communiquer sur votre situation de handicap en milieu professionnel.
Elaboré avec l'appui de l'Agefiph sur la recherche d'emploi pour les personnes handicapées, le MOOC est en ligne sur l'emploi store de Pôle emploi, et sur

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12 juillet 2018

Major challenges Chinese MOOCers have on English platforms

Major challenges Chinese MOOCers have on English platforms
Xu Minji, Journey of a Chinese MOOCer, February 20, 2014
Interesting article about the problems faced by the Chinese audience participating in international (ie., English-language) MOOCs. Issues range from internet speeds to the Great Firewall to differing approaches to learening. Also, Chinese MOOC users tend to be much younger, making university-level vocabulary a challenge (related: I always thought the University of Alberta's Dino 101 course should have been less like a university course and more like the NASA website). More...

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The Learn Tracker

The Learn Tracker
Edward Tanguay, The Learn Tracker, February 14, 2014
This is one of those projects I like a lot. Edward Tanguay has been watching MOOC videos at a terrific clip and has been posting summaries pn his website. More...

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MOOC community?

MOOC community?
Matthias Melcher, x28's new Blog, February 14, 2014
"Which is the 'community' of a MOOC?" asks Matthias Melcher. It's a good question. I'm pretty hesitant to use the term 'community' too loosely - it represents a lot of good things, like diversity and interaction and all that, but community also can represent bad things, like conformity, in-groups and cliques, exclusion and a narrow vision. More...

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Five myths about Moocs

Five myths about Moocs
Diana Laurillard, Times Higher Education, February 14, 2014
This came out about a month ago but according to my logs I haven't mentioned here yet, so here goes. First, let me quote Laurillard's five myths:

  • the idea that 'content is free' in education
  • that students can support each other
  • that Moocs solve the problem of expensive undergraduate education
  • that MOOCs address educational scarcity in emerging economies
  • that Education is a mass customer industry

The essence of her criticism is that "a course format that copes with large numbers by relying on peer support and assessment is not an undergraduate education... it requires personalised guidance, which is simply not scalable in the same way."
I think we both agree that MOOCs - even cMOOCs - are not an undergraduate education. More...

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An interview with Canadian MOOC pioneer George Siemens

An interview with Canadian MOOC pioneer George Siemens
Rosanna Tamburri, University Affairs, February 12, 2014
So now that george Siemens is leaving the country, everyone wants to interview him! Just kidding, of course. But it is interesting to see the attention he's getting (not that it isn't deserved), especially when you consider where else the press has focused its attention in the last couple of years. More...

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MOOCs, Trust, and the Signature Track

MOOCs, Trust, and the Signature Track
Jade E. Davis, The Chronicle: #FutureEd, February 8, 2014
Courser's signature track offers a way for students to verify their identity by taking a photo of themselves and displaying their government-issued ID on camera. Face-recognition technology matches the images. Thegovernment-issued ID information, we are told, is deleted (if you believe that, please look up 'Snowden' on Google). More...

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Thoughts on power discrepancy in #MOOC #eMOOCs2014

Thoughts on power discrepancy in #MOOC #eMOOCs2014
Inge de Waard, Ignatia Webs, February 10, 2014
Inge de Waard is having "dark thoughts during a really nice conference." Why? "the video recording studio that Jermann talked about, if the content production is supported by such a big HR team, little universities/non-profits… cannot beat their content creation. Content creation is a content avalanche coming from those institutes that can produce, and those who cannot." The big always overwhelms the little, she says; why shouldn't we expect it in MOOCs. More...

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A Personal Learning Framework

A Personal Learning Framework
Stephen Downes, February 10, 2014, Connecting Online for Instruction and Learning 2014, Online, via EizIQ
In this talk I review two major threads of our work at NRC over the last few years, MOOCs and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). I describe the gRSShopper project and our Plearn PLE prototype development. Placing these in the context of a network theory of learning, I then outline the new Learning and Performance Support System (LPSS) program being undertaken at NRC. More...

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