24 octobre 2017

Fla. universities hiring hundreds of faculty in push for smaller classes, more prestige

University Business LogoAmbition defines the University of South Florida, where enrollment has surged so fast that the number of professors has not kept pace. More...

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Are remedial classes the best way to help?

University Business LogoThe 18 extra months in remediation – work she would have to do for no credit – meant she was stuck juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet as she delayed getting a bachelor’s degree. More...

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23 octobre 2017

Harvard and the false premise of meritocratic university admissions

University Business LogoThe debate over affirmative action in college admissions has taken a new twist: The Justice Department is seeking lawyers for investigations and possible lawsuits against universities to prohibit what they deem is “intentional race-based discrimination.” More...

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Taking steps to ensure affordability

University Business LogoWhen someone from an underrepresented background is considering whether to attend college, a number of factors come to bear on that decision. Am I prepared for college? Are there people like me? Will I feel welcomed and supported. More...

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On the value or otherwise of SAMR, RAT etc.

On the value or otherwise of SAMR, RAT etc.
David T. Jones, The Weblog of (a) David Jones, 2016/08/26
This is a topic that could occupy the rest of your day if you let it. Don't.
Here is the argument: "SAMR is not a model of learning.... SAMR does not relate to skills; it does nothing to develop the higher order skills of Bloom’s revised taxonomy: creativity, evaluation, analysis – the areas that we clearly need to focus on and develop with our young people." SAMR (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) may indeed may be derived from RAT (Replacement, Amplification, and Transformation. More...

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Review of higher ed system long overdue

University Business LogoNew Mexico has too many colleges and universities spread out throughout the state, with too little coordination between them. More...

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To err is human – and a powerful prelude to learning

University Business Magazine logoOnce a month, this column will examine the insights that science offers about the way people learn, and how such findings could influence schools. More...

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The differences between a partner and a vendor

University Business Magazine logoTraditionally, colleges and universities have kept all aspects of institutional management in-house. However, as student expectations have grown while operational budgets have begun to tighten, many postsecondary divisions have begun to look to outside companies for solutions to manage different parts of the institutional back end. More...

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22 octobre 2017

Welcoming home college faculty

University Business Magazine logoNationwide, the scope of faculty and staff housing programs varies as much as campus locations do. More...

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Look to the Future: Driver not needed

University Business Magazine logoDriverless shuttle service debuted this fall at the University of Michigan’s North Campus. More...

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