20 juin 2018

Higher Education's Holistic Value: The Triple Helix

Triple helix systems are exemplified by global education hubs. Education hubs are collaborations between local and international higher education providers working in partnership to make their region more attractive and economically powerful for investment, student recruitment, and training. More...

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International Graduate Students: Possible Challenges for Global Academic Science

Should the conditions for international science continue to deteriorate in the United States, the effects will extend beyond America's borders. More...

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Is Indonesia Ready for International Branch Campuses?

Allowing 10 international branch campuses in the first year of operation seems like a risky move -- a stark contrast with more careful moves by Malaysia and Vietnam. More...

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Higher Ed Innovation Roundup 6.11.18

It’s clear from recent action from female historians that we need to diversify “manels” (all male panels) in higher ed. Female historians took the matter into their own hands and created Women Also Know History, a searchable online database inspired in part by Women Also Know Stuff which focuses on the work of female political sciences. More...

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On Not Calling the Cops

On college campuses around the country, student safety is a high priority. Particularly in urban settings, many universities go to great lengths to inform students and, more importantly, nervous parents, that they will be safe on campus. But whose safety is being considered in such a framework? And at whose expense. More...

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What Do Higher Ed Professional Associations Do?

By Joshua Kim. And who is studying them?
Yesterday I wrote about the large number of conferences and convenings competing for the attention of those interested in postsecondary learning innovation. More...

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Are We At Peak Learning Innovation Conference?

By Joshua Kim. This week I’m heading to the Summit for Online Learning and Administration + Roundtable (SOLA+R), hosted by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA). More...

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The Non-Academic Creative Professionals in My Family Are Not Worried About Their Jobs

By Joshua Kim. The strange world outside of academia.
I spent last weekend with some extended family members. Cousins, uncles, aunts. More...

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Reshaping the Narrative About the Future of Small Colleges

By Joshua Kim. 3 reasons for optimism. More...

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The Prime Real Estate of a Library Address

By Joshua Kim. Some questions for my academic librarian colleagues about space?
We all know the 3 most important attributes when it comes to real estate: location, location, location. More...

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