29 novembre 2019

Career Preparedness

By Steven Mintz. It’s higher ed’s catchphrase of the moment. Career readiness speaks to a host of concerns:

  • That a college education is excessively theoretical and disconnected from real world.
  • That students lack the skills and experience that employers seek.
  • That too many students flail and flounder due to a lack of realistic career aspirations or a practical plan to achieve their goals.

Employers and students themselves worry about college graduates’ career preparedness. More...

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Focusing on the First Semester

By Steven Mintz. At Hunter College, which Princeton Review calls the crown jewel of the City University of New York system, the best predictor of whether students will graduate or drop out is their record during their first semester. More...

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Higher Ed’s Toughest Nut to Crack: Implementing Innovation

By Steven Mintz. The primary challenge facing educational innovators is not what to do. The answers are widely known: these include effective onboarding of new students, a curriculum that students find relevant, exposure to active-learning pedagogies and high-impact practices, data-informed advising, and wraparound support services. More...

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On Not Being Able to Tell Fakes From Good Reporting…

By Barbara Fister. … when journalism is struggling to simply exist in the world of big money.
As frequently happens to me (probably the fault of never quite overcoming being an undergraduate), I came across three new research reports on the same day that seem connected. More...

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The Bombshell That Wasn’t

By Barbara Fister. The Wall Street Journal seems shocked and appalled that Google modifies its search algorithms. Well, duh. More...

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Subject to Change

By Barbara Fister. I was talking to my partner one evening last week when my phone died, midsentence. The apple symbol flashed a few times, then the screen went dark. Plugging it in didn’t help. All the usual resuscitation moves failed. I was phoneless, and it rattled me. More...

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In Praise of University Presses

By Barbara Fister. All too often I hear a couple of falsehoods slung around carelessly.

  • Nobody reads scholarly books because they’re self-indulgent and impenetrable, used only for tenure and promotion
  • Students don’t read books anymore.

These pronouncements are often made by people who purport to think critically, but if you ask for evidence for those claims, you’ll get, “Well, I mean, duh. Everyone knows …” followed by anecdotal examples of jargon-laden writing or vague slurs about millennials. More...

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Dona Nobis Pacem

By Barbara Fister. If you want to get my goat, or, I daresay, the goat of any librarian, make a gratuitous reference to shushing. The finger held to the lips, the aggressive whisper, the frown at a pin’s drop. We don’t do these things, but it’s a stereotype that is endlessly used in article titles and commercials, and it’s annoying. More...

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The Grad Activist: Organizing on Campus

For this edition of “The Grad Activist,” I spoke with my friend and colleague Omar Gowayed, a Ph.D. student in materials chemistry at NYU. We spoke last year about his vertical farming project, which has since evolved into a local company and an undergraduate course that Omar teaches at NYU. More...

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Elementary Lessons for College Teaching

What makes a great teacher? Is it their passion for the subject? An engaging teaching style? A personal connection? For many of us, conjuring an image of a favorite teacher from the past takes us back to our early days in elementary school. More...

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