01 août 2018

Columbia Land Trust secures money to buy South Tongue Point

University Business Magazine logoThe Columbia Land Trust has secured the funding to purchase about 90 acres of South Tongue Point for wildlife habitat and a living laboratory for Clatsop Community College. More...

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Associate college librarian for research services

University Business Magazine logoThis position is responsible for leading a team of professional research librarians and managing research and instruction services and operations. More...

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STEM shifts in higher ed

University Business Magazine logoWhat began as a push to increase the number and diversity of students studying STEM has evolved into a full-scale effort to improve teaching and learning. More...

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Co-construction d'une Ressource Handicap Formation en Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

carif espace-compétencesSe mènent actuellement des travaux de co-construction d`une Ressource Handicap Formation, pilotés par l`Agefiph, avec l`ensemble des parties prenantes (opérateurs de formation, prescripteurs, entreprises, personnes handicapées, financeurs de formation, experts du handicap…).
L`objectif de l`Agefiph est de faciliter l`accès à la formation professionnelle pour les personnes handicapées et de sécuriser leur parcours en apportant des solutions en matière de compensation du handicap en formation et en développant le caractère inclusif de l`offre de formation.
En effet, le niveau de qualification des personnes handicapées est moins élevé que la moyenne des demandeurs et demandeuses d`emploi (en PACA, si 47 % des demandeurs d`emploi tout public ont un niveau Bac et plus, seulement 30 % des Bénéficiaires de l`Obligation d`Emploi ont un niveau Bac et plus.

Source : Agefiph Provence-Alpes-Côte d`Azur
Contact : Amélie TRITZ, Chargée d`études et de développement - a-tritz@agefiph.asso.fr -
Découvrez toutes les possibilités de vous informer grâce au CARIF Espace Compétences !

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The cloud is transforming higher education

University Business Magazine logoCloud solutions now empower IT departments to focus more on operational efficiencies and innovation. This technology is creating a new service paradigm within IT departments moving them from IT-centric operations to student-centric. More...

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Be a source for our change management story

University Business Magazine logoFor an article on managing institutional change, we are seeking perspective from campus administrators on how to get faculty buy-in. More...

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Just in time for whom?

University Business Magazine logoTo help workers develop new skills to keep a job or get a new one and to reach people with only high school degrees, providers need to expand their programs to a wider array of occupations and potential students. More...

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RMIT to issue blockchain-enabled badges for students

University Business Magazine logoRMIT University, a top-ranked global university, today announced the launch of a new initiative to provide students with blockchain-enabled digital credentials. More...

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Instructors, students rally for tuition-free college

University Business Magazine logoCentral Florida instructors, students and others are joining a statewide call for tuition-free college, something that is already available in several states and has been a topic of national discussion recently. More...

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The three P’s of accessibility

University Business Magazine logoDo you find it difficult to know just how to make your classes truly accessible? Are you struggling to know where to start? Join the club. More...

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