24 août 2015

Montreal Is The Best Student City In Canada, Says QS Top Universities

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "huffingtonpost.com"By . Choosing a post-secondary school is one of life's most important decisions.
But Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Top Universities is making the choice a little easier for anyone who's considered studying in Montreal.
The QS Best Student Cities Index ranked Montreal eighth on its list of the world's best places in which to be a student last year. Read more...

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The surprising effects of study abroad

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "washingtonpost.com"By . Since Kant, liberal scholars of international relations have hypothesized that greater cross-border contact can be a powerful force for good. The idea is that such contact encourages a sense of shared international community, breaking down artificial barriers separating people into different nations and inhibiting their natural human affinities for one another. This intuitively appealing hypothesis has inspired several famous student exchange programs, which among other potential positive effects are expected to quell nationalist fervors and ward off international conflict. Read more...

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School of hard knocks is a great way to learn

GuelphMercuryBy Nancy Revie. The cost of a university degree in Canada has tripled since 1990, and Ontario students are paying the most. This shocking fact considers tuition and other compulsory fees. Average fees in current dollars are expected to climb to $6,610 in the 2016-17 academic year. Compare this to the average $1,464 paid in 1990-91 for a university education and there's no denying — it ain't cheap. Read more...

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Attack on the ivory tower — UBC under siege

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "vancouversun.com"By Pete McMartin. Oh, ivory tower! I fear for you! All this silly noise inspired by a professor who offers up, in writing, without foundation in fact, her belief that poor Gupta, in part, was undone because he wasn’t invited to the white guys’ frat party. Read more...

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Faculty, university leaders spar over academic freedom at UBC

A key player in a public battle about academic freedom at the University of British Columbia says he'll remain chairman of the board of governors and that a critic should file a formal grievance. Read more...

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Half of post-secondary students worried about debt after graduating: poll

CTV.caWorry over tuition and living expenses is dogging almost half of post-secondary students as they head back to school.  They're also afraid they won't be able to pay back debt once they graduate because they're concerned about finding a well-paying job, a poll issued by CIBC (TSX: CM) shows. Read more...

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Universities need a new model of governance

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Julie Cafley. When former University of British Columbia president Martha Piper was asked in 2011 about the impact a university president has, her swift response, after nearly 10 years at the helm before her retirement in 2006 was, “not much.” As Ms. Piper returns to the university as interim president after Arvind Gupta’s hasty departure this month, would she say the same thing today. Read more...

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Campus bans on bottled water strain the thirst for knowledge

Go to the Globe and Mail homepageBy Peter Shawn Taylor. Bottled water has earned the enmity of campus crusaders − as well as municipal institutions − for a variety of reasons. The waste generated by single-use bottles is presented as a significant environmental problem. Cost is another complaint, since water from a bottle is considerably pricier than from a fountain. A ban is also often framed as a blow struck against the commoditization of human necessity and in support of human rights. Read more...

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Post-secondary students seek bankruptcy advice

cbc masthead logoNearly half of students worry about covering tuition and living expenses, says CIBC poll.
A Calgary bankruptcy advisor is seeing more post-secondary students coming to his office because of student debt loads. More...

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Students federation says N.L. grant plan should be adopted nationally

cbc masthead logoThe Canadian Federation of Students wants to put growing education debt on the federal election radar and says other governments should follow Newfoundland and Labrador's shift to student grants instead of loans. More...

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