06 juin 2016

Vice-chancellors unite to strengthen higher education

By Karen MacGregor. There is growing collaboration between the vice-chancellors of 143 Nigerian federal, state and private universities, as well as with African and international associations, as leaders unite to develop and internationalise their institutions, says Professor Michael Faborode, secretary general of the Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities. Read more...

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African Union issues US$9 million research grant call

By Maina Waruru. The second phase of the African Union Research Grants has been launched with a call for proposals for research into food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture. US$9 million will be allocated for research this year, and more next year under the US$20 million initiative supported by the European Union. Read more...

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French forge university governance, research partnerships

By Munyaradzi Makoni. The global French-speaking universities' association, Agence universitaire de la Francophonie or AUF, has forged new partnerships that will boost higher education in Africa – with Cameroon to improve university governance, and with the French Research Institute for Development to support research masters and projects in Africa. Read more...

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Medical school mulls teaching humanities

By Ashraf Khaled. The medical school at Egypt’s state-run Suez Canal University has unveiled a plan to teach humanities, including fine arts and philosophy, in an attempt to enhance communication between junior doctors and patients. Read more...

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Senate bill seeks to curb campus sexual harassment

By Wagdy Sawahel. A bill by the Nigerian parliament’s upper house to curb sexual harassment on university campuses – which carries jail sentences of up to five years for offenders – has successfully passed a second reading. A third and final reading of the bill is expected soon. Read more...

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Leaders call for improved university governance, quality

By Wagdy Sawahel. This was the main message from the 5th International MENA Tertiary Education Conference held from 30 May to 1 June in Algiers, Algeria, under the theme “Paradigm Shifts in Tertiary Education: Improved governance and quality for competitiveness and employability”. Read more...

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Sweeping university reforms to emphasise innovation

By Esther Nakkazi. Uganda’s nine public universities are set to undergo substantial restructuring as the government prepares to implement reforms recommending the formation of ‘innovation universities’. Read more...

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Staff development pilot empowers academics to rethink the curriculum

By Karen MacGregor – Africa Editor. In Africa Analysis, Eilis Ferran argues that if all of the world’s leading research universities partnered with African institutions to boost research capacity, there could be a transformative impact on the continent’s capacity to produce knowledge. Elizabeth de Kadt, Brenda Leibowitz and Precious Sipuka report on a pilot staff development initiative that aims to empower senior academics to rethink approaches to the curriculum.
In Africa Features, Sharon Dell reports on the centenary celebrations of the University of Fort Hare in South Africa – the alma mater of numerous African leaders including Nelson Mandela – which were marred by violent student protests. We interview Michael Faborode, secretary general of the Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, and find institutions uniting in their efforts to develop higher education in Africa’s biggest economy.
In a series on ‘Transformative Leadership’, published in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, University World News looks at barriers to social equity and social justice and ways to overcome them through education. Suellen Shay suggests South African higher education leaders look beyond widening access to a vision of equity that is about re-landscaping the terrain to ensure a more appropriate higher education for all, and Rebecca Farnum looks at the growing movement of scholactivists, scholars who are keen to ensure their work has social impact.
In World Blog, Hans de Wit warns of the consequences of internationalisation indicators in global rankings, which influence the way universities and governments internationalise and the way internationalisation is measured. And in Commentary, Pratik Gandhi sets out the benefits to India of attracting more international students, and suggests how this can be done. Read more...

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Universities to team up with councils to boost regions

University heads have teamed up with local councils on a project aimed at driving growth, redesigning public services and strengthening ties between local communities and higher education institutions, writes John Elmes for Times Higher Education. Read more...

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Education body reminds universities of flag’s importance

After central universities and Kendriya Vidyalaya schools, the University Grants Commission has now reminded all other universities of the importance of the national flag, writes A Ragu Raman for the Deccan Chronicle. Read more...

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