15 mars 2014

Global Going 2014: The Conference for leaders of international education

GUNi LogoGoing Global delivers a global forum for world leaders of international education to debate the role the international arena plays in global tertiary education policy. Going Global International Educational conferences attract more than 1,000 leaders of international education from over 80 countries across the globe. See more...

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The 1st International Forum on University Social Responsability

GUNi LogoWith the growing recognition of the role of universities in pursuing social change, universities have embraced different faces of‘social responsibility.’ Universities engage in initiatives ranging from Development Cooperation, Community Engagement to Social Entrepreneurship. As universities have their own interpretations and practices of what‘social responsibility’ is, there is a necessity to exercise dialogue and collectively reflect in building a more critical perspective of University Social Responsibility (USR). See more...

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UALL Annual Conference - Leading South African Adult Educator And Campaigner Shirley Walters To Speak On International Panel

The Universities Association for Lifelong LearningWe are delighted to announce that our International Panel will now include Professor Shirley Walters.   Professor Walters is a leading figure in adult and continuing education in South Africa and has been recognized internationally for her pioneering work. She was the first woman professor of adult education in the country and was the founding director of the Centre for Adult and Continuing Education at the University of the Western Cape, a black university at the forefront of anti-apartheid activities.
Professor Walters was closely involved in anti-apartheid campaigns, and after the end of apartheid was a leader in developing adult education policies in South Africa, including gender and anti-racism policy and practice for which she has a worldwide reputation. In recognition of her work she was an educational consultant to the President Nelson Mandela.
Details of the UALL 2014 Annual Conference (9-11 April), London can be found by clicking here. Read more...

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U.S. News Talks Arab Region University Rankings in Middle East

American University of BeirutBy . U.S. News representatives headed to Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates to meet with higher ed experts about our upcoming rankings.
I recently returned from the Middle East, where I visited Beirut, Lebanon, and Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, to attend higher education meetings. There I met with experts and discussed our previously announced rankings of colleges and universities in the Middle East and North Africa, a project that started with the release of the Arab Region University Directory last year.
First, I went to the American University of Beirut, which held a forum for U.S. News attended by colleges and universities from Lebanon. The director of the university's Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Karma El Hassan, organized the event. Next, I went to the Middle East and North Africa Association for Institutional Research 2014 Annual Forum, held at United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain. More...

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Indonesia Needs More Researchers

http://www.ireg-observatory.org/templates/sub_business2/images/ireg_top2013.pngIndonesia is embarking on a drive to produce more PhDs, according to Education and Culture Minister Muhammad Nuh who was speaking at a Global Education Dialogue in Jakarta on March 3rd.  The conference was organized by the British Council with the objective of encouraging cooperation between research bodies and universities in Britain, Australia and Indonesia.
Although Indonesia has more than 3,500 higher education institutions and more than five million students there is still a shortage of trained researchers.
Deputy Minister of Education and Culture, Musliar Kasim, said that the Indonesian government was providing  scholarships for research students to go overseas and that the country wanted to focus on research in agriculture, energy and health.
Source: Jakarta Post. More...

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US News Graduate School Rankings Are Out

http://www.ireg-observatory.org/templates/sub_business2/images/ireg_top2013.pngThe annual US News and World Report Graduate School Rankings were published. The rankings cover law, business, medicine, the natural sciences, the social sciences and the arts and humanities and are based on data from 1,300 graduate programmes in the US. The rankings use several criteria, which vary according to discipline, such as surveys, admission rates and scores on standardised tests. The law school rankings include the rate at which graduates pass the bar exams and the engineering school rankings include expenditure on research. Some programmes, such as Masters of Fine Arts, are ranked according to a survey of deans and academic experts. More...

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"US News" Prepares Arab University Rankings

http://www.ireg-observatory.org/templates/sub_business2/images/ireg_top2013.pngRobert Morse of US News has just returned from Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates where he has been discussing the new rankings of colleges and universities in North Africa and the Middle East.
At the moment, US News is planning to use several indicators  such as reputation surveys of employers and academics, bibliometrics, citations and data supplied by universities and colleges.
Other possible indicators include the accreditation status of the university in general and of specific programs, faculty and student diversity, governance and independence of the university and employment and other student outcomes.
The first rankings will be published towards the end of  2014 and it is expected that the methodology will develop over the next five years.
Source: US News. More...
See also Arab nations face mobility and research obstacles without rankings.

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The face of internationalisation in Europe: brand new EAIE study unveiled

By . What are the major trends taking place in internationalisation of higher education in Europe? What are the main challenges facing you as a practitioner in the field? What internationalisation activities are you or your institution involved in? A brand new study, The EAIE Barometer: Internationalisation in Europe, has been unveiled by the EAIE, aiming to uncover the true state of internationalisation across the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
“Although many studies have taken place before on the topic of internationalisation, this is the only one to focus directly on those who make internationalisation work in practice,” explains EAIE Executive Director, Leonard Engel. “We aim to utilise our extensive network of individuals across Europe who are actively engaged in internationalisation in order to produce a comprehensive picture of where internationalisation stands today, where it is potentially heading, and how we can help drive it further.”
The EAIE Barometer: Internationalisation in Europe is being carried out on behalf of the EAIE by leading European research and consultancy company, Ecorys. More...

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New OECD study on financial education for youth

The OECD has released a new publication on “Financial education for youth: the role of schools”. Financial education has been judged essential for young people during the 2012 G20 Summit as key life skill for their financial inclusion, well-being and stability. The report looks at financial education in schools and compares learning frameworks. Financial education is an OECD priority. More...

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EUA new paper on MOOCs: discussing quality and cost-effectiveness

While the Commission has released a new “Opening Up Education” Communication, the European University Association (EUA) has published its second Occasional Paper on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). In line with the first paper released at the beginning of 2013, the publication follows up on recent developments in the field in the EU but also beyond. The paper interestingly discusses for instance the cost-efficient argument related to MOOCs: those e-courses promise high quality learning for a large number at low costs but are undercutting the costs of other online learning models and preserving superior learning quality really compatible and realistic? Can they really solve the problems of mass education, i.e. the consequences of the ratio one educator/massive number of students? More...

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