09 mars 2013

Hungry Treasury eyes universities 'awash with cash'

Times Higher EducationBy John Morgan. Further austerity measures could wreak havoc with BIS’ stretched finances. Fears are growing that England’s universities could suffer from the perception that they are “awash with cash”, as the Treasury seeks cuts of £1 billion in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ 2015-16 budget.
Vince Cable, the business secretary, is opposing the Treasury’s spending review plans for cuts of up to 8 per cent to his department, where higher education is by far the biggest area of spending.
Such a cut would be in line with projected reductions at other non- protected departments.
By contrast, in Australia the representative body for universities has launched an A$5 million (£3.4 million) campaign in election year to push for annual increases in state investment and promote public awareness of higher education. Read more...

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Student visas are an open door to talent

The Guardian homeBy John Worne, Director of strategy, British Council. Polly Toynbee rightly identifies education and culture as our most valuable international assets (1 March). Our research clearly shows that these – and the English language – are vital in attracting talent, trade and tourism. She is also right that perceptions about UK immigration policy must not be allowed to pull out the welcome mat from under hard-working international students. There is a clear case for continued investment in education and culture – but those of us who are able must adapt to an age of austerity. Public service organisations like the British Council, the BBC and UK universities already look to the world to earn and partner to deliver more public benefit at less cost to the public purse. For entrepreneurial public services and private sector providers in education and culture, the global demand is immense. To know the UK is to love the UK – but it starts with seeing all the world as our stage and throwing open our own doors wide enough to let talent in.

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Doctor'Entreprise - recrutez un doctorant!

Doctor'Entreprise, boostez votre innovation: recrutez un doctorant! Jeudi 28 mars 2013
Vous êtes une entreprise et avez des projets de développement sur un nouveau marché? Vous souhaitez améliorer un domaine de compétence? Augmenter votre potentiel d'innovation? Explorez de nouvelles opportunités en confiant vos projets à des doctorants!
Vous êtes étudiant et envisagez un doctorat? Pourquoi ne pas proposer votre expertise à une TPE, PME ou grande entreprise?
La 2nde édition de Doctor'Entreprise vous permettra de vous rencontrer, mais également de découvrir les opportunités de collaboration entre entreprises et doctorants, les modalités de recrutement, les soutiens financiers possibles... et des success stories.
Un événement organisé par le MEDEF Lyon-Rhône, l'Université de Lyon et l'IAE Lyon Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3.

Doctor'Entreprise, 2nde édition
jeudi 28 mars 2013
Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
Manufacture des Tabacs – 6, rue Pr. Rollet, Lyon 8e
M°D station Sans Souci
Inscription sur www.universite-lyon.fr

Plus d'informations
> sur le site web du MEDEF
> l'intégralité des success stories : Renault Trucks, Icade, Orange Labs, Lafarge
> vidéo : Rendez-vous Carnot 2012 "Pourquoi se priver des docteurs?"
Doctor'Entreprise, a mhéadú do earcú nuálaíochta PhD! Déardaoin, 28 Márta, 2013
Tá tú tionscadail ghnó agus a fhorbairt ar an margadh nua? Ba mhaith leat chun feabhas a chur ar réimse saineolais? Méadú do Acmhainn nuálaíochta? Déan iniúchadh deiseanna nua i entrusting do thionscadal le PhD!
An bhfuil tú mac léinn ag smaoineamh ar PhD? Cén fáth nach bhfuil do saineolas a thairiscint do TPE, SME nó cuideachta mhór?
Beidh an 2ú eagrán de Doctor'Entreprise deis a thabhairt duit teacht le chéile, ach freisin chun deiseanna comhoibrithe idir comhlachtaí agus mac léinn dochtúireachta, nósanna imeachta earcaíochta, tacaíochta airgeadais atá ar fáil iniúchadh a dhéanamh ar ... scéalta ratha agus. Níos mó...

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Office Web Apps Or Google Docs for Online Learning?

By Joshua Kim. I'm faced with a dilemma, and I hope that you can help?
My team is working to introduce improved collaboration tools for our online learners. We have concluded that the native Wiki and file exchange features in our LMS are insufficient for the sort of rich collaboration that our student teams need. Uploading and downloading files is too cumbersome and error prone. Student team members need to be able to collaboratively create and edit documents. Ideally, students should be able to collaborate on documents from whatever screen they happen to be holding - read tablet or smart phone. So the choice seems to be to integrate Office Web Apps or Google Apps with our LMS. Read more...

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HomeBy Carolyn Foster Segal. There’s a legendary story about Anne Sexton’s learning how to write a sonnet by watching I.A. Richard’s educational-television series in the late fifties. I’ve thought about that fairly often while reading the daily stories on MOOCs. In the Sexton/Richards instance, there was a fortuitous electronic meeting of an excellent teacher who saw possibilities in the then “new” technology of television and a motivated student who was ready to write as if  -- and according to her this was indeed the case -- her life depended on it. That hyperbolic tone of the last sentence above -- a tone that readers of Sexton’s later poems and interviews are already familiar with -- is also the tone of a good many declarations about MOOCs.
Thomas Friedman’s latest column “The Professors’ Big Stage” is a case in point. His piece on “the MOOCs revolution” is riddled with contradictions, shallow thinking -- and an error in basic arithmetic. Read more...

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Strangers in a Strange Land

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. In interviews with 40 international students at four research universities, Chris R. Glass was struck by the relative absence of Americans from his subjects' stories. The interviewees, half undergraduate and half graduate students, described close relationships with their international peers, including those coming from countries other than their own. But while they frequently characterized their American classmates as friendly or helpful, only rarely did they seem to play a significant role in their lives.
"Only one student has described a significant relationship with a U.S. peer and that student was from Western Europe and that peer was her boyfriend," said Glass, an assistant professor of educational foundations and leadership at Old Dominion University. "That to me is a striking omission from the stories that they're telling." Read more...

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Learning How to Teach

HomeBy Ry Rivard. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Amid the various influences that massive open online courses have had on higher education in their short life so far -- the topic of a daylong conference here Monday -- this may be among the more unexpected: The courses may be prompting some faculty to pay more attention to their teaching styles than they ever have before. The conference, organized Monday in Cambridge by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, featured academics and administrators from elite North American universities and other players in the world of MOOCs discussing the rise of online courses and the future of residential colleges and universities. Read more...

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Rise of Customized Learning

HomeBy Paul Fain. The credit hour is still higher education’s gold standard, even after President Obama’s vague endorsement last month of competency-based education and its focus on “performance and results” rather than seat time.
It’s unclear whether Obama’s call could help open the door for competency-based approaches by spurring changes to the current system of accreditation or the rules governing federal financial aid. Even so, colleges aren’t waiting on the feds.
Several institutions have continued to expand competency-based offerings aimed at working adults. And while all but one are still grounded in the credit hour, these online degree programs are typically self-paced and emphasize the testing of competency, sometimes even of learning that occurs outside of the traditional classroom. Read more...

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Besieged Humanities, Worldwide

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. DUBAI -- If it's any comfort to humanities professors who feel that their jobs, budgets and disciplines are being threatened, they have colleagues facing the same challenges pretty much all over the world. That was the consensus of a session here at Going Global, the international education conference of the British Council. A panel of scholars discussed problems that they see for the humanities (and social sciences too), and panelists agreed that the threats faced by humanities departments are quite common around the world. And they worried not only about the cuts, but about the arguments being made about the humanities. In something of a surprise for such discussions, the only optimistic comments came from the dean of a business school. Read more...

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Free Textbook Company Shelves Clones

HomeBy Ry Rivard. A company that offered free “alternatives” to three popular college textbooks has rewritten its controversial offerings following a lawsuit by major textbook publishers. Boston-based Boundless, which has become a darling of the open educational resources movement seen as threatening traditional textbook publishers, offered versions of textbooks that would normally cost scores if not hundreds of dollars. It pitched what it offered as "textbook replacement,” created by essentially reverse engineering popular textbooks. Boundless attracted considerable attention, including an $8 million round of venture capital funding led by Venrock, an investment group started by the Rockefellers. Read more...

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