22 décembre 2017

Programme régional de professionnalisation 2018

Logo de l'Agence Régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie (ARFTLV Poitou-charentes)

Le programme de professionnalisation 2018 propose à tous les professionnels de l’information, de l’emploi, de l’orientation et de la formation en Nouvelle-Aquitaine près de 90 actions organisées en 4 axes thématiques par les trois CARIF-OREF (Aquitaine Cap-Métiers, Prisme Limousin, ARFTLV) :

  • Environnement et ressources pour les acteurs de l’emploi, de la formation, de l’orientation et de l’insertion
  • Développer les pratiques d’orientation, d’accompagnement et d’insertion
  • Développer l’ingénierie, la pédagogie et l’alternance
  • Développer la VAE

Le dispositif Safran programme pour une année encore les actions financées par la Région et le FSE, qui s’enrichissent de sessions mises en place à Poitiers ou Niort par Prisme Limousin et Aquitaine Cap Métiers. C’est donc une trentaine d’actions qui sont programmées en proximité.
Consulter le calendrier de la programmation. Plus...

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2VCs on ... are women academics blocked from the top?

The Guardian homeOn the surface at least, women are thriving in British universities. Female students now outnumber men in almost two-thirds of subjects, and nearly half of all academics are women. But a closer look at the figures show that the higher echelons of academia continue to be stacked with men. Only 24% of professors are women, according to the latest data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency. More...

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Tuition fees help to put UK ahead of Germany in higher education

The Guardian homeIn his attack on a report I wrote back in 2015, he says it is “not true” that Germany sends a lower proportion of young people to university and spends less on each one. When we published our report, the figures were 493,000 first-year enrolments in Germany and 670,000 in the UK. The amount spent educating each student was €13,665 in Germany and €16,500 in the UK. More...

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Students against period poverty: why young activists are seeing red

The Guardian homeThe price of tampons and sanitary towels is forcing disadvantaged girls to miss school. I’m joining my fellow students in protest against this injustice. More...

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Don't panic: two-year degrees are unlikely to radically shake up universities

The Guardian homeIt will probably only be private providers which offer two-year degrees – but it’s up to universities to convincingly articulate the value of a slower process. More...

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Let’s say Auf Wiedersehen to England’s embarrassing tuition fees

The Guardian homeJust look at Germany: no university tuition fees, no fat-cat pay scandals. The UK system is indefensible. More...

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Disadvantaged students given lower predicted A-level grades, report says

The Guardian homeBright students from poorer backgrounds are more likely than their wealthier peers to be given predicted A-level grades lower than they actually achieve, putting them at a disadvantage in their university applications, according to a new report. More...

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Mindfulness boosts student mental health during exams, study finds

The Guardian homeCambridge University research shows technique helps to build resilience among undergraduates even in periods of high stress. More...

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Education matters under the spotlight

The Guardian homeIn fact, we exist to make sure that children in low-income areas have great teachers. All our participants earn fully qualified teacher status and a postgraduate diploma in education over a two-year training programme. More...

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Save on student life: four ways to split the bill with housemates

The Guardian homeEvery student flat has witnessed its share of messy breakups, mouldy pans and Whatsapp fights over unpaid bills. But if you get on with your housemates, you can save money by splitting costs with them. More...

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