15 septembre 2019

Keluar dari polemik zonasi sekolah: pentingnya belajar sistem zonasi di Australia dan negara lain

The ConversationSistem zonasi penerimaan siswa baru di sekolah negeri di Indonesia telah memicu pro dan kontra pada Juni lalu dan hal itu akan mengisi ruang publik setiap musim penerimaan murid baru tahun mendatang. More...

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Bias gender dalam buku sains anak-anak - kurangnya sosok perempuan sebagai ilmuwan

The ConversationTanyakan kepada anak kecil ingin menjadi apakah mereka ketika mereka sudah besar. Kemungkinannya pekerjaan ilmiah seperti astronot dan dokter akan menjadi pilihan paling teratas dalam daftar pekerjaan. Namun minta mereka menggambar seorang ilmuwan dan ada kemungkinan dua kali lebih besar mereka menggambar sosok laki-laki daripada perempuan. More...

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Australia should try to keep more international students who are trained in our universities

The ConversationAustralia’s education system takes almost one in ten of all international students from countries that are members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). More...

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Schools are failing pupils with special needs, despite best efforts of dedicated staff

The ConversationA new report by the National Audit Office (NAO) has found that local authorities are struggling to deliver proper support for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. The report finds that the current system – introduced in 2014 – is not financially sustainable. More...

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Un año de The Conversation España: Razones de un éxito

The ConversationRecordemos, antes que nada, que la red de The Conversation, lanzada en Australia en 2011 con la misión de difundir a diario los conocimientos técnicos de la comunidad universitaria y científica, cuenta hoy en día con ocho ediciones. Tras la edición australiana, se crearon la del Reino Unido, los Estados Unidos, África anglófona, Francia, Canadá, Indonesia y España. Así pues, no es de extrañar que España, que puede enorgullecerse de tener dos de las universidades europeas más antiguas todavía activas (e incluso la universidad más antigua poseedora de este título: Salamanca), haya aportado los conocimientos técnicos de su comunidad docente y científica a nuestro medio de comunicación mundial. More...

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Ignore university rankings, but make higher education an election issue

The ConversationThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently got some good news after a few weeks of scandal management.It continues to be in the top 10 universities, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. That’s despite recently having to apologize for concealing donations it received from financier Jeffrey Epstein, who pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor 10 years before his recent jail-cell suicide. More...

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How high school educators can help girls resist Islamophobia

The ConversationIt seems that 2019 is the year of youth activism. Youth have been speaking out against climate change, gun violence and our environment.
As a former teacher with the Calgary Board of Education and Little Red River Cree Nation, I have seen youth thrive when adults support their talents, passions and strengths. I have seen how youth respond when adults honour their “funds of knowledge” — the historically and culturally accumulated bodies of knowledge that contribute to well-being.
But not all youth feel supported by their leaders.
I can testify that with first-hand experience. I come from a refugee background: I was part of the group of Vietnamese boat people of Chinese ancestry in the late 1970s. I struggled in school because I didn’t speak English well enough in my early school years. More...

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The profound perspective of geoscience can unite students

The ConversationThe course is Geoscience 100: Introductory Geology, and on this particular day, music spills out through the closed doors as the students await playbills for a lecture called “Beginnings.” The lecture is a musical-video-poetic performance in four acts that communicates scientific concepts from the big bang, to the origin of our solar system and our planet. More...

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Toddler language learning: Richer and more complicated than you might think

The ConversationWhen you consider how children learn words, you might think of this kind of scenario: an adult points to an object (for example, a dog), clearly says a word in isolation (dog!), and the child immediately understands what the word means. More...

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The road to reconciliation starts with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The ConversationWhen the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada concluded its work almost four years ago, it provided a road map for Canadians to follow. That road map, the 94 Calls to Action, aims to “revitalize the relationship between Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian society” after more than 100 years of the traumatic and systemic removal of Indigenous children from their families. More...

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