06 août 2018

How governments can support study abroad

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The first among them was that New Zealand offered international PhD courses at a domestic fee. I looked at other English language destinations like the US and UK, but the course fees alone would have been astronomical. PhD students are also allowed to work full time in New Zealand. I got a job at the university café, which meant I could support myself financially. More...

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The new problem of being ‘too international’

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Higher education institutions that have successfully internationalised their education over the past decades are confronted with a new challenge. Even in an open and outward-looking society like the Netherlands, where conditions for internationalisation have been rather favourable, the internationalisation of higher education is increasingly being questioned. More...

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Furthering internationalisation in Hungary

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Hungary has recently made headlines around the globe with the controversial higher education law passed in 2017, which particularly endangered (and continues to threaten) the operations and very survival of the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. More...

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When national politics meet international education

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So much of the work we do as international educators plays out in very immediate ways around us: we run programmes at our institutions, we work with students and faculty present directly in our midst, we engage with partners on a person-to-person and institution-to-institution basis. More...

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Top sights to see in Geneva

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From its picturesque views of the landscape to its collaborative approach to diplomacy, Geneva, the host of the 30th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition, is sure to leave you inspired. The conference takes place from 11–14 September 2018, but make sure you plan in some extra time in your trip to familiarise yourself with this breathtaking international city. More...

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Digitising Erasmus: no more paperwork

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In 2017, the Erasmus Programme celebrated its 30th anniversary. With the increase in students interested in international study, there is another increase as well: administrative paperwork. Over 1050 Erasmus+ coordinators were surveyed about tasks associated with the programme. More...

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5 tips for running a successful student ambassador programme

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Incorporating students into your marketing activities can be a great way to be more personal in your communication, to create authentic and relevant content, and to use resources effectively when you are understaffed but still want to provide quality content and service to students. However, there are still a number of challenges when working with students. In this blog post we share some key tips we've learned from working with student content creators. More...

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7 myths about new management models

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However, one could argue that those Silicon Valley and Japanese supply chain models are a thousand miles away from higher education practices.  More specifically those of public universities, sometimes considered to be ivory towers resistant to change. More...

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Following our true north: EAIE Helsinki 2019

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Join us for the 2019 EAIE Conference and Exhibition in our host city of Helsinki, Finland! Revealed in 2017 to have the 8th highest quality of life in the world, Helsinki is a vibrant port town on the Baltic Sea with a rich history of Swedish and Russian cultural influence. More...

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Internationalisation at Home: an epistemology of equity

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As an alternative discourse to the market-driven agendas underpinning contemporary post-secondary education, Internationalisation at Home reminds us that international education opportunities should be inclusive of ALL students. More...

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