22 février 2018

Première édition du "Mois de l’égalité en Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Logo de l'Agence Régionale de la Formation tout au long de la vie (ARFTLV Poitou-charentes)

La Région mène une politique contre les inégalités dont l’enjeu est de passer de l'égalité de droit à l'égalité de fait dans l’ensemble des politiques régionales.
Dans le cadre de son engagement "Réaliser l’égalité en Nouvelle-Aquitaine", la Région organise en mars 2018 la première édition du "Mois de l’égalité".
De nombreuses initiatives et événements seront organisés sur l’ensemble du territoire en faveur de l’égalité et pour lutter contre les discriminations.
Voir tous les événements du Mois de l'égalité. Plus...

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21 février 2018

When Life Unbalances Your Work

HomeLeah Colvin provides advice for the times when upheavals in life change everything you thought you knew about your work self. More...

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Is Gender Bias an Intended Feature of Teaching Evaluations?

HomeEvery semester brings with it a new series of articles, blog posts and stories about gender and racial biases in teaching evaluations. A large and constantly growing body of academic literature demonstrates how bias shapes these tools. More...

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Trading the Tenure Track for Tech

HomeChandra Y. Osborn explains why she walked away from a position at a prestigious university to join a tech start-up -- and what she learned about academic research along the way. More...

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Family-Friendly Conferences

HomeFew institutions and associations have considered the particular hurdles conference participation presents for women scholars with children, argue Angela L. Bos, Jennie Sweet-Cushman and Monica Schneider. More...

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How to Talk to Students With Ill-Considered Beliefs

HomeSimply presenting the facts is generally not effective in changing minds on a charged issue, writes Gleb Tsipursky. More...

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Best Practices for Professional Email

HomeMy institution recently ran a comprehensive career-development program for our graduate students and postdocs. One of the workshop modules that our Ph.D.s valued most provided a general overview of communicating in the workplace. It advised them on some best practices to help smooth their transition to the next career destination. More...

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My Journey With Department Service

HomeA Ph.D. candidate describes the costs of doing service as a graduate student of color. More...

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Midlife Ph.D. Programs and Minority Students

HomeHow do students evaluate the return on investment of pursuing a doctoral degree later in life? Gary A. Berg provides some answers. More...

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Student (In)Civility in the Age of Trump

HomePam Whitfield offers suggestions for faculty members about how to manage student behavior and keep students safe at a time of growing contention. More...

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