03 avril 2019

Nigeria’s universities are performing poorly. What can be done about it

The ConversationWhy are Nigeria’s universities in such a sorry state? Some would say it had to do with just one word: money. Sadly this is part of the reason. But not entirely. More...

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13 septembre 2018

Atout GRH - Aide régionale au conseil pour la performance industrielle

http://www.employeurs-grh.arftlv.org/App_Themes/GRH/Images/bandeau2.jpgPour renforcer le développement et la performance industrielle des entreprises régionales, la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine propose une aide au conseil et un programme Accélérateur. Plus...

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12 septembre 2018

Atout GRH - Accords de performance collective (APC)

http://www.employeurs-grh.arftlv.org/App_Themes/GRH/Images/bandeau2.jpgLes ordonnances Travail ont créé un type unique d'accord d’entreprise pour répondre aux nécessités de fonctionnement de l'entreprise, ou pour développer ou préserver l'emploi. Ce nouveau type d’accord remplace les accords ARTT, les accords de mobilité interne, les accords de compétitivité (maintien dans l’emploi ou préservation et développement de l’emploi). Plus...

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17 août 2018

ASP - Notre pilotage de la performance

https://vaedem.asp-public.fr/Lvaedems/images/logo_ASP_min.pngL'ASP évalue son activité, ses coûts de mise en oeuvre des politiques et identifie les pistes d'amélioration pour accroître ses performances. Plus...

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01 août 2018

How individualized emails increase classroom performance

University Business Magazine logo“No professor has ever cared about me.” This was a sentence in an email I received from a struggling student in my Physiology of the Immune System course, an upper-division elective course in the Physiology Department at the University of Arizona in Tucson. More...

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23 juin 2018

Reducing anxiety with enhanced higher ed performance reviews

University Business Magazine logoAnnual performance reviews are shunned for good reason. Your boss tells you everything you did right—but mostly wrong—over the past year, subjectively rates your performance, and then identifies areas you need to improve. Many higher education institutions question the wisdom of this antiquated approach and are exploring alternatives. More...

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17 juin 2018

Analysis of Performance Funding Scenarios in Calif.

HomeBy Paul Fain. California's move toward performance funding for its community colleges could work without harming colleges that enroll large numbers of underserved student groups, according to a new report published Thursday by the Century Foundation, but only if the formula adequately takes into account the socioeconomic profile of students at individual colleges. More...

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29 mai 2018

Chalk & Wire boosts U. of S.C. assessment & accreditation performance

University Business Magazine logoChalk & Wire, the most trusted higher education assessment technology provider, today announced that University of South Carolina College of Education is advancing its assessment and accreditation performance through the use of its flagship ePortfolio-enabled student assessment platform, CWPro. More...

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Priming the Pump for Better Classroom Performance

Priming the Pump for Better Classroom Performance
This is an interesting article and worth reading, not because it advances the field to any great degree but because it so vividly illustrates the dangers of working in a vacuum. The story is simple: a Stanford business professor, Paul Romer, developed a tool that assigns and grades student work. Nothing unusual here, though the article makes it sound as though Romer had discovered fire. But thoughout this intervew what emerges most clearly is a lack of awareness of other work in the field. More...

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19 avril 2018

Difficult Conversations: Managing Staff Performance

HomeHonest discussions about poor performance may be difficult, but they are necessary for managers in higher education, writes Ellen de Graffenreid. More...

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