05 mai 2019

Why philosophy must be dragged out of the ivory tower and into the street

The ConversationAccording to one founding myth, philosophy begins with a grumpy old man named Socrates being put to death for pestering his fellow citizens about the nature of justice, courage, and other such virtues. This is hardly an auspicious way to start a new academic discipline. But Socrates’ attempt to engage Athenians in dialogue exemplifies both the nature of human inquiry and the public role philosophy ought to play today. More...

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04 mai 2019

Des ateliers scolaires pour initier les plus jeunes à la philosophie

l'emag de l'educationLe philosophe et écrivain Frédéric Lenoir a animé pendant plusieurs mois des ateliers dans des écoles primaires. Le film « Le cercle des petits philosophes » suit son parcours. Plus...

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29 avril 2019

Listening and Epistemic Injustice

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Listening and Epistemic Injustice
Maha Bali, Reflecting Allowed, 2019/01/04
Maha Bali discusses the related concepts of Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) and epistemic injustice. The former is created and promoted by sociology professor Karl Maton and is the idea of " exploring practices in terms of their organizing principles or ‘legitimation codes’." The latter originates in a book by philosophy professor Miranda Fricker. More...

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The Philosopher Redefining Equality

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Philosopher Redefining Equality
Nathan Heller, The New Yorker, 2019/01/02
The premise of this engaging long-read about philosopher Elizabeth Anderson is that her bringing together of the ideas of freedom and equality is just the sort of left-right merger needed today. The left-right frame being imposed on Anderson doesn't sit well, and I've known many left-wingers over the years who have advocated for both freedom and equality as two sides of the same coin (the idea that the left opposes freedom is a right-wing trope, and entirely inaccurate). More...

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22 avril 2019

Notre-Dame de Paris incendiée : un éclair d’éternité

The ConversationSpinoza a écrit que « chacun d’entre nous est capable de sentir et d’expérimenter qu’il est éternel ».

« At nihilominus, sentimus, experimurque, nos aeternos esse » (Ethique, V, p. 23, scolie).

Il me semble que l’incendie met en pleine lumière la vérité de cette affirmation. Plus...

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Can kids do Kant?

The ConversationPhilosophy was always dangerous, as the life and death of Socrates taught us. He was, need I remind you, executed not by an authoritarian regime but by a caring democracy. Times have changed however, and today’s contemporary philosophers need not fear the hemlock. More...

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21 avril 2019

What philosophy can tell Davos about educating for a better future

The ConversationHow do you create a generation that can think its way out of problems and face the challenges of a rapidly changing world? The Davos meeting this year is all about how we can cope with the immense challenges posed by the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” – an era of rapid and complex technological change, where our role in the world is resting on shifting sands. More...

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Why we need to teach political philosophy in schools

The ConversationWhat is the spectre haunting Europe today? It’s simple. The thing that truly dogs us, that really drags at our heels, is ignorance. Ignorance of the fundamental ideas at the heart of politics. Ignorance of the key terms of political argument: liberty, equality, power, justice, and so on. Ignorance of the subject matter of political philosophy. More...

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African philosophy of education: a powerful arrow in universities’ bow

The ConversationTo understand what an African philosophy of education is and why it’s so important, consider the role that universities should play in any society. More...

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How teaching philosophy could help combat extremism

The ConversationYoung people today are constantly at risk of indoctrination – whether deliberate or inadvertent. This can be by advertisers, politicians, religious extremists or the media – and can make it hard for young people to get a handle on the world around them. More...

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