24 février 2018

IEEE Removes Article Over Allegations of Plagiarism

HomeBy Colleen FlahertyAfter initially defending an article on its news service against allegations of plagiarism, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has removed the piece. “The Institute has received multiple expressions of concern regarding this article,” reads an editor’s note now in place of the article in question. “It has been withdrawn to allow further opportunity for review.” More...

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18 février 2018

FONGECIF Occitanie - Le plan de formation

Fongecif - Languedoc RoussillonLe plan de formation de l'entreprise retrace l'ensemble des actions retenues par l'employeur dans le cadre de la stratégie de son entreprise et de ses projets de développement: actions de formation, de bilan de compétences, de validation des acquis de l'expérience. Plus...

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25 janvier 2018

HE body launches plagiarism probe against one of its own

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is set to meet soon to decide the fate of its second most important officer whose research paper was found to be 88% plagiarised, writes Waseem Abbasi for The News. More...

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02 janvier 2018

How serious is essay plagiarism?

The Guardian homeIn an age of online referencing and essay mills, it’s easier than ever for students to plagiarise (wittingly or not). How big is the problem – and can it be prevented. More...

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Coping With Plagiarism

HomeAs long as students put off doing writing assignments until almost too late, do not study the course material as well as they should, have low confidence in their academic abilities, settle for doing less than their best in their schoolwork and just don’t feel like putting out the effort and instead grub for grades, there will be plagiarism. More...

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26 novembre 2017

Plagiarism is rife in academia, so why is it rarely acknowledged?

The Guardian homeWhen a professor ripped off my work in a journal, they escaped unpunished. How can we expect academic originality from students if we don’t uphold it. More...

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Carrot or the stick? Technology and university plagiarism

The ConversationTrying to control and prevent plagiarism is a problem for all universities, and nearly all universities these days use some kind of technology to combat it. More...

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Fabricating and plagiarising: when researchers lie

The ConversationThere are a few things you might need for an experiment involving beagles and the side effects of contraceptive pills. Animal research ethics aside, beagles might be a good start.
Sadly, one researcher at Deakin in the 1970s didn’t think so. Michael Briggs fabricated and published his data and the deception was only admitted in the mid-1980s. It seems in Australia we could be about to see another case of the beagle that didn’t bark - with one researcher facing fraud charges in court today. More...

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Buying essays: how to make sure assessment is authentic

The ConversationUniversities have complex processes to discover when students cheat. They apply those processes to a range of assessments, particularly to discover plagiarism. However, there is a clear answer if universities want to ensure that all students do their own work – and that’s by changing to what educators call authentic assessment. More...

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Feeding the beast: why plagiarism rips off readers too

The ConversationBy now you’ve likely heard about psychiatrist and columnist Tanveer Ahmed’s recent opinion piece in The Australian in which he effectively blamed radical feminism for domestic violence. More...

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