15 juillet 2017

Bad Idea About Writing: Plagiarism Deserves to Be Punished

HomeWhile most believe the contrary, some people understand that plagiarism is not necessarily deceitful or deserving censure, writesJennifer A. Mott-Smith. More...

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10 juillet 2017

How to prevent accidental plagiarism in an online world

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgTechno-News Blog. Students write a lot, and the issue of plagiarism (or, at least, wrong paraphrasing) remains topical. As educators, what can you do to help students avoid the problem? Everything starts with suspicion. You take a student’s essay, start reading it, and it doesn’t feel right. More...

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29 avril 2017

Plagiarism: It’s All Greek to Some

By World View. As higher education continues to recruit internationally, institutions must support and monitor the movement of knowledge with greater care. More...

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18 mars 2017

Universities blame others for plagiarism. They need to look at themselves

The Guardian homeBy. Efforts to prevent student cheating have always been about universities being seen to be doing something but academia is part of the problem. More...

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17 janvier 2017

Education minister found guilty of plagiarism

According to unofficial reports, the Committee for Ethics in Science and Higher Education has found Croatian Minister of Science and Education Pavo Barisic guilty of plagiarism, writes Vedran Pavlic for Total Croatia News. Read more...

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26 novembre 2016

10 types of plagiarism

University Business LogoSubmitted by Tim Goral. Plagiarism is often unintentional, which means students need to understand the definitions of plagiarism in order to write originally. More...

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11 novembre 2016

Court Backs Harvard in Plagiarism Challenge

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Harvard University did not defame or breach a contract with a former law school student when it noted a plagiarism finding on her transcript, a federal appeals court ruled Monday. Read more...

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08 octobre 2016

What students don't understand about plagiarism

University Business LogoSubmitted by Tim Goral. Where do your students fall on the spectrum of understanding plagiarism and citation? Download this report on student misconceptions about plagiarism and get ideas for how to support student understanding about plagiarism. More...

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27 septembre 2016

Le plagiat sous surveillance à l'université de Tours

La Nouvelle RépubliqueFacilité par les outils numériques, les cas de plagiat restent rares à l’université. Pour les détecter, un logiciel de détection est à disposition des enseignants. Il aura suffi de trois clics pour faire tomber la sanction : 77 % du document présentent des similitudes avec d'autres sources repérées sur le Web. 45 % des passages ont été recopiés mot pour mot, 33 % ont fait l'objet d'une réécriture (peu subtile). Voir l'article...

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26 septembre 2016

Higher education hit by plagiarism scandals

By Laeed Zaghlami. Plagiarism has been taboo for some and an open secret for others in Algeria, but is today a scandal that no one can deny – even though Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research officials are trying to minimise the problem. Some flagrant examples of plagiarism have emerged into the public sphere, and they appear to be the tip of the iceberg. Read more...

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