30 septembre 2018

Lourdes U. set to offer wine making, brewing and distilling major

University Business Magazine logoLourdes University recently announced it will start the program in Aug. 2019. The degree program will feature courses in fermentation, chemistry, nutrition and accounting. Students will be required to complete three internships, including one through an Irish study abroad program. More...

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U. of Minn. child care program staying open

University Business Magazine logoThe University of Minnesota will keep a popular university-run child care program open, after announcing earlier this year that it would close. More...

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Program director - professional education, accounting and finance - extension

University Business Magazine logo

The program director of professional education in accounting and finance (continuing educator II) serves as a subject matter expert with extensive practical experience in finance, accounting, financial planning & analysis, business administration, personal financial planning, and related business and management fields. More...

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21 septembre 2018

SPRO Sud - Programme Régional d'Aide à la Mobilité Etudiante Sanitaire & Social (PRAME Sanitaire et social)

Région PACA

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06 septembre 2018

Conformance Programmes Gather Momentum

Conformance Programmes Gather Momentum
I honestly think that the drive toward "trusted agencies bestowing the Official Stamp of Approval on e-learning products" is misguided. Partially, this is for reasons of cost - "Getting a certificate costs vendors $35,000 (or a much more reasonable $3,500 if they are already a SIF member), plus $5,000 ($1,150) for an annual renewal or a recertification for a new version of the same product" - but also because such an approach demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of how the web works. Imagine what would have happened were web pages required to be certified, and were browsers to connect only with certified web pages. More...

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A&M May Stop Presses in Journalism Program

A&M May Stop Presses in Journalism Program
See, this is why people pose long, lingering questions about the current economic model assumed by higher education institutions. More...

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04 septembre 2018

Défi métiers - Trouver un programme

Défi métiers référence l'offre de formation professionnelle continue en Ile-de-France. La mise à jour de cette offre est assurée par les organismes de formation depuis l'applicatif dédié DOKELIO Ile-de-France. Plus...

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03 septembre 2018

Défi métiers - Le Programme régional qualifiant compétences (PRQC)

Le PRQC est l’un des principaux dispositifs de formation financé par la Région Ile-de-France. Il vise à favoriser le développement des compétences des demandeurs d’emploi pour une insertion durable sur des métiers porteurs. Plus...

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02 septembre 2018

TrouverMaFormation en Normandie - Programme Qualif'

http://www.trouvermaformation.fr/img/header.pngChoisissez une filière.

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27 août 2018

What do the international HE programme closures mean?

By Futao Huang. In early July, the Ministry of Education of China announced the closure of 229 internationally collaborative academic programmes and five internationally collaborative institutions. Normally these institutions and programmes are used as Zhongwai Hezuo Banxue in Chinese, meaning they represent co-operation between Chinese universities and foreign partners. More...

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