15 septembre 2019

The Future of Higher Technical education – do the government’s proposals deliver?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"The UK Government is coming to the end of a major consultation in England on ‘higher technical education’, that is, work-focused qualifications at Level 4 and 5. This consultation is significant not least because it is the first from the Department for Education (DfE) dealing with policy proposals trailed in the Augar Report. More...

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30 août 2019

Are there ways to protect economies against potential future housing busts?

Housing, a large and volatile sector, is often at the centre of economic crises, as a trigger or amplifier. The current situation, which is characterised by house prices approaching or exceeding pre-crisis levels in many countries, raises questions as to whether these price levels may be indicative of a possible impending correction and what can be done to reduce housing-related macroeconomic risks. More...

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26 août 2019

Some thoughts on the future of public higher education

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . One of the responses I had to my series on the coming crisis to post-secondary education in Canada was: ‘Well, what do you think the higher education should look like in 10 years time if you think it’s in trouble now?’ More...

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Discussing the future of higher education in the holiday season

http://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/asssociates.jpgBy . I’ve been away on two weeks holiday, which included a family wedding, to a lovely Ireland and a depressed England, where we avoided as much as possible the two ‘B’ words (Brexit and Boris – I’m not into schadenfreude). More...

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Predicting the future of research

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "hepi"At a recent HEPI roundtable on the future for global research the focus of discussion was the major recent study by Elsevier, produced in partnership with Ipsos Mori, which set out three future research scenarios – Brave open world, Tech titans, and Eastern ascendance – and explored how they could play over the medium to long-term. More...

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21 août 2019

Visioning Your Unit’s Future

Techno-News BlogSo how does one go about making the right decisions, taking the correct course of action in this time when technology turns on a dime and competition springs up seemingly out of nowhere? There is no single path to assured security, but there is an array of steps that can be taken to help to assure success. More...

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20 août 2019

The Future of Work in America

Techno-News BlogAutomation technologies promise to deliver major productivity benefits that are too substantial to ignore. More...

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What Kids Need to Learn to Succeed in 2050 – The art of reinvention will be the most critical skill of this century

Techno-News BlogIn such a world, the last thing a teacher needs to give her pupils is more information. More...

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The future of education; building a culture of learning

Techno-News BlogOrganizations need to embrace a ‘culture of trying’ because that’s where learning accelerates. More...

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11 août 2019

Intergros - Observatoire - La prospective dans les métiers des commerces de gros

L'étude sur le repérage des évolutions sectorielles et l’analyse de leurs impacts sur les activités des entreprises et des salaries réalisée en 2017 a permis d’élaborer un diagnostic partagé au niveau de la branche sur les tendances d’évolution des métiers et d’analyser les besoins en compétences ou en évolution professionnelle qui en découlent.
Les facteurs clés d’évolution touchant les entreprises et les salariés ont été analysés, qu’ils soient internes ou externes au secteur, en fonction de la typologie suivante :
- L’environnement législatif et réglementaire des entreprises
- Les facteurs économiques
- Les facteurs technologiques
- Les facteurs organisationnels. Plus...

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