24 octobre 2018

New accreditation system sets down HE standards

By Christabel Ligami. In a move to standardise qualifications, the Kenya National Qualifications Authority has created a new system for the accreditation of student qualifications and has defined entry grades for both degrees and diplomas, according to newly gazetted regulations. More...

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Nine SADC countries geared for qualifications framework

By Kudzai Mashininga. The Southern African Development Community Qualifications Framework – the SADCQF – which covers higher education, technical and vocational education and training, as well as schooling, provides a mechanism for comparability and the recognition of qualifications within the SADC. It also coordinates qualifications, promotes the transfer of credits within and among member states, and creates SADC regional standards. More...

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22 octobre 2018

ESU at the National Correspondents for Qualifications Frameworks (QF-EHEA) meeting

Screenshot-2018-5-3 NewsOn 4 September 2018, the European Students’ Union was represented by Gohar Hovhannisyan -Executive Committee member of ESU- at the National Correspondents for Qualifications Frameworks (QF-EHEA) meeting at the Council of Europe (CoE) in Strasbourg. More...

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21 octobre 2018

Sweden: new qualification tests launched

Home Sweden has launched a new vocational qualification test, intending to match vocational education and labour market needs better, to support collaboration between schools and working life, and to try to identify what kind of job a certain vocational programme prepares for. More...

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20 octobre 2018

Romania: new ‘comfort & healthy footwear manufacturing’ qualification created

HomeIn 2018, the Erasmus+ Fit2Com Skills Alliance project created, piloted and certified a new ’expert in comfort & healthy footwear manufacturing’ EQF level 5 qualification and corresponding training. It aims to address the demand for comfortable, healthy and fashionable footwear in the project partner countries of Germany, Spain, Portugal and Romania. More...

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22 septembre 2018

Mét@for - Code qualification associé au ROME

ORMLes codes qualifications sont issus de la table de correspondance entre FAP-2009, PCS et ROME de la Dares. Associés à un code du répertoire ROME, ils permettent d’affecter le code FAP-2009 correspondant.
0 : Non précisé
1 : Manœuvres
2 : Ouvriers non qualifiés
3 : Ouvriers qualifiés
4 : Ouvriers hautement qualifiés
5 : Employés non qualifiés
6 : Employés qualifiés
7 : Techniciens
8 : Agents de maîtrise
9 : Ingénieurs et cadres. Plus...

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16 septembre 2018

Horizon - Actions de qualification du programme régional de formation

Se qualifier pour trouver un emploi durable

Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Ce sont des actions de formation professionnelle financées par la Région (1200 h maximum) qui permettent aux demandeurs d’emploi d'acquérir une qualification. Chaque stage comporte une période en entreprise. Plus...

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27 août 2018

Qualifications database falters over lack of funds

By Gilbert Nganga. Kenya’s bid to set up a national platform for graduate information has hit a snag over lack of funds, setting back the bid to crack down on the proliferation of sub-standard qualifications in the higher education sector. More...

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Government launches national qualifications framework

By Kudzai Mashininga. Zimbabwe has started implementing a new national qualifications framework which the government says will increase the accessibility, efficiency and relevance of its higher education sector within and outside the country. More...

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16 août 2018

La non qualification, de quoi parle-t-on ?

On constate aujourd'hui une recrudescence des emplois dits "non qualifiés", payés au salaire minimum, ayant un statut dégradé et n'offrant que peu de perspectives professionnelles. Dès lors, il devient urgent de comprendre précisément ce que signifie précisément "la qualification" et la "non-qualification" du travail, de l'emploi et des personnes, pour envisager au niveau politique, comme le propose l'ouvrage, de "requalifier le travail". Plus...

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