21 octobre 2017

Prevent scheme 'fosters fear and censorship at universities'

The Guardian homeJust Yorkshire’s report, citing interviews with Muslim students and academics, urges closure of anti-radicalisation programme. More...

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20 octobre 2017

Universities stop spying on their students? Now that’s a radical idea

The Guardian homeTalking radical nonsense – and generally learning in the end that it is radical nonsense – is partly what higher education is for. Snooping on Muslims isn’t. More...

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04 octobre 2017

Prévention de la radicalisation

Retour à l'accueilLes différentes situations générées par cette problématique sensible ont amené le CNFPT, à créer des dispositifs de formation et à déployer une journée d’actualité sur l’ensemble du territoire. Elle est animée par le cabinet InAgora, qui permet le croisement des disciplines et la prise en compte des réalités des territoires. Celle-ci est coordonnée par l’Inset d’Angers et tentera de répondre à différents objectifs pour aider les professionnel.le.s concerné.e.s à comprendre les enjeux et à être mieux outillé.e.s. Plus...

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22 septembre 2017

Universities body stresses need to curb radicalisation

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has urged universities to institute effective protocols and programmes to curb opportunities for radicalisation of students and university staff, while strengthening security arrangements on campuses, reports The News. More...

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03 août 2017

Tunisian Researchers Probe the Roots of Radicalization

The ministry of higher education and scientific research here has allocated 2.5 million Tunisian dinars (about $1.2 million) over four years to support academic efforts to better understand the roots of radicalization in young people, and how to combat it. Four research projects have been selected for support under the initiative—one in the humanities and social sciences, and three in engineering and technology. More...

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27 juillet 2017

Radicalisation in Bosnia: old wounds reopened by an emerging problem

The ConversationAccording to recent reports, Bosnians have been travelling to Syria to fight for radical Islamist groups in increasing numbers since 2012. They now constitute one of the largest European foreign fighter contingents as a proportion of national population. Figures from 2015 suggest there are more than 300 Bosnians in Syria. More...

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We can all be a little radicalised: recognising this will help tackle extremism

The ConversationThe conviction of radical Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary for swearing allegiance to Islamic State shows that those breaking the law by inviting support for a terrorist organisation can and will be prosecuted. But it comes at a time when the British government is still struggling with definitions of extremism and radicalisation, and how to respond to those who don’t break the law. More...

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Integrating radical fighters who return home isn’t easy, but can be done

The ConversationThousands of youths have been recruited by terrorist groups from Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and America. Between 2011 and 2016 the number of “foreign fighters” rose to more than 42,000 – among them 5000 Westerners and close to 7000 North Africans. They had travelled to the Middle East to join jihadist organisations such as the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) and the Syrian Fateh al-Sham Front (ex-Al-Nusra), a former al Qaeda affiliate. More...

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he UK’s plan to deny terrorists ‘safe spaces’ online would make us all less safe in the long run

The ConversationIn the wake of the recent attacks in Manchester and London, British Prime Minister Theresa May has called on social media companies to eliminate “safe spaces” online for extremist ideology. Despite losing the majority in the recent election, she is moving forward with plans to regulate online communications, including in cooperation with newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron. More...

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How to deradicalise someone

The ConversationIt’s hard to talk about deradicalisation in the face of appalling attacks, such as those in London and Manchester: calls for retribution are often louder than those raising the possibility of redemption. But supporting disengagement from extremism is an important part of a long-term response to terrorism. More...

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