11 août 2017

Etoile - Recherche guidée formation

Logo EtoileLes formations financées par le Conseil régional
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   * Les VISAS

Les formations financées par Pole emploi
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Les formations potentiellement éligibles au CPF
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Les habilitations
   * Enseignant de la conduite et de la sécurité routière
   * FIMO / FCO
   * CACES
   * Habilitations électriques

Le sanitaire et social
   * Voir les formations, les préparations, les calendriers. Plus...

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03 août 2017

Lost in Translation: Why it’s important to consult the original research

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "e-Literate"Last week the Brookings Institute published an article in its Economic Studies: Evidence Speaks series titled “Promises and pitfalls in online learning,” by Eric Bettinger and Susanna Loeb of Stanford University. The article is a condensed summary of a lengthier draft research paper, “Changing Distributions: How Online College Classes Alter Student and Professor Performance” that was supported by the Stanford Center for Education and Policy Analysis (CEPA). More...

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Researchers Find Pollution from Cosmetics in Gulf Waters

New research from Qatar University has documented the concentration of microplastics in the Gulf’s seawaters for the first time. It’s part of a worldwide trend to catalogue the global distribution of these tiny plastics, which mainly come from cosmetic products. More...

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Big shakeup: Universities weaving this field into most campus departments

eCampus NewsMajor research universities reveal innovations in cross-campus and cross-disciplinary models for sustainability studies; can be applied to any study. More...

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02 août 2017

RIT joins national arts research consortium a2ru

University Business LogoRochester Institute of Technology has joined the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities, known as a2ru, an exclusive consortium of research universities committed to advancing interdisciplinary, arts-integrative research and education. More...

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31 juillet 2017

Undergraduate research drives science forward

University Business LogoThe discussion of research at primarily undergraduate institutions often begins and ends with a discussion of the benefits for students. More...

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28 juillet 2017

We need to rethink research funding for UK regions to prosper

The Guardian homeFunding research solely on the basis of excellence ignores the crucial role science plays in improving local economies and societies. More...

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24 juillet 2017

Introducing 'Rethinking Research'

How do we know which scientific results to trust? Research published in peer-reviewed academic journals has typically been considered the gold standard, having been subjected to in-depth scrutiny -- or so we once thought. In recent years, our faith in peer-reviewed research has been shaken by the revelation that many published findings don’t hold up when scholars try to reproduce them. The question of which science to trust no longer seems straightforward. More...

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23 juillet 2017

Suggestions for Research

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/confessions_of_a_community_college_dean_blog_header.jpgBy Matt Reed. Last week I had a conversation with someone who’s in the early stages of an Ed.D. program. He was looking for topics on which research might prove useful to practitioners at community colleges. More...

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13 juillet 2017

La recherche fondamentale, c'est la liberté

La Nouvelle RépubliqueQuatre cents conventions ont été signées entre les laboratoires de Poitiers et les entreprises, grands groupes, PME et PMI pour un budget à hauteur de 20 M€. Avec en toile de fond la question de la propriété intellectuelle difficile à gérer, il semblerait que le maillon manquant entre le sujet de recherche, la maturation du projet et le transfert sur le territoire réside dans la complémentarité chercheur/entreprise autour des notions de leadership, de management et de gestion de projet. Plus...

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