13 décembre 2017

Parcours et politiques d’accueil des demandeur.euse.s d’asile dans l’Union européenne

Logo CESE - Conseil économique, social et environnementalDepuis 2015, les migrations à destination de l’Union européenne (UE) se sont accrues, notamment suite au développement et à l’amplification de conflits dans plusieurs zones, ou à l’augmentation des phénomènes de dérèglement climatique. Près d’un million et demi de personnes sont arrivées depuis cette date et, en 2016, 1,2 million demandes d’asile ont été enregistrées dans l’UE. Ces migrations se font le plus souvent dans des conditions extrêmement dangereuses : recours à des filières criminelles de passeurs, insécurité, réseaux de criminalité, violences sexuelles. Plus...

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11 décembre 2017

Lifeline for volunteers helping refugees and migrants

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "council of europe"Tens of thousands of volunteers across Europe who are struggling to teach their language and culture to new refugees and migrants have been offered a lifeline.
At last, free teaching materials adapted to refugees’ special needs have been developed and are being launched online by the Council of Europe at www.coe.int/lang-refugees. More...

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Council of Europe/Lisbon Recognition Convention: A new Recommendation on the Recognition of Qualifications of Refugees

The Committee of the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (Lisbon Recognition Convention) adopted a new Recommendation on Recognition of Qualifications held by Refugees, Displaced Persons and Persons in a Refugee-like Situation during an Extraordinary Session held on 14 November in Strasbourg. More...

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01 décembre 2017

Losing out on learning: Action to ensure refugee children get an education

Losing out on learning: Action to ensure refugee children get an education
Joseph Nhan-O’Reilly, World Education Blog, 2017/09/21
According to this article, "More than half of all the refugee children in the world – 3.5 million – are not in school. In the last year alone refugee children have missed more than 700 million days of school, with this figure increasing by 1.9 million days every day." More...

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28 novembre 2017

The Dutch Learn to Welcome Refugee Students

Al Fanar

Netherlands–When Wassim Mahmoud needs help navigating student life in Amsterdam, he turns to Rosa Rietkerk, a Dutch political-science student.
Mahmoud, a 29-year-old Palestinian from Syria, and Rietkerk, 20, met through the Foundation for Refugee Students (known by its Dutch acronym, UAF), a charity that supports refugees in higher education. More...

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Germany Sees Mixed Results in Refugee Education

Al Fanar

Two years after Syrians started coming to Germany by the hundreds of thousands, the nation has had decidedly mixed results in integrating the new arrivals into its educational system. Older children are often shut out of learning anything other than German language and culture during their first year, though younger children who quickly learn the language can join their German peers in the classroom. More...

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20 novembre 2017

Vous aussi, participez au programme « Comme à la maison » de SINGA

FAF.TTSinga est une association à but non lucratif qui accompagne les réfugiés dans leur intégration socio-économique, socio-culturelle et socio-professionnelle. Elle a participé au programme d’accompagnement global vers l’emploi des réfugiés expérimenté par le FAF.TT en Hauts-de-France en organisant par exemple des activités sportives, des cours de cuisine, des visites de musées etc. Plus...

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12 novembre 2017

Students & Refugees: What Next?

ESU OnlineOn Wednesday the 8th of November, the Flemish Students' Union (VVS) will be organising the seminar Students & Refugees: What Next?'. This seminar will try to chart the most important remaining challenges of the refugee crisis in relation to Flemish Higher Education. More...

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Twitter for Refugees (Advocate 24 03)

Social Media almost invariably gets a Bad Press. People in positions of power and influence find it hard to say anything good about it. Print journos, of course, can often be selectively scathing, particularly if they think it is costing them their jobs. However, if one can ignore the mindless trolls (of whom there are too many), just occasionally one comes across a positive use of social media. More...

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Manus Island humanitarian emergency

As the Manus Island detention centre closes today and the situation escalates into a humanitarian emergency, Academics for Refugees and NTEU suggest that you urgently contact your representatives today and in the coming days to urge them to commit the Australian government to bring the people affected by the centre closure to safety in Australia. At present, there are approximately 800 men living in the Manus Island detention centre peacefully calling upon the Australian government to recognise Australia's responsibility toward them. More...

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