25 avril 2017

Refugee university student numbers rising steeply

By Michael Gardner. Whereas overall numbers of refugees entering Germany have been on the decline since last year, significantly more of them have enrolled for university courses in recent months, says a survey by the German Rectors' Conference or HRK. More...

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21 avril 2017

Leveraging Technology to Build Literacy Among Millions of Displaced Children and Those with Disabilities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Leveraging Technology to Build Literacy Among Millions of Displaced Children and Those with Disabilities
Rebecca Leege, EmergingEdTech, 2017/03/03
Overview of work by All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development (ACR GCD), a partnership of USAID, World Vision, and the Australian Government. Key innovations included: EduApp4Syria, " open source smartphone-based learning games to help Syrian refugee children learn to read in Arabic"; "a pilot project that provides Indian students who are blind or low vision with mother tongue reading materials through Bookshare". More...

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ECMI student receives a prize for young scientists: discussing the refugee crisis and political rhetoric

http://www.infoecmi.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ecmiheader-20yrs.jpg“The European Minority Rights and Minority Protection Regime” is the title of the ECMI seminar taught jointly by the ECMI team. The Seminar addresses aspects of minority history and politics as well as social and cultural issues and emerging new challenges to minority protection. More...

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18 avril 2017

HE prep course for refugees expands to UK’s UEL

By Natalie Marsh. The University of East London will launch two courses to help refugees prepare for university study, it has announced, as part of a collaborative project with two other universities in Europe. More...

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Higher education for refugees – A call for action

By Roger Chao Jr and Stig Arne Skjerven. At a time when issues related to refugees and the integration of immigrants are becoming key policy questions across different countries and regions, the international community needs to focus on establishing guidelines and support for refugee and immigrant education. More...

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17 avril 2017

La Garantie Jeunes expérimentée pour les jeunes réfugiés à Paris

http://alternatives-economiques.fr/blogs/abherve/files/abherve.jpgSur le blog de Michel Abhervé pour Alternatives économiques. Depuis le 6 mars dernier, la Mission locale de Paris accueille 20 jeunes réfugiés dans le dispositif Garantie Jeunes. Voir l'article...

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15 avril 2017

Syrian refugees face tough odds in quest for higher ed

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Then when war broke out in Syria in 2011, he was forced to flee his hometown of Kobane for Lebanon, where he tried once again to get a university degree - this time juggling four jobs to pay for his tuition and make ends meet. More...

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12 avril 2017

Nearly 15,000 Syrians studying in Turkish universities

Nearly 15,000 Syrians are enrolled in Turkish universities as of the 2016-17 academic year and they are among 3 million Syrians currently in Turkey to “continue living in a humane way”, reports Hurriyet Daily News. More...

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09 avril 2017

This heroic non-profit is providing free university education to refugees

http://people.uis.edu/rschr1/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpgTechno-News Blog. How best to offer education to displaced people? An important question and one that Kiron, a German non-profit, has attempted to answer with their two-year, refugee-targeted, online education programme. The proliferation of the internet has given rise to online learning platforms all over the world – take a look at MOOC-list for an idea of just what, and how much of it, is out there. More...

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08 avril 2017

Le Ministère du Travail mobilisé pour une meilleure insertion des réfugiés

Résultat de recherche d'images pour Généralisée le 1er janvier 2017 avec la loi Travail, la Garantie jeunes est un dispositif de droit commun, ouvert à tous les jeunes en situation de précarité. C’est à ce titre que de jeunes réfugiés, admis en France, pourront désormais, comme les autres, en bénéficier. Entre 2016 et 2017, le budget de l’Etat consacré à la Garantie jeunes a augmenté de 216 millions d’euros pour accompagner cette généralisation. Voir l'article...

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