20 octobre 2018

Avec HOPE et Uniformation, engagez-vous pour l'emploi et l'insertion des réfugiés

Uniformation, le sens de votre avenirDans le cadre du programme Hope (hébergement orientation, parcours vers l’emploi), Uniformation s’engage aux côtés de 36 réfugiés pour leur permettre de bénéficier d’un contrat de professionnalisation d’agent d’entretien du bâtiment de 9 mois. Si votre entreprise est intéressée, les démarches sont à faire dès à présent. Plus...

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30 septembre 2018

Magazine in Greece Rejects Labels about Refugees

Al Fanar

When more than one million Syrian and other refugees poured into Southern Europe a few years ago, many Greeks rebuffed them, embracing nationalist, anti-immigration politicians or applauding officials who would usher the newcomers on their way to Germany and other countries. More...

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A Lebanese Scholar Wants to Improve Refugees’ Lives

Al Fanar

Lamis Jomaa, a young Lebanese scholar and professor at the American University of Beirut, hopes her work in assessing the food security of refugees and other vulnerable communities will contribute to solutions that improve lives. More...

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Refugee Scientists: The unknown number

Al Fanar

Two years have passed since R.M., a Syrian scientist, fled her country with her family. She left by plane, without telling anyone. She had been waiting for her chance—about three years before that, a former apartment of hers had already been destroyed by an air attack. And now, if she were to return, she’d likely be punished with imprisonment. More...

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Refugee Education Efforts Not Keeping Up With Need

Al Fanar

A new report published by UNHCR, the United Nations’ refugee agency, says that enrollment of refugee children in school in 2017 failed to keep up with the growing worldwide refugee population. A million more children now need to go to school than did a year ago, the report says. More...

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25 septembre 2018

Central European U Suspends Programs for Refugees

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Central European University, in Hungary, has suspended its programs for registered refugee and asylum seekers in response to what it says is new Hungarian legislation on refugees and immigration that took effect Aug. 24. More...

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04 septembre 2018

Défi métiers - Les réfugiés s’insèrent plus difficilement que les autres détenteurs d’un titre de séjour

Une étude de la Dares sur la situation des réfugiés sur le marché du travail montre que ces derniers ont un peu plus de difficultés à trouver un emploi que les autres titulaires d’un titre de séjour. Plus...

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26 août 2018

Research with former refugees: Moving towards an ethics in practice (AUR 60 02)

Research into issues relating to people from refugee backgrounds has proliferated in line with the explosion in the numbers of people seeking refuge globally. In this think piece, we reflect on what it means to research with former refugees in contexts of resettlement in an academic and social climate dominated by audit culture and austerity politics. Drawing on an interdisciplinary literature and existing institutional ethics standards, we discuss key, often unaddressed, ethical issues which manifest throughout research processes of recruitment, data collection and dissemination. More...

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25 août 2018

School Started by Refugee Students Now One of Uganda’s Best

Al Fanar

The Kyangwali settlement, which was started about 20 years ago as people fled to Uganda to escape violence in neighboring countries, has about 40,000 residents today. Though the camp has a number of schools supported by the United Nations refugee agency and the Ugandan government, their quality is often poor. More...

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