19 février 2017

Wheaton offers scholarship to refugees banned from traveling to U.S.

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Wheaton College will begin offering a full scholarship to one refugee annually with special preference to candidates living in countries included in President Donald Trump's travel ban. More...

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18 février 2017

What universities are doing to help Syria’s lost generation

The ConversationBy . Since 2011 nearly 5m people have fled Syria, creating one of the biggest refugee exoduses in recent history – and the number continues to grow. Globally, millions more have been forced to flee their homes due to war, conflict and persecution – latest figures indicate that there are an estimated 65m displaced people across the world. More...

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‘Every Campus a Refuge,’ but Can Refugees Come?

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. For a group of faculty members, students and staff at a Pennsylvania community college prepared to sponsor a refugee family, their plans are on hold. Read more...

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02 février 2017

Le programme PAUSE - Accueil en urgence des scientifiques en exil

Campus FrancePour mettre en œuvre ce programme Le M.E.N.E.S.R. a alloué une dotation initiale d'un montant d'1 million d'euros. Les établissements d’enseignement supérieur souhaitant accueillir un scientifique en exil se verront dotés d’une somme de 20 000 à 60 000 euros complémentaires grâce à ce dispositif. Voir l'article...

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31 janvier 2017

VSS-UNES-USU: Swiss students fight to improve university access for refugees

ESU OnlineIn Switzerland very high structural and administrative barriers prevent refugees from attending universities. In order to improve the access of refugees, the Swiss Student Union has started a project which takes a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, VSS-UNES-USU supports local student unions to build up their own mentoring programmes by providing trainings and information. More...

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Students push for easier refugee access to universities

The Swiss students’ union VSS is calling on the federal and cantonal authorities to change the rules to make it easier for refugees to access the Swiss university system, reports The Local. More...

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Academic Refuge: setting up an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project

By . How can we use the experiences from the work of protecting threatened academics to find solutions for refugee students and academics arriving in Europe? How is this integration work in Europe important for the wider movement to strengthen academic freedom around the world? What could we do within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. More...

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Refugees in focus: What is next?

By . Efforts to integrate refugees into higher education in Europe continue to be present on the agenda of higher education institutions throughout the continent. Sharing best practices and new initiatives helps institutions adopt unique solutions within their own particular contexts. Yet there are still many challenges to be conquered in order to really help refugees integrate into European societies. More...

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30 janvier 2017

Academic Refuge Staff Training Week, 19-23 June, Oslo (Norway)

The training is being organised as part of the EU-funded “Academic Refuge” project, which aims to improve the capacity of European universities to assist refugees and threatened academics and to promote understanding and respect for higher education values. More...

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28 janvier 2017

How to Help Refugee Youth Recover From Trauma

By Benjamin Plackett. Psychologists and researchers have developed evidence-based treatments to help those who are trying to improve the mental health of traumatized young refugees. More...

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