25 juin 2018

An evangelical university is helping create a movie about how Trump was chosen by God

University Business Magazine logoA collaboration between an independent Christian filmmaker and one of America’s largest evangelical universities is showcasing the growing prominence of a provocative belief about President Donald Trump ― that he was divinely appointed to lead the United States. More...

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24 juin 2018

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers ask Americans 'What does God look like?'

University Business Magazine logoParticipants in the study saw hundreds of randomly varying face-pairs and selected which face from each pair appeared more like how they imagined God to appear. By combining all the selected faces, the researchers could assemble a composite "face of God" that reflected how each person imagined God to appear. More...

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Faith and higher education can intersect in many different ways

University Business Magazine logoThe president of one of America's best-known Catholic places of learning came this week to his alma mater, Oxford University, and with some fanfare delivered a lecture on the future of higher education. More...

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19 juin 2018

The Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision and Higher Ed's Approach to Religion

By Eboo Patel. If one of your graduates was on the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and heard the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, could s/he have made the hostile comments about religion that the Supreme Court found objectionable. More...

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18 juin 2018

Complaints at Mesa on 'Last Temptation of Christ'

HomeBy Emma Whitford. The Maricopa Community College District is fielding complaints after a professor showed clips from The Last Temptation of Christ -- a 1988 film by Martin Scorsese depicting Jesus struggling with human temptations -- during class, the Arizona Republic reports. More...

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04 juin 2018

Muslim universities urged to play peacemaker role

The leadership of the International Islamic University in Islamabad has called upon universities of the Muslim world to play their due role in the dissemination of peace and moderation, writes Jardine Malado for The News. More...

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Court favours Christian universities in contraception row

A United States federal court has ruled in favour of four Christian universities that filed a lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services five years ago to challenge a mandate requiring them to provide contraceptive coverage in the health plans of employees, writes Jardine Malado for Christian Today. More...

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29 mai 2018

DeVos looks to ease rules on religious colleges

University Business Magazine logoThe Trump administration is launching a new effort to ease restrictions on how religious colleges access and use federal funding, according to a copy of the Education Department’s spring regulatory agenda reviewed by POLITICO. More...

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22 mai 2018

DeVos to Review Restrictions on Religious Institutions

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans to overhaul restrictions on religious colleges’ access to federal student aid in the next round of deregulation at the Department of Education. More...

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DeVos to Review Restrictions on Religious Institutions

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. Department offers few details in release of regulatory agenda, and some say review may be as much symbolic as substantive. More...

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