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06 juillet 2019

¿Son eficaces las clases a través de Youtube?

The Conversation¿Sabría cómo cambiar el mecanismo de descarga de doble pulsador de la cisterna de su casa? ¿Cómo preparar una tarta de manzana? ¿Y cómo hacer una trenza francesa? Seguramente haya respondido que no a alguna de estas preguntas, pero seguro que sabría dónde consultar para aprender a realizar estas tareas. Las búsquedas de tipo “cómo hacer…” en YouTube siguen creciendo un 70 % cada año. More...

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03 juillet 2019

Spy reportedly used AI-generated photo to connect with targets on LinkedIn

Techno-News BlogThe photo appeared on the LinkedIn account of one Katie Jones, a 30-something redhead. Among her 52 connections were links to Washington political figures, including a deputy assistant secretary of state, a senior aide to a senator and a prominent economist being considered for the Federal Reserve, according to the AP. More...

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01 juillet 2019

Identity Networks Are Here

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: Identity Networks Are Here, Half an Hour [Edit][Delete] June 30, 2006
In the last weeks events have come together enough to say that identity networks have arrived on the seen. It will be months, maybe years, before they impact large numbers of web users. But they're here now. In this article I describe the major systems that have come together to create the identity network. [Tags: ] [Comment]. More...

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De nouvelles alliances d’intérêt environnemental et social en région

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FrancePlus de 350 entreprises composent l’influent réseau Alliances pour mettre en valeur les bonnes pratiques de responsabilité sociale et environnementale dans la région. Des trophées sont chaque année décernés à quelques heureux lauréats à Marcq-en-Barœul. Plus...

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24 juin 2019

L’ANRU lance le réseau "ANRU + Les Innovateurs"

Bpifrance CréationCe nouveau réseau rassemble des start-up, PME et structures de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire qui s’engagent à venir déployer leur solutions d’innovation dans les quartiers sur lesquels l’ANRU intervient. 150 structures ont déjà été identifiées pour rejoindre ce réseau qui va faciliter la mise en relation avec les collectivités porteuses d’un projet de renouvellement urbain. Plus...

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23 juin 2019

A VOS AGENDAS - Les rendez-vous du réseau des Missions Locales en septembre 2019

UNMLDeux grands rendez-vous sont organisés dès septembre 2019 à Paris : l'Assemblée générale de l'UNML le 25 septembre, qui sera précédée des journées professionnelles des directrices et des directeurs les 23 et 24 septembre, organisées par l'UNML et l'ANDML. Plus...

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Entreprises, venez échanger entre pairs au sein du Réseau des Référents Handicap !

Agefiph, ouvrir l'emploi aux personnes handicapées, retour à l'accueilCe réseau, animé par l’Agefiph, permet de partager des bonnes pratiques et de développer des actions concrètes en faveur de l’emploi des personnes handicapées. Plus...

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Nouvelle-Aquitaine: Un réseau de chaleur écologique

Associations des Régions de France, toute l'actualité des régions.Le vendredi 14 juin a été inauguré le nouveau réseau de chaleur de la ville de Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, dans la Haute-Vienne, basé sur une chaufferie biomasse.
Soutenue par la Région, cette opération est un cas exemplaire de déploiement d'une énergie renouvelable en circuit court. Plus...

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20 juin 2019

Groups vs Networks: The Class Struggle Continues

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: Groups vs Networks: The Class Struggle Continues, September 29, 2006
It's Saturday morning as I write right now from my hotel room in Wellington, New Zealand, and as I try to check some reservations and flight details and try once again to upload some audio before I leave these shores and these climes for home I am probably not to be trusted with my observations, thoughts and feelings forged not only in the last week or so of sleep-deprived madness in New Zealand but in that sunny Saturday afternoon in Frankfurt, the veldt of the Kruger, the townships of the South Cape, the hills of Lesotho.
Such adversity often brings out the best in me, and even as I agonize over the conditions of its creation, the fired-up conversations, the late nights, the drawn out arguments, the glares across the room, the harshly worded email messages, the flames, the phone calls, the angry shouts in hotel lobbies, crammed shuttle buses, salt-slicked ferry decks, even as I agonize over all this, some part of me, somewhere, is asking, "why?" (this would be right next to the part asking "why me?") and in some deep sense I am trying to put some sort of order to all this.
It was beautiful, brilliant, sad, heartfelt, desperate, angry, pleasing, painful and at long last far too short and far too long. And so out of all this came this talk, which I am so pleased with, at least, before having heard it (I'll listen to it on the airplane), because whatever the words I uttered actually said, they were genuine, they were well-forged, they were mine, they were ours, they belong to Leigh and Rose, they belong to Tony Carr and to Nico Baird, they belong to the cattle-boys of Lesotho and to the people who weren't here today but who have always been here.
The audio of my talk, I think, reflects all of this and more - please, if you listen to nothing else from me this year, listen to this, because everything I write comes from the heart, and this is as close to it as anyone is ever likely to get.
So while I offer up my thanks to Leigh for organizing this last stage of my journey, I am still not sure whether I would ever do it again... and yet, even so, I am looking at plans for next time, on a Canadian train, perhaps, in a Brazilian minibus, who knows? To the Southern Hemisphere: hail and farewell! And know that your skies will always be in my eyes, your people always in my mind, and a desire to return always in my future. [Tags: , ] [Comment] [Edit] [Delete] [Spam]. More...

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Groups and Networks

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Stephen Downes[Edit][Delete]: Groups and Networks, September 25, 2006

It wasn't of any particular interest to the people at the conference in Auckland but this drawing represents my major take-away from the last week travelling (with a group) about this country. I drew it during the small group sessions, when I was left on my own. There is also a video. The drawing depicts the often unnoticed assumptions that inform our understanding of groups, inform our sometimes slavish devotion to groups, and shows how these contrast with my own understanding of how interaction ought to occur, in networks. It's not just a web theory (though it is that), it is a theory about life and society in general.
Anyhow, I'm done with the travelling road show. I'm taking a bus to Wellington tomorrow - 11 hours, so there will be no newsletter, probably. I have a preconference session Wednesday and a keynote on Thursday. I have Friday off, and then on Saturday I fly home. I have a few talks in October and nothing booked after that. I don't think I'll be taking any more bookings, at least, not for a while. My intent now - which I actually formed in an airport waiting area in Joburg minus a ticket and passport - is to go home and, after I have dispensed my remaining speaking obligations, to (figuratively) go away and do some writing. I want to get some things down on paper, to do the writing that I always knew I'd do one day in my life.
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