17 janvier 2018

Educators must help undocumented students feel safe, supported

University Business Magazine logoIn this guest column, three researchers talk about the thousands of children and young adults awaiting a decision on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program, which grants protected legal status to young people brought here illegally as children by their parents. More...

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12 janvier 2018

Berkeley Backs Undocumented Student

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The University of California, Berkeley, has issued a statement saying that it is trying to help an undocumented student who has been detained by the Department of Homeland Security. The student was detained when he was caught in an immigration checkpoint. More...

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26 novembre 2017

Higher ed institutions work to better inform their communities while supporting undocumented students

University Business Magazine logoThe Trump administration’s plan to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy by not accepting new applicants is another shift in immigration laws that leaves many students unsure of their status on and off campus. More...

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24 novembre 2017

College Leaders Urge ‘Legislative Fix’ for Dreamers

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Nearly 800 college and university presidents signed a letter to leaders of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives calling on them to “pass a long-term legislative fix as soon as possible to protect Dreamers,” undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. More...

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01 août 2017

Rutgers-Camden to hold college fair for unauthorized immigrants

University Business LogoThe state's largest university is offering help for unauthorized immigrant students who want to attend college in New Jersey. More...

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31 juillet 2017

Planning and marketing events for undocumented students

University Business LogoPrep and marketing for Rutgers University-Camden’s first college fair for undocumented students, held this June, required an individualized approach, says Mary Beth Daisey, vice chancellor for student affairs. More...

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Strengthening support for undocumented dreamers

University Business LogoWith the specter of a federal crackdown on illegal immigration looming, higher ed institutions are finding ways to better serve undocumented students, and also protect their identities. More...

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26 avril 2017

California Dreamers -- and Their Nightmares

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. For many undocumented immigrant students at California State University, Fullerton, it's been a tough semester. More...

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15 avril 2017

What some colleges are quietly doing to help undocumented students

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. As on other campuses, students at the University of Utah have been calling for the school to declare itself a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, including those enrolled there. More...

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22 février 2017

Undocumented students’ fears escalate after arrest

By Katherine Mangan, The Chronicle of Higher Education. The arrest and threatened deportation of a 23-year-old Mexican immigrant who was brought to the United States illegally when he was seven – but had a valid work permit under Barack Obama’s deferred action programme – has rekindled the fears of undocumented college students nationwide. More...

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