17 janvier 2020

La réforme des études de santé enfin dévoilée

Le gouvernement a publié ce mardi le décret concernant la réforme des études de santé. L’objectif principal est de lutter contre l’échec en première année. Plus...

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Etudes de santé: le gouvernement répond aux inquiétudes des doyens de facultés

Les ministres de la Santé et de l’Enseignement supérieur ont tenu à rassurer les universités sur les moyens mis à disposition pour réformer la Paces. Plus...

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16 janvier 2020

3 things keeping students from on-campus mental health resources

eCampus NewsSixty-one percent of students feel overwhelming anxiety, according to a report from the American College Health Association survey of more than 63,000 students at 92 schools. Another survey from META, which developed a teletherapy app designed exclusively for colleges, shows that 81 percent of students say they suffer from a mental health condition. More...

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15 janvier 2020

Why colleges are looking online for mental health care

Techno-News BlogVisits to campus counseling centers climbed 30% to 40% between the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2015, according to the Center for Collegiate Mental Health. Enrollment, meanwhile, grew just 5% during that time. More...

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14 janvier 2020

In the 2020s universities need to step up as a central pillar of civil society

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theguardian"We need better student mental health care, fairer staff contracts – and the strength to resist the chill from on high. More...

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'Far too many are struggling': are universities failing autistic students?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theguardian"The number of students with social impairments is growing rapidly, but they don’t always get the support they need. More...

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Universities warned Cameron in 2011 that trainee cuts would cause nursing shortage

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theguardian"Ministers turned down pleas over many years and instead predicted over-supply of British nurses. More...

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13 janvier 2020

Out of Poverty, Into Health-Care Jobs

HomeBy Paul Fain. The College of Health Care Professions, a for-profit in Texas, has solid outcomes for low-income students in health-care fields. How does the model work. More...

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12 janvier 2020

Wealthy Students' Borrowing Spikes

HomeBy Rick Seltzer. A new report found that wealthy students borrowed more frequently and borrowed larger sums in recent years, outpacing borrowing increases among less well-off students. More...

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Making Them Sick

HomeBy Colleen Flaherty. Stanford graduate students say it's unacceptable that dependent health-care premiums have increased 80 percent in a few years. Many are pushing for free health care for their kids. More...

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