24 avril 2018

Networked AV platform stimulates simulated healthcare learning

University Business Magazine logoBlessing-Rieman College turns to OmniStream, Atlona's AV over IP platform, to enhance student’s ability to master clinical skills in nursing simulation labs while allowing for future expansion. More...

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23 avril 2018

Higher ed employees can support struggling co-workers

University Business Magazine logoSome schools now offer training where employees learn to better understand mental illness, to recognize coworkers or family members who may be in trouble, and to encourage people to get help. More...

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University health systems invest in telehealth services

University Business Magazine logoA handful of university medical centers around the country offer telemedicine services to the broader community. More...

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Teletherapy at a glance

University Business Magazine logoTeletherapy has been around for more than two decades and can be delivered through videoconferencing, phone or online messaging.
Alternate terms for teletherapy include telebehavioral health, telepsychiatry, e-behavioral health, telemental health, e-care and telecare. More...

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TeleHELP in higher ed

University Business Magazine logoColleges offer students mental health care from a distance—getting them help with less stigma and easing pressure on campus counseling offices. More...

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Telemedicine providers on campus services realities

University Business Magazine logoWith teletherapy still being relatively new to colleges and consumers, there is often the misconception that this is a new type of healthcare service in itself. But teletherapy is just a means of providing therapy as we’ve known it through a medium that creates more access for more students. More...

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22 avril 2018

Nurses don’t need bursaries – here are four reasons why

The ConversationThe UK government’s decision to stop bursaries in England was met with protests, especially by the Royal College of Nursing. Proponents of the bursaries argued that it would exacerbate current nursing shortages. We need to attract more candidates, not drive them away, they argued, especially older women from lower socio-economic groups. More...

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Choosing the wrong college can be bad for your mental health

The ConversationGoing off to college might be a source of anxiety for some students, but once a student is on campus it shouldn’t be a total drag. More...

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Mental illness on campus really is ‘a thing’

The ConversationMany people tried to help: Professors, advisers, counsellors and administrators massaged protocols, stretched the envelope of academic policies and accommodated extended absences from class. But time is a finite resource, and when it’s spent on one student, it’s unavailable to another. More...

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Autism advocacy and research misses the mark if autistic people are left out

The ConversationAutistic people have been routinely misunderstood, ignored, and excluded for decades – including from campaigns designed to promote awareness of autism itself. But this is beginning to change. More...

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