25 novembre 2017

Hungry and Homeless on Campus

There is growing awareness about food and housing insecurity on our campuses. Earlier this year, the Wisconsin HOPE Lab released "Hungry and Homeless in College," a report surveying the situation for students at select community colleges in the United States. More...

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22 octobre 2017

Facing poverty, academics turn to sex work and sleeping in cars

The Guardian homeAdjunct professors in America face low pay and long hours without the security of full-time faculty. Some, on the brink of homelessness, take desperate measures. More...

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21 octobre 2017

Going to university seemed impossible without a home or parents to help me

The Guardian homeI became a carer for my grandma aged 12 and homeless when I was 16. I’d always wanted to go to university, but it was a distant dream. More...

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02 août 2017

1 in 5 L.A. community college students is homeless

University Business LogoOne in every 5 of the Los Angeles Community College District’s 230,000 students is homeless, and nearly two-thirds can’t afford to eat properly, according to a new survey commissioned by the system’s board of trustees. More...

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19 mars 2017

14 percent of community college students are homeless

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Roughly half of students at 70 community colleges across the country face housing challenges, like obstacles paying rent or utilities regularly or needing to move frequently, a survey published Wednesday found. More...

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