08 novembre 2018

Banco Blanquer: pour de vrais états généraux de la sécurité à l’école!

http://blog.educpros.fr/claudelelievre/wp-content/themes/longbeach_lelievre/images/img01.jpgBlog Educpros de Claude Lelièvre. On peut reprendre la tribune que j’avais publiée dans  »Le Monde » en vue des  »Etats généraux de la sécurité à l’école » organisés en avril 2010 par le ministre de l’Education nationale Luc Chatel (et son DGESCO Jean-Michel Blanquer)
Il faudrait une révolution copernicienne pour réussir les Etats généraux, par Claude Lelièvre. Plus...

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07 novembre 2018

Ed Tech Cybersecurity: Suppose they gave a data breach and nobody came

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mfeldstein.com logo"By . It has now been four weeks since Chegg announced a data breach compromising personal information of up to 40 million users. Cue the crickets because the only coverage in ed tech press thus far is from EdWeek, which focuses on the K-12 market. That's a shame, because if ed tech companies want a case study to help understand the implications of FBI warnings or the European Union's new Global Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR), this example from Chegg should be illustrative. The same goes for institutions. More...

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04 novembre 2018

Fairfield University underscores student safety and security with Intellicheck’s Age ID

University Business Magazine logoFairfield University is building on its commitment to campus safety with the adoption of Intellicheck's (NYSE AMERICAN: IDN) Age ID. The state-of-the-art technology solution is being used by the Department of Public Safety to manage on and off campus events. More...

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LaGuardia Community College to play key role in city’s new cyber security initiative

University Business Magazine logoLaGuardia Community College is joining forces with the city to create jobs to fight cyber threats. More...

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Higher ed financial aid faces cybersecurity scrutiny

University Business Magazine logoUniversities accepting Title IV federal aid are expected to comply with federal cybersecurity regulations, which include a greater emphasis on reporting breaches. It’s time to step up cybersecurity governance. More...

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03 novembre 2018

3 big steps on the road to college safety

University Business Magazine logoWhat campus leaders need to know about floor plans, 911 and law enforcement relationships when building a college safety plan. More...

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30 octobre 2018

Colleges address cybersecurity training gap with degrees, partnerships

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. More than 3 million cybersecurity jobs will be unfilled in 2021, a fact that is spurring college investment in education and training opportunities to help students take advantage of job opportunities in the growing field, EdTech reported. More...

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25 octobre 2018

Dutch Student Residences Raided by Anti-piracy Squad

Dutch Student Residences Raided by Anti-piracy Squad
More of the same, though this time beyond U.S. borders. I wonder what sort of regime we are creating when these quasi-legal forces have the right to raid property and seize assets, all in the name of protecting content monopolies. Meanwhile, more raids on school districts are being reported in the U.S., though there is some question of the accuracy of these reports - you need to follow the Slashdot discussion. More...

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24 octobre 2018

Software Agent Targets Chatroom Paedophiles

Software Agent Targets Chatroom Paedophiles
Those of us who are old enough (and geeky enough) remember Julia and other early 'chatbots', computer programs that act like people in chat rooms. Or try to act like people, at least. The next generation of chatbots is here, powered by neural networks and given the task of protecting the unwary from the unsafe. More...

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17 octobre 2018

Le mois de la cybersécurité placé sous le signe du RGPD

A l'occasion du mois européen de la cybersécurité, l'Agence nationale pour la sécurité des systèmes d'information (ANSSI) multiplie les initiatives pour aider particuliers et petites organisations à adopter les bons réflexes face aux cybermenaces. Plus...

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