22 octobre 2017

Clearing 2017: what worked for universities, and what didn't

The Guardian homeStudents are savvy and the competition is tough. Four university marketers share the good, the bad and the ugly of clearing 2017. More...

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21 octobre 2017

Nervous universities await clearing as student applications fall

The Guardian homeDecline in number of UK school-leavers and less interest from EU undergraduates mean HE sector is enduring its ‘toughest season’. More...

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20 octobre 2017

Applying to university: how clearing became mainstream

The Guardian homeWith record numbers of people using clearing, it’s now an important and respected route into higher education. More...

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Clearing: how to avoid the short straw

The Guardian homeDon’t just accept the first course you’re offered. Consider the modules covered and your end goal. More...

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19 octobre 2017

GCSE and A-level results: it’s not just the grades that matter

The ConversationA-level results will soon be out, with more than 300,000 students eagerly waiting to find out if they’ve made the grade. Then come GCSE results, with even more students keen to find out how they’ve done. More...

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Going through university clearing? Then make sure you do these four things

The ConversationEvery year, in August, thousands of students in the UK receive their A-level results and discover whether or not they have got the marks needed to take up a place at their chosen university. More...

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What to do if you fail your GCSEs

The ConversationGCSE time is here again, with the annual focus on the success stories: the young person who passed all their subjects despite tragedy or illness, as well as the young people who have gained ten or 11 A* grades. More...

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GCSE results 2017: A new grading system and a whole lot of confusion

The ConversationJust over half a million 16-year-olds in the UK will collect their eagerly awaited GCSE results today – just as they have done for the last quarter of a century. More...

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13 octobre 2017

Ninth-Grade Marks as Predictor of College Success

HomeBy Scott JaschikStudy finds that educators can tell quite a bit from the freshman year -- and that colleges may be able to use this information in recruiting. More...

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06 octobre 2017

APB : un comité d’éthique encadrera la nouvelle version

Alors que le gouvernement a été mis en demeure par la Cnil au sujet d’APB, la nouvelle version de la plateforme d’orientation sera accompagnée d’un comité d’éthique. Plus...

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