24 octobre 2019

The Redistricting Game

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Redistricting Game
Designed by staff at the USC Annenberg Center for Communications and developed by programmers here in New Brunswick at Red Hot Learning, this exploration into political gerrymandering is a fantastic game, very intuitive and easy to play, one that pulls you in with its simplicity and then traps you with its complexity. First of all, I spent most of yesterday afternoon playing it. I have some minor issues - the transition of one level to the next is a bit ragged, and I would have wanted to get information inside the game while it is in progress (the concept of packing was new to me, for example, and it would have been a neat addition to fed me these resources as I tried to come up with my own redistricting). More...

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Richard Van Eck Presentation On Digital Game-Based Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Richard Van Eck Presentation On Digital Game-Based Learning
From the summary: this podcast "discusses the theory behind the effectiveness of games in teaching and learning; what the past can teach us about if, how, and when to implement digital game-based learning; and what this will mean for colleges and universities". More...

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Un escape game sur le numérique

Logo cap-métiersL'Onisep des Hauts-de-France a créé un escape game à destination des collégiens mais aussi des professeurs comme outil pédagogique de découverte des métiers. 1h pour sortir de l'escape game en résolvant des énigmes et en cherchant des codes pour évoluer dans le jeu. Plus...

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23 octobre 2019

Une chaire « Science et jeu vidéo » lancée à Polytechnique

l'emag de l'educationUne chaire d'enseignement et de recherche consacrée aux liens entre science et jeu vidéo sera inaugurée ce soir à Polytechnique. Plus...

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22 octobre 2019

Games and Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Games and Learning
This is a good paper, though it's frustrating to watch a completely undefended approach to learning being applied over and over again. The authors, after describing how games support learning in general, attempt to apply this to the formal environment. Part of the problem is a lack of experience with the games - the authors complain that the 'enemies' in war games are usually German, Vietnamese or Arab, for example, without realizing that in many games players can pick either side to play. But mostly, the authors' application of the games to a classroom environment contorts them - in the case study involving Civilization, for example, a value of the game is that players learn that there isn't a simple cause-effect relation between actions and consequences, but in the chart (pp. 18-19) the authors say that the players should be able to "infer from the feedback supplied how their actions have caused particular effects." In the recommendations (p.30) the authors state that "Educators should be clear about the exact learning goals they are hoping to achieve when using games". More...

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20 octobre 2019

« Join the Game » pour favoriser l’attractivité de la France dans le secteur du jeu vidéo

Direccte ARALa Direction générale des entreprises (DGE), en partenariat avec Business France, le Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée, le Syndicat des Editeurs de Logiciels et de Loisirs et le Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo, lance la campagne Join the Game pour promouvoir la France auprès des studios et éditeurs de jeux vidéo implantés au Royaume-Uni. Plus...

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18 octobre 2019

Games-Based Learning; a Serious Business Application

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Games-Based Learning; a Serious Business Application
Good white paper covering game-based learning in some detail. I like the author's approach: "Games-Based learning isn't about using simplistic 'Pong' or 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' as a means to teach people raw facts. That was the approach that edutainment took and which by and large failed." There's a longish list of links to other white papers on p. 6 and a large number of examples. More...

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09 octobre 2019

Un escape game... pour sortir du cauchemar d’une enseignante de fac

Sapiens, un service de Sorbonne Paris Cité, a conçu un escape game insolite installé depuis février au 20ème étage de la tour Montparnasse. L’objectif? Sensibiliser les universitaires à l’innovation pédagogique. Plus...

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Université : les «serious games» se font une place dans les cours

De plus en plus de professeurs d’universités utilisent les «serious games» dans leurs cours. Ces jeux vidéo ludiques augmenteraient l’attention et l’implication des étudiants. Plus...

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07 octobre 2019

Learning in Immersive Worlds: a Review of Game Based Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Learning in Immersive Worlds: a Review of Game Based Learning
Substantial (73 page PDF) report on the use of games to support learning, including a section on Second Life. The report is well written and well documented but I am still uneasy with it, as it seems to me to take the perspective of the use of games by learning (eg., see the diagrams on page 36, and the conclusions on page 7 (eg. "Use of both leisure (commercial-off-the-shelf) games and proprietary games need to be embedded in practice effectively and in accordance with sound pedagogic principles and design."), which really seem to be in no way supported by the literature). Rather than using games in learning, I still think educators should be looking at how to use learning in games. Related: a greate example from GamaSutra of a game design document. More...

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