22 mai 2018

Gambling on Sports Legal

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. The Supreme Court has opened the way for states to legalize betting on athletics, a defeat for the National Collegiate Athletic Association and professional leagues. More...

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21 mai 2018

False Data on Florida Atlantic's Female Athletes

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Florida Atlantic University told the U.S. Education Department in 2017 that 51 percent of its athletes were women, a substantial gain from 31 percent the previous year. More...

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A Risky Future on College Sports Betting

HomeThe Supreme Court's decision permitting sports gambling creates a slew of issues for colleges, sports administrators and the NCAA, David Welch Suggs Jr. says. More...

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12 mai 2018

Les sites de l'Institut français du cheval et de l'équitation vont être "rationnalisés"

L'Institut français du cheval et de l'équitation (IFCE) devrait connaître de nouveau une réorganisation de ses moyens humains et une rationalisation de ses implantations géographiques. Plus...

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10 mai 2018

The Premier League: a league table that really counts?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "http://www.hepi.ac.uk/"For those of you interested in the ‘beautiful game’, it probably did not escape your notice that Wolverhampton Wanderers celebrated their promotion to the Premier League earlier this month. This is not just great news for the Club and its fans, but also for the University of Wolverhampton, which has grown up in the shadow of the Club’s stadium, Molineux. More...

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09 mai 2018

Corruption in college athletics won't end until athletes are allowed to profit from their celebrity

University Business Magazine logoFirst and foremost, the commission has recommended a number of changes to help the most talented athletes enter into professional basketball. Under the current “one-and-done” rule, players are obligated to wait one year after high school graduation before entering the NBA, a rule that effectively leads to many of the most talented players spending one year in college, with little interest in academic endeavors, before heading off to the professional ranks. More...

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07 mai 2018

South Africa must look to history to level the playing field for school kids

Screenshot-2018-5-7 Education – Views Research – The ConversationSouth Africa’s history of segregation has left its footprints in many places. Take the case of semi-rural Franschoek in the country’s Western Cape province. In one part of the town, which draws tourists from around the world to enjoy award winning wine and food, is a private school that boasts excellent sports facilities. More...

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“Be Uncomfortable”: Live from the AACC

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/large/public/confessions_of_a_community_college_dean_blog_header.jpgBy Matt Reed. The AACC is really two organizations.  There’s the one on stage at the plenary sessions: self-assured, stately, sometimes a little stuffy.  And then there’s the one in the smaller meeting rooms: critical, restless, sometimes a little snarky.  The distance between the two is wider this year than I’ve ever seen it. More...

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06 mai 2018

NCAA Finds Violations at 3 Institutions

HomeBy Doug Lederman. Infractions committees in all three National College Athletic Association divisions have imposed punishments in recent weeks, on sports programs at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, the University of Southern Indiana and California State University at Sacramento. More...

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Should Athletes Be Paid for Name and Image?

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. A National Collegiate Athletic Association special commission on reforming college basketball recently ducked the issue of athletes being paid for their name, image or likeness -- currently banned under the association's rules. More...

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