04 juin 2017

Le Sport à l'Université

Retour à l'accueilLes Services Interuniversitaires des Activités Physiques et Sportives (SUAPS) permettent de pratiquer des activités sportives dans le cadre universitaire. Pour tout renseignement :

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25 mai 2017

College students playing video games as a varsity sport

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. The esports industry has boomed in recent years, commanding an audience of nearly 150 million people who are tuning in to watch competitive gamers. Now enthusiasts can even get a scholarship to attend college based on their skills. More...

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21 mai 2017

Proposals for Health, Diversity in Division I Football

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. The Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics has “challenged” the governing board of the College Football Playoff to better address issues of health, safety and diversity. More...

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Some Won't Commit to NCAA Diversity Pledge

HomeBy Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. Almost 30 percent of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s member institutions have not signed a pledge to diversify their athletic staffs. More...

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20 mai 2017

NCAA Report Sees More Academic Success

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A report released by the National Collegiate Athletic Association Wednesday said that athletes in Division I improved academically for the 12th consecutive year, according to the association's academic progress rate. More...

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18 mai 2017

Intercollegiate Athletics and Academic Integrity: The Importance of Ensuring a Culture of Integrity

The panelists at Monday morning’s ACE2017 session on intercollegiate athletics and academic integrity all came at the topic from different roles and professional backgrounds at their respective higher education institutions. But they all emphasized the importance of ensuring a culture of integrity in intercollegiate athletics—across all levels of competition—and providing student-athletes with every opportunity to be students first and foremost. More...

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16 mai 2017

L’Université de Montpellier mise sur le sport numérique

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "e-metropolitain.com"Ce mercredi 5 avril, à l’UFR STAPS dès 9h, des groupes d’entrepreneurs en herbe vont « pitcher » devant un jury (partenaires, entrepreneurs, incubateurs, sportifs, conseillers en entrepreneuriat) pour défendre leur projet entrepreneurial dans le secteur du sport/numérique. Voir l'article...

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01 mai 2017

Les chiffres clés du sport – 2017

Guadeloupe FormationAu menu, l'emploi salarié dans le secteur sportif privé, la place des femmes dans le sport.
La dernière partie traite de l'emploi et du sport avec les diplômes, l'insertion professionnelle des diplômés et les caractéristiques des premiers emplois. Voir l'article...

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29 avril 2017

Political winds could shift view of college athletes as employees

University Business LogoBy J. Nelson Wilkinson. A January memorandum issued by Richard Griffin, the current general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, has further stoked long-running debate over whether university students should be deemed “employees” who can assert collective bargaining rights under the National Labor Relations Act. More...

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10 avril 2017

Salaries Soar for Nonrevenue-Sport Coaches

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Professors have come to know that football and basketball coaches' salaries at big-time athletic institutions will be stratospheric compared to what faculty members earn. But The Washington Post reported on growth in pay for those who coach nonrevenue sports -- growth that takes them beyond what professors and most administrators earn. Read more...

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