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01 mars 2018

Do women in STEM experience hostile work environments?

eCampus NewsWomen in STEM jobs are more likely to experience hostile work environments, including discrimination and sexual harassment, according to a new nationally-representative Pew Research Center study. More...

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Undergraduate STEM education must improve–here’s how to do it

eCampus NewsSTEM fields are essential for the nation’s economic health and global success, but some troubling trends point to the need to monitor undergraduate STEM education with a critical eye, according to a new report. More...

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26 février 2018

Mentorship programme targets female STEM faculty

Female faculty members in any field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) from 17 African countries can participate in the 2018 Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER) programme, a mentorship initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development and administered by America’s National Academy of Sciences. More...

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25 février 2018

Why don’t STEM majors vote as much as others?

The ConversationThere’s no shortage of talk about the need to get more students to go into STEM majors. But a growing body of research, including our own at the Institute for Democracy and Higher Education at Tufts University, indicates there might also be a need to get more STEM majors to go to the polls. More...

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We have a national STEM strategy, but what we need is a successful one

The ConversationAustralian schools are now wrestling with a new digital technologies curriculum. In this new subject, every student in Australia will learn the fundamentals of computer science, data science and coding. More...

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23 février 2018

Is Econ STEM?

HomeBy Elizabeth ReddenSome economics departments are changing the formal classification of their programs so that international students have more opportunities to work in the U.S. after they graduate. More...

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20 février 2018

STEM Educators Can No Longer Be Apolitical

HomeThe new social contract calls for us to adapt to the reality that data and discovery challenge people’s worldview, write Jason Hamilton and Thomas J. Pfaff. More...

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13 février 2018

African Union calls for female STEM scholarship applicants

The African Union (AU) has issued a call for 2018 applications to its Mwalimu Nyerere Scholarship Scheme targeting women who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields in leading African universities. More...

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STEM universities must do more to close racial gaps

By Stuart Miller. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, was not Tiana Young’s first choice for college, even though Young wants to dual major in aeronautical and mechanical engineering, and the private university is one the top schools in the country for science, technology, math and engineering. More...

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09 février 2018

Furore as government stops popular STEM programme

By Tonderayi Mukeredzi. Government has binned the science, technology, engineering and mathematics or STEM advanced-level scholarships geared towards final-year school pupils, saying the money will be channelled towards university students. In addition, it has done away with mathematics as a requirement for higher education students to enrol in study programmes that do not require mathematical calculations. More...

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