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06 novembre 2018

Does your college have a math concierge?

eCampus NewsThe Math Emporium, located on the campus of Rio Salado College in Phoenix, Arizona, is an informal, cafe-style study and practice space to help students navigate basic math. But that’s not all. The emporium is staffed by a math “concierge” who acts as tutor, small-group presenter, and coach. More...

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Lawmakers, new governor must do higher (ed) math

University Business Magazine logoYou don’t have to be a Ph.D. in mathematics to see New Mexico’s higher education numbers don’t add up to long-term fiscal sustainability. More...

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04 novembre 2018

West Va., Ky. schools teaming to boost achievement

University Business Magazine logoWest Virginia and Kentucky colleges are teaming up to boost the performance of Appalachian students in science, technology, engineering and math. More...

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03 novembre 2018

Statistics and data science degrees: Overhyped or the real deal?

The Conversation“Data science” is hot right now. The number of undergraduate degrees in statistics has tripled in the past decade, and as a statistics professor, I can tell you that it isn’t because freshmen love statistics. More...

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Think you’re bad at math? You may suffer from ‘math trauma’

The ConversationI teach people how to teach math, and I’ve been working in this field for 30 years. Across those decades, I’ve met many people who suffer from varying degrees of math trauma – a form of debilitating mental shutdown when it comes to doing mathematics. More...

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01 novembre 2018

Little Progress Seen for Women in STEM in Film, TV

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The last decade has seen little progress in the portrayals of women in science and technology roles in film and television, according to a new study by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media at Mount Saint Mary's University, in California. More...

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25 octobre 2018

Geometry Step by Step from the Land of the Incas

Geometry Step by Step from the Land of the Incas
What I really like about the internet is the connection you can make with cultures around the world. And this culture reveals itself in the most unexpected ways - geometry, Peruvian style, for example. More...

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24 octobre 2018

Le projet LiSciNum2

sup-numerique.gouv.frLe projet LiSciNum2 propose la création, au niveau national, d'une banque de modules numériques mutualisés par les établissements, corrélée à la production de scénarios d'usages pour les licences scientifiques. Plus...

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22 octobre 2018

Athena Swan pilot at ANU (Agenda 2018)

While the focus of the SAGE pilot is on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines, ANU does have policies to support gender equity in the Humanities and Social Science disciplines, as well as for professional staff. More...

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