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12 juillet 2019

Why Does Engineering/Math/Science Education in the US Suck?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Kathy Sierra[Edit][Delete]: Why Does Engineering/Math/Science Education in the US Suck?, Creating Passionate Users [Edit][Delete] November 3, 2006
Kathy Sierra pretty much sums it up with this diagram:

Don't miss the dozens and dozens of comments. More...

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06 juillet 2019

Could degree-level apprenticeships attract more women to Stem jobs?

The GuardianEmployers blame schools and stereotypes for persistent gender divide in science, tech, engineering and maths apprenticeships. More...

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Comment surmonter la peur des maths

The ConversationLes mathématiques ne sont pas la matière préférée de tous les élèves, c’est le moins qu’on puisse dire. En effet, pour nombre de gens, la perspective de devoir résoudre un problème de maths peut susciter de véritables tensions et anxiétés. Plus...

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Pengajaran aritmatika di SD sembunyikan logika, bagaimana mengatasinya?

The ConversationMatematika juga berfungsi untuk mengembangkan kemampuan komunikasi dengan menggunakan bilangan dan simbol untuk menyelesaikan persoalan matematis. Di sekolah dasar, kurikulum matematika menekankan aspek bilangan, geometri dan pengukuran, dan pengolahan data. More...

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19 mai 2019

How the University of Virginia is leading the nation in elevating women in STEM

eCampus NewsGetting more women in STEM fields remains a challenge all over. In the United States, men earn nearly 80 percent of engineering and computer science bachelor’s degrees, even though more than half the country’s population is female. And while underrepresented minority women make up 16 percent of the population, they earn just three and five percent of bachelor’s degrees in engineering and computer science respectively. More...

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Nul en maths ? Ça se soigne… dans votre tête

The ConversationIl est juste de dire que les mathématiques ne sont pas la matière préférée de tout le monde. En fait, pour plusieurs, devoir résoudre un problème mathématique suscite des sentiments de tension et d'anxiété. Plus...

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07 mai 2019

The Adventure of Physics

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Christoph Schiller: The Adventure of Physics, Motion Mountain November 28, 2005

It's not the most user-friendly download ever (by definition, being a PDF) but it's hard not to be impressed by this. Motion Mountain is offering this complete physics textbook as a free download. More...

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05 mai 2019

Here’s how to increase diversity in STEM at the college level and beyond

The ConversationAll three graduated from the Meyerhoff Scholars Program. The program was co-founded by Robert Meyerhoff, a Baltimore philanthropist, and University of Maryland, Baltimore County President Freeman Hrabowski in 1988 with the goal of increasing representation of minority students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs at UMBC. More...

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STEM Is Not All That Matters

Techno-News BlogIn the White House’s recent executive order, dubbed the “American AI Initiative,” there was a notable focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and its role in securing American technological leadership. More...

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22 avril 2019

Mathematics: Why we need more qualified teachers

The ConversationThere is a crisis in the education system, and it’s affecting the life chances of many young Australians. The number of secondary teaching graduates with adequate qualifications to teach mathematics is well below what it should be, and children’s education is suffering. More...

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