10 mars 2019

NTEU protests casualisation at Universities Australia Conference

NTEU members from the ACT Division protested at the Welcome Reception for the Universities Australia National Conference on Tuesday, highlighting the consequences of the mass casualisation of higher education. More...

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Victoria University staff vote NO to non-union agreement - again

The National Tertiary Education Union called on Victoria University to sit down with the Union and talk seriously about a new Enterprise Agreement that is acceptable to both staff and management at the University. More...

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02 mars 2019

Deal Reached to End Wright State Faculty Strike

HomeBy Colleen FlahertyWright State University and its American Association of University Professors-affiliated faculty union reached an agreement late Sunday to end the union’s three-week strike. Details were not immediately available. More...

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17 février 2019

Les défenseurs syndicaux en région Bretagne

Screenshot-2018-5-4 Direccte BretagneLe défenseur syndical a pour mission d’assister ou de représenter les salariés comme les employeurs devant les conseils de prud’hommes et devant les cours d’appel dans une instance prud’homale. Plus...

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14 février 2019

NTEU members find Victoria University misleading...

The NTEU says its members at Victoria University feel uncomfortable about a new message on the staff computer login page. More...

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NTEU calls on political parties to protect academic intellectual property rights

The National Tertiary Education Union has called on political parties to stop using contracts that control the publication of research results and the intellectual property of academics. More...

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NTEU begins callout of Victoria University staff

The NTEU has mobilised activists around the country to begin a telephone callout to all staff at Victoria University, advising them to vote 'NO' in the upcoming ballot for a new enterprise agreement. More...

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Why vote NO for Victoria University non-union agreement

Vote NO

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Wollongong University breaches its own rules in fast-tracking Ramsay approval

The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) believes the University of Wollongong has breached its own rules in deciding to fast-track approval the Ramsay Centre's sponsored Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation. More...

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Wollongong staff present giant petition to University Council

UOW Wollongong CampusNational Tertiary Education Union members including staff, ex-staff, alumni and students will gather outside the administration building at Wollongong University tomorrow (Friday 15th Feb, 1.45pm) to present the Council with a giant petition of more than 3000 signatures, opposing the Ramsay Centre. More...

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