12 juillet 2019

Short Video on Common Cartridge

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Scott Leslie[Edit][Delete]: Short Video on Common Cartridge, EdTechPost [Edit][Delete] August 22, 2006
I don't know - it just seems to me odd that interoperability has finally been achieved - at the course level. "IMS Common Cartridge, recently demonstrated in action between Angel, Sakai, Blackboard and WebCT at the Alt-i-lab 2006 sessions... to create a common standard for full course import and export between CMS and useful to publishers. More...

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A Laptop in Every Hut?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Sonia Arrison[Edit][Delete]: A Laptop in Every Hut?, TechNewsWorld [Edit][Delete] August 16, 2006
This opinion column argues that the $100 laptop initiative is a group of "open source zealots are looking to export their ideological crusade overseas, creating a need for their commercial services by tying a new generation of young consumers to laptops running on Linux software." The author is from the Pacific Research Institute, listed at SourceWatch. More...

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Oracle and Unicon, Inc. Unveil Plans to Create Next-Generation Academic Enterprise Environment

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Press Release[Edit][Delete]: Oracle and Unicon, Inc. Unveil Plans to Create Next-Generation Academic Enterprise Environment, Yahoo! [Edit][Delete] August 15, 2006
This came out at the beginning of August but I've just seen it now. In a nutshell: Oracle is backing Sakai, the open source LMS. Now, if we think about that for a second, we have here a pretty clear and unambiguous response from Oracle to the Blackboard patent, which was unveiled just four days before this announcement. And that response - which is actually unprintable in this newsletter - is, I think, more eloquent than anything else I could say here. More...

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The Edubloggypodlearnonlinosphere - Are We a Field And If So...

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dave Cormier[Edit][Delete]: The Edubloggypodlearnonlinosphere - Are We a Field And If So..., August 15, 2006
Dave Cormier asked this question in reaction (in part) to a statement on Wikipedia to the effect that I am unremarkable - it's nothing personal, says Cormier, but if I'm not remarkable what does that say about the field as a whole? While I sat and pouted at the Wikipedia dis (doesn't being connected to Adam Curry count for anything?) Cormier set up an Ed Tech Talk segment in which I spent about 45 of a planned 5 minutes talking about propaganda and publicity pre- and post-2.0 style. And while I joke about the Wikipedia thing, I do think the remarks on the Ed Tech Talk show are well worth a listen. More...

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21st Century Learning #20: Bill Fitzgerald on DrupalEd

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Alex Ragone[Edit][Delete]: 21st Century Learning #20: Bill Fitzgerald on DrupalEd, Ed Tech Talk [Edit][Delete] November 1, 2006
With Drupal 5.0 just released (in very Beta) this discussion of the education-specific verion of Drupal, DrupalEd, is timely. "A distribution for Education will mean different things to different people: a set of tools to support classroom blogging, a set of tools to support teacher professional development, a set of tools to allow a school to track student progress (aka a SIS), a public-facing school web site, an internal teacher professional development site, a personal learning space (the PLE), to say nothing of the library sites, the LMS's, etc, etc, etc." Also worth a look is the Drupal Groups feature generally. More...

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EdTech Posse Podcast 2.3 - Communities

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Dean Shareski[Edit][Delete]: EdTech Posse Podcast 2.3 - Communities, Open Source in Education, Ed Tech Posse [Edit][Delete] November 1, 2006
Some audio discussion of my recent critique of K12Online and the responses. Folks, this should have been a very minor thing; it was just a casual remark on one small post. But as this link points out, many of the comments in response "seemed more like they would be heard in a junior high class." From my perspective, this vindictive response just reinforces what I have been saying recently about groups and networks. More...

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Vertical To Horizontal: A New Workplace Reality

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Rune Kvist Olsen[Edit][Delete]: Vertical To Horizontal: A New Workplace Reality, uncharted.ca [Edit][Delete] October 26, 2006
I'm not endorsing this item, but I am not exactly disputing it either. Certainly there are many parallels with my own thinking, and it is interesting enough to pass along. Some things to consider: "There are no such things as nice bosses. Control is by its essence damaging and destroying to self-awareness, self-esteem and self-respect whether or not the boss is nice or bad"t. More...

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Screen Resolution and Page Layout

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Jakob Nielsen[Edit][Delete]: Screen Resolution and Page Layout, Alertbox [Edit][Delete]AlertBox [Edit][Delete] August 10, 2006
In his first relevant post in quite a while, Jakob Nielson says we ought to optimize screen displays for monitors with a 1024x768 resolution, but that we should continue to employ liquid layout for users of other monitors. You'll notice that this is what I do on my website. What Nielsen doesn't tell us, though, is how to do this. Usually such sites use three column liquid layouts. You should also ensure that the columns have margins (called 'gutters') and that the centre column loads first. Columns should have 1-2-2 width ratios, with the narrow column used for navigation, or the classic 'Drupal' look of 1-3-1. More...

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Virtual and Immersive Learning

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Unattributed[Edit][Delete]: Virtual and Immersive Learning, Campus Technology [Edit][Delete] August 9, 2006
I really have mixed feelings about this. I remember looking at ActiveWorlds years ago, long before Second Life came to the fore. Neat, I thought, but rendering problems and a distinct lack of any applications spoke against further investigation. Now people are looking at these virtual environments in more detail, and even building life-sized virtual environments, as at Purdue, and though I still suppose they're a good idea, I am still hard-pressed to get excited about them. I mean - I have this image of a student rushing to school, rushing to her VR studio, opening the door - only to find herself in a (virtual) classroom. Yes, I like immersive environments - but the environments I've tried cost millions of dollars and are available only to the military and millionaire students. More...

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CMS: Sticking with the Tried and True

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. John Burton[Edit][Delete]: CMS: Sticking with the Tried and True, University Business [Edit][Delete] August 8, 2006
Contrary to reports, open source is not sweeping the educational community. "Its popularity may be broad, but it's not deep." So writes John Burton in this University Business article, arguing that university and college computer systems staff find open source too risky to deploy on campus systems. Also worth noting is the OSS Watch report which just came out in Britain. The report paints a very different story, showing that while proprietary software rules the univerity desktop (with the exception of the browser, which is 68 percent Firefox), open source rules on the server, with 56 percent using Moodle. More...

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