21 mai 2019

RAMLET (1484.11.4)

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors: RAMLET (1484.11.4), IEEE-LTSC October 6, 2005

The IEEE learning Technologies Subcommittee (LTSC) is due shortly to release the badly-named RAMLET specification (or Resource Aggregation Model for Learning Education and Training). It's not what you think (which is why the name is so bad): it doesn't appear really to have to do with resource aggregation (or harvesting) per se, but rather, the combining of documents of different formats into a single format, much like the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Compound Document Framework. More...

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Subscribe To The Educational Technology Conference Calendar (RSS. iCal)

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Alec Couros: Subscribe To The Educational Technology Conference Calendar (RSS. iCal), Couros Blog October 6, 2005

Alec Couros is right to repost his RSS Ed Tech calendar, which will be a useful resource for those using RSS aggregators. It's great. But here's the thing - you need to go to the calendar in order to add an event. Well, OK, I suppose you need to enter data somewhere. But what I want to see is a calendar - perhaps like that offered by Couros - that aggregates RSS event feeds from other calendars. More...

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By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Various authors: eyeOS October 5, 2005

The idea of the internet as platform is a hard one to grasp, but one application that helps point the way is the eyeOS, the internet operating system. Basically, it's your computer desktop delivered from a remote site. I've set up an instance of eyeOS on my own site - downes.ca/eyeos (Userid: Demo password: demo ). More...

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Don't Judge a Preschool by Whether it Has Computers

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Barbara F. Meltz: Don't Judge a Preschool by Whether it Has Computers, Boston Globe October 4, 2005

Of course not; that would be silly. In today's age of mobile computing, you should check to see whether your prospective preschool has wireless. Heh. More...

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List of Ed Tech Conferences

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Clayton Wright: List of Ed Tech Conferences, Rick's Cafe Canadian October 4, 2005

Clayton Wright sent me this same list a little while ago, and planned on doing something neat with it. I still plan to - but it might not be until 2006. Putting this new system is eating time - and generating some interesting errors (you'll be interested to know that Apache has an upper limit on the size of the error log and when that limit is reached Apache does... nothing. More...

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MIT Rolls Out $100 Linux Machine

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. China Martens: MIT Rolls Out $100 Linux Machine, IDG News Service October 3, 2005

MIT - which really knows how to market - picked up a lot of publicity for the non-launch of its $100 laptop. Released in the announcement were the plans for the new device, along with a hint at the marketing strategy. More...

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18 mai 2019

End of the Line for Much-Hyped Tech Company

HomeBy Lindsay McKenzie. After failing to live up to the expectations it (self-)generated, the adaptive learning company Knewton goes out not with a bang but with a whimper. More...

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It Is Time for the Edtech Industry to Stop Denying Its Equity and Race Problem

Techno-News BlogThe EdTech industry is dominated by white employees, white leaders, and white entrepreneurs. If you doubt this statement, just attend an Edtech conference. Admittedly, educators and others don’t attend Edtech conferences to discuss equity. More...

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3 Cool Tech Tools to Consider for the Digital Classroom

Techno-News BlogIt is imperative that educators find new ways to incorporate technology to stay current. This can be done by considering tools and applications that will not only enhance a students’ educational experience but also support teaching and learning. More...

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5 Signs Widespread Blockchain Adoption Is Nearing Reality

Techno-News BlogThere is good news for blockchain enthusiasts: Progress is being made in addressing these obstacles. Deloitte has identified five key vectors of progress that could drive wider adoption of blockchain. Three of these vectors—increase in transaction speeds, standards and interoperability, and ease of implementation—enhance technical feasibility. More...

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