24 juillet 2017

Higher Ed Innovation and 'The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone'

By Joshua KimThe iPhone is ten years old. Can you name a technology that has been more influential in the past decade - and the subsequent smart phones that have followed - than the iPhone. More...

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Riding the Amtrak Vermonter and Imagining a Slow EdTech Movement

By Joshua Kim. I’m typing these words while riding on the southbound Amtrak Vermonter. My train left at White River Junction VT at 11:42 am. I’m scheduled to arrive at Union Station in Washington DC tonight at 9:59 pm. More...

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Dear Alt-Acs, What Is Our Occupation?

By Joshua Kim. On not knowing how to fill out forms that ask for occupation.
How do alternative academics (alt-acs) categorize our occupation?
When we need to fill out forms that ask for our occupations, what do we put down?
I’ve yet to settle on an answer. More...

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Articulating 3 Core EdTech Beliefs

By Joshua Kim. So - and for the record - here are a few of my core beliefs about edtech:
First, I believe deep in my bones that learning is a relationship. That authentic learning has everything to do with the educator / learner relationship - with the mentoring and coaching and caring that is inseparable from the art of teaching. More...

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Knowledge Creation, Professional Development, and Conferences

By Joshua Kim. On language, travel for professional gatherings, and the changing work of higher ed staff. More...

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Higher Ed Futures and the Emotional Payload of Apple Park

By Joshua Kim. Why should higher ed people be so interested in Apple’s new big, expensive ($5 billion), round, and un-child care centered headquarters building - Apple Park. More...

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3 Higher Ed Lessons from the British Airways Technology Meltdown

By Joshua Kim. There are likely many lessons for higher ed from this past weekend’s computer outage that caused British Airways to shut down operations. More...

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Email, Google, Microsoft, and Our Academic EdTech Conversation

By Joshua Kim. About 4-in-10 (40.84%) postsecondary institutions use Microsoft’s cloud based e-mail service (Office 365). More...

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Micro-Credentials and College Admissions: Enhancing Access and Supporting Learning

By Joshua Kim. Given the frequency with which I am asked about the summertime pace on university campuses, I suspect there are many who imagine the gears of innovation grinding to a halt. Sorry to disappoint. More...

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HoloLens, Residential Education and Air New Zealand

By Joshua Kim. Augmented reality, flight attendants, and not the future of face-to-face teaching.
I'm stubbornly intrigued by the educational potential of augmented reality. More...

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